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twist | 
Poland GervushxD 
Polacks, fanboys Kinguin said : " keep calm, we got TaZ, our team playing very well, and TaZ is like Lexus, when MICHU is a trash" What do you think about this deal? personally, i think VP made best deal, kicked old player and got the best aimer in PL.
2018-03-24 10:53
Mongolia AfRiCaNnIgErO 
2018-03-24 10:54
2018-03-24 11:16
Israel Xpicy 
2018-03-24 10:54
2018-03-24 14:41
Just remove rest of the grandpas and let the new era emerge
2018-03-24 10:55
new era xd
2018-03-24 16:37
Hes top1 at v4, it says it all
2018-03-24 10:55
yes, typical for him against t5 teams... Come back after game vs faze ;)
2018-03-24 11:04
he will be the best player in vp for sure..but i guess his rating will still be on minus, cuz faze will win something like 16:9, 16:6 etc
2018-03-24 11:06
NTC was amazing against top 1 team in the world called windigo
2018-03-24 11:10
i dont care about team, i care about the brand, and thats still better than horse nex to your name
2018-03-24 11:41
"I don't care about that team that i'm fan of" Every FANGAY ever And NTC really? I thought that only people from Brazil care about this brand so i'm little bit surprised =D
2018-03-24 11:52
And VP really? I thought that only people from Poland care about this brand so i'm little bit surprised =D
2018-03-24 16:30
Hungary Shaperz 
it's not even close, it's like comparing Real Madrid with some t3 brazilian football team, ofc real madrid have fans from all over the world while t3 brazilian football team only has local fans from brazil
2018-03-24 16:39
yeah, VP are so overrated. Maybe they are like t5 football team in hungary
2018-03-24 17:45
2018-03-25 11:13
nice, actually nice for beating failze an i hope he'll prove me wrong for calling him braindeadest player on scene x)
2018-03-25 11:14
And you fucked up
2018-03-25 11:29
your mom fucked up read #80
2018-03-25 11:35
nt Turkey
2018-03-25 11:36
hi bro
2018-03-25 11:43
2018-03-25 11:44
Let's see, both semi-final matches should be cool ;) Can mouz win the whole thing?
2018-03-24 11:13
Nepal mivekhq 
michu>golden five
2018-03-24 10:55
best aimer in pl XDDDDDDDDDD
2018-03-24 10:56
twist | 
Poland GervushxD 
maybe furlan? xD
2018-03-24 10:59
me is better no poeple bettter aimer me best
2018-03-24 11:15
Twistzz | 
Lithuania Grybore 
No its shit deal. They were all shits as individuals but on tournaments somehow they all managed to do shit, even that taz. Eleague 2017, krakow 2017, epicenter. Somehow they showed that they can have good form.
2018-03-24 10:58
naha pasha was impactul and consistent through 2017
2018-03-24 11:03
I remember betting on g2 in epicenter ant pasha was true torture for me to watch with his awp shots cuz no one could line shots like this at that time.
2018-03-24 11:04
yeah that was surely painful for you^^ for us VP Fans it was just satisying :-)
2018-03-24 11:08
no he wasnt, he was baiting whole team, he was always staying last alive so its hard not to have best stats
2018-03-24 11:08
pure bullshit lol
2018-03-24 11:13
U r bullshit, u r just watching at stats, not games
2018-03-24 11:14
i am not watching at stats i am watching at his impact.
2018-03-24 11:15
He is pure bot
2018-03-24 11:16
hahahahahaha pure bot ofc that is why moses!!! described him as top 20 player of 2017 and thoorin considered him as impactful and consistent. and guess what they have no reason to praise pasha that much if it was undeserved. you are just biased on hate kid grow up. that "bot" who will always be better than you has achieved in cs more than you"ll ever do in your real life
2018-03-24 11:19
Why you even trying to argue with him if you know that he is retarded? Pointless af.
