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Deadfox & Zero
Gigi | 
Estonia you_suck_charlie 
ffs these 2 players and their teams. Zero is soooo underrated af. Why not put deadfox in the same team with his brothers? And get Zero back in his old team which is literally helpful. Discuss pls :\
2018-03-26 19:46
2018-03-26 19:47
Malaysia byaIi 
poor deadfox and fox
2018-03-26 19:47
kk trump
2018-03-26 19:54
Zero is still scholar if u wanna know.. He's finishing 4th grade and then he will play either full-time or he will do something else.
2018-03-26 19:51
suicide | 
Estonia rivulet 
I wouldn't say Zero is underrated, people know how good he is. He just won't join bigger teams right now
2018-03-26 19:53
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