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Denmark wtfwtfwtf 
Got kicked from Heroic while he was on LAN (treated pretty badly by the org), he took it on the chin without much/any whining. Since then he steps in for Jugi when called upon, plays solid and probably wins copenhagen games (top rating on the team atm) He has carried himself like a fking man through this, while a lot of players would've behaived like children in this situation. Much appreciated mr es3tag
2018-03-31 21:51
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danish cs:go at best
2018-03-31 21:52
bring this man back. holy fuck he is nuts. at least bring him to a tier 1/2 team
2018-03-31 21:52
United Kingdom dcrawford101 
Thank mr. es3tag :)
2018-03-31 21:53
United States burz3u5 
u know why? he was under the leadership of god hunden respect to god huden, no joke hes actually a good guy forget the ratings
2018-03-31 21:54
everything in the danish scene can be credited to hunden tbh EDIT, everything good*
2018-03-31 21:56
Germany lokkje 
-aizy +estag
2018-03-31 21:54
Russia yuko^^ 
-rubino +es3tag or -aizy +es3tag
2018-03-31 21:56
Brazil Tafercozera 
-rubino +es3tag 300000qi
2018-03-31 21:57
Russia yuko^^ 
heroic thought that rubino will do the same as in astralis, but he is fucking trash
2018-03-31 22:04
Germany JJojojo 
Is he playing a different role since he's a stand-in? I mean when he was in the roster before Rubino came he played pretty bad an they definitelly had a good reason to replace Es3tag... But now... Damn, he's a beast recently.
2018-03-31 21:58
Denmark Emil0w 
Do you think he would play with them if they were "treating" him bad? It was not the team, but management who decided to make a swap for a more experienced player. I believe he is happy to get the chance to prove himself again :)
2018-03-31 22:01
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
Yeah but still great sportsmanship
2018-03-31 22:10
Germany Merkelistan 
nt es3tag's sister
2018-03-31 22:11
u not why agree?
2018-03-31 22:26
11:00Vitality vs EHOME
14:00Natus Vincere vs Heroic
Natus Vincere
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