2018-03-24 11:24
somebody needs to give him the attention, that was surely never given by somebody else
2018-03-24 11:40
2018-03-24 11:56
i don't have to be a gamer to measure pros as long as i don't have to be a baker to say that bread is shit. Pasza is fucking bot, look at his movement, his miss shots, he can't hit an easy frag, but when sometimes he makes a sick flick, then u'd say he is a beast. No he isn't. Watch some vp games, don't look only at stats. And thorin, moses? Really? Those guys are authority for u? They are just saying stereotypes all the time..And what's more funny, the only argument of ppl who defend bots like pasza is: "be better than him" lol dude im not supposed to be better than him, i didnt dedicate my whole life to a computer game, how would i be better? He did that and he still sucks so?
2018-03-24 11:24
sorry but you didn't even get my point and you are completely biased with your hates. and funny thing is that you are indicating something that is simply false. Yes Pasha is a complete bot, who has a bot movement, who also hits easy frags and still sucks you are right.
2018-03-24 11:39
Well name at least 2 better awpers in PL scene (but not include Snax because he is hybrid player). Szpero? He was trashed in copernicus against some shitters Snatchie is pretty decent, but i doubt that he will join VP Is there any 1 else that can be better with awp that bot_pasha? Minise? He used to be decent, but now i guess that he will stay in kinguin and still he is not that good actually... If Vp wanna have consistent awper with better game sense then they need to make an international team or something =D
2018-03-24 11:46
Szpero is actually the best awper in Poland, for metal snatchie is too inconsistent, And Both snax And neo could awp better than pasha, so u dont have to add awper, but a rifler in pasza's place
2018-03-24 11:48
Neo used to be pretty decent in 2k15 with awp. I think that they could add support player instead of awper. But i don't know that much about pl scene so i can't tell who could be a support player in vp.
2018-03-24 11:54
i would szpero as an awper tbh or for support? u can take toao/gruby/innocent/rallen
2018-03-24 13:04
that bot awper vs kennys 10-1 that bot awper with 17 awp frags vs fnatic 0-3 for pasha vs jw i can go on i can give you much more and i can give you the highlights
2018-03-24 13:27
One lucky gamę doesnt mean he usunąć good lul
2018-03-24 14:39
you are braindead nothing else yeah stick in your dumb biased world
2018-03-24 18:05
ofc no, MICHU is much younger and better, it's very good choice i think Neo and Pasha will leave this or next year and they'll take furlan and some young talent, it'll be top team again
2018-03-24 10:58
Poland SebaRost 
MICHU is rn the best pl player
2018-03-24 10:59
Latvia f0rsaken11 
please kick neo and pashabotceps and make vp great again
2018-03-24 11:11
pashabotceps says the silver here
2018-03-24 11:16
Latvia f0rsaken11 
yes he is terrible, please wake up from 2014 it's 2018 already outside.
2018-03-24 11:18
he was good in 2017 and had here on there good games in 2018 (sadly mostly online)
2018-03-24 11:20
Latvia f0rsaken11 
online? against tier 3-5 teams in MDL division? Dude wake up, no potential to this roster with both pasha and neo on the team.
2018-03-24 11:23
tier 3-5 teams? so what do you that VP is? Pasha vs G2 at katowice is a sign that he still has it in him and he has shown it a bit at Budapest too, but yeah he is still struggling compared to his 2014 2017 form
2018-03-24 11:27
Latvia f0rsaken11 
Still has it in xD xD xD So you are saying guy hwo is average at best, getting 20k salary, all invites to big events, showing shitty results is worthy person to stay in VP?
2018-03-24 11:57
And who will join vp instead of Neo? Who will call in this team? BYALI? You can replace Pasha, but who will join instead of him? Szpero? Kek Innocent could be a support in vp and Neo could try to play with awp like he used to play with it in 2k15.
2018-03-24 11:39
Latvia f0rsaken11 
Snax can call, he is pretty good at it. + i think they defenitely can find igl in Poland, someone like for example Golden in fnatic.
