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steel | 
Armenia Imissexoptic 
hello everyone im currently 16 and i want to become a olympic squat lifter i started to workout about like 4 months ago i can do 4 sets 12 reps with 155pound (70kg) is it good considering i want to olympic squat lifter and what can i do to become better?
2018-03-28 18:06
do squat while kipping like those pro crossfiters
2018-03-28 18:07
Go pro
2018-03-28 18:07
Denmark potatomato 
eat your vegetables
2018-03-28 18:07
i do like i dont wanna brag but i know a lot about nutrition
2018-03-28 18:08
2018-03-28 18:13
fuck all that i need amino acid
2018-03-28 18:16
All living organisms need amino acids
2018-03-28 20:33
well their goal is not to make a good body and get a better shape so i might JUST CUT OFF SOME OF EM
2018-03-28 20:37
back squats btw not front
2018-03-28 18:07
Brollan | 
World mbata 
Clearly Barbie material
2018-03-28 19:47
whats that?
2018-03-28 19:50
clarence kennedy <3 <3 <3
2018-03-28 18:09
you mean the youtube lifter who has bombed out of most of the competitions he has attended? yes, admirable
2018-03-28 19:54
Storm | 
World Hope_fm 
He still lifts 3 times his bodyweight quite easy.
2018-03-28 19:59
yes and yury belkin outlifts him by a fair margin i dont really see what the point is of idolizing mediocre lifters
2018-03-28 20:04
i dont know man his physic is just perfect
2018-03-28 20:10
Storm | 
World Hope_fm 
belkin is one of worlds best in his weightclass isnt he? im not sure clarence is a ''pro'' lifter , he likes to do it on his free time and quite a nice guy. STRONG AS FUCK and down to earth , thats why people like him.
2018-03-28 20:29
Czech Republic DJachym 
Skip legs and do arms instead
2018-03-28 19:53
Lithuania Ntelio 
You should do body build a bit, not only the squats, all the body and especially the legs. All of them do leg press and etc.
2018-03-28 19:57
i do,but my legs lifts the heaviest like i do bench press with 20kg :d leg presses are 70kg aswell
2018-03-28 20:09
Finland nfty 
if you want to progress in strength do lower repetitions with heavier weight
2018-03-28 20:05
for example?
2018-03-28 20:10
Finland nfty 
Well there are plenty of ways, here are few good examples:
2018-03-28 20:12
dont forget 1g of testosteron each day
2018-03-28 20:05
i got a DICK BOOI
2018-03-28 20:08
In Portugal the most a guy squated was 170 kg (16-17 years---90kg category) ... so depending on your weight it's good or not so good.. but with 4 months I reckon it's pretty good With 4 months of training I prolly didn't squat that much
2018-03-28 20:12
im currently 74kg and 182tall
2018-03-28 20:14
you are definately doing good.. but don't forget to work on your balance a lot and don't overtrain.. allways push yourself but remember there's a limit to your body pal.. it's better to take longer to improve without any major injuries.. muscles and tendons are fucked up xD
2018-03-28 20:17
yeah im balancing everything and not going too hard dont wanna burn muscle i got a retarded workout partner tho he literally skips leg day and works out his chest instead fucking crazy
2018-03-28 20:19
flusha knows alot about lifting
2018-03-28 20:14
thanks for all the help fellllllas
2018-03-28 20:14
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