2018-03-24 11:53
Snax? You wanna se him at the bottom again? Cmon he was probably the worst vp player when he was calling for VP. Neo can use awp because he is good enough to be an awper and igl at the same time. He can use Awp on ct side and Snax can use Awp on T. Now you can replace Pasha with support player because i think that he would be useful in VP. They have Michu and Byali on entry so it's pointless to add another player who is full aim, no brain.
2018-03-24 12:08
Latvia f0rsaken11 
neo can use awp, guys blyat is fuc*king 2018, he was good with awp 3 years ago. Did you even see he's aim atm? he is sooo bad
2018-03-24 12:11
I agree.. he used to be better. Anyway i'm curious what they will show tomorrow. I doubt that they have a chance to win, but at the same time i don't wan't to see them being trashed by Faze. Sadly i'm VP fan and i can't do anything about it =D
2018-03-24 12:22
NEO | 
Poland scrmgr 
Why would u even consider snax leashed with igl when he's got enormous potential to carry games? R u crazy? Why r u considering it now to kick neo when byali is so shaky? I mean when they ruled with snax it was ok to consider kicking neo but now? He is the only player out there with passion and heart for this game. Ofc he is on the bottom of the table - just like golden or karrigan, it's obviously burden which goes igl function (maybe with exception of dennis). I would better consider to cut off pasha but we all love him.
2018-03-25 11:50
who are u ?? keep calm, we got TaZ,
2018-03-24 11:14
for sure michu>taz his aim is way better than taz experience doesnt matter anymore (look at frozen crushing vp on lan)
2018-03-24 11:16
funny to read probably but taz on form is actually very deadly with his skill
2018-03-24 11:21 "deadly" vs tier 3 or lower XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2018-03-24 12:43
NEO | 
Poland lolface992 
michu got to htc 1v1 final beating xantares and kennys so yeah xD
2018-03-24 11:23 he play very well on this V4 LAN im sure BOT TAZ just be finish ever match with 0.50 rating and struggle to make 10 frags like he did many times before
2018-03-24 11:25
Brazil S3bjastjan 
2018-03-24 11:25
TaZ was not the problem
2018-03-24 11:41
suNny | 
Finland mi1kka 
lol taz worst polish player in the world
2018-03-24 11:49
Michu best aimer in PL Pick one edit: nevermind. I checked ur profile and You are one of those "XD" 950k userid kids. You are allowed to be dumb and clueless
2018-03-24 11:53
+1337 and slice of ukraine
2018-03-24 16:33
NEO | 
Poland JCdenton 
Blind could see that Michu's aim is better, but respect for both. Considering style presented by NEO, Pasha or even Byali lastly TaZ's performances in Kinguin are fine
2018-03-24 11:59
Poland EngryLord 
2018-03-24 12:44
Poland EngryLord 
2018-03-24 12:44
2018-03-25 11:33
Taz was not a problem and neither is Michu now. Just look how they've played. It's the classic teamdynamic. Oh we're all too lazy and shit. Let's blame one of us and remove him.
2018-03-24 12:48
they didnt make a change because of taz's skill but coz of shite atmosphere in the team
2018-03-24 13:40
Thorin | 
Netherlands RafV 
But shit atmosphere was because of taz's lack of skill
2018-03-25 11:28
well obviously VP had to make some moves, seemed there was no option. I think it could be good for both honestly, just tough to tell yet I suppose if it can solve anything in a long run with VP still but seems step for right direction at very least. Kinguin so far has done ok with taz I guess so it doesn't look so bad for them either honestly, IDK how would their team even look if michu hadn't left but surely they weren't doing well at all before he left...
2018-03-24 14:48
huyak | 
Moldova donny228 
2018-03-24 14:41
D0cC | 
Netherlands duudiGOD 
michu have actually best raiting on V4 tournament LUL... so what u talking
2018-03-24 16:34
2018-03-25 11:31
2018-03-25 11:42
Poland Vissi 
2018-03-25 11:45
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