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Olofmeister in jail?
Xeniaww | 
Sweden m0e_200kg 
Does someone know why??
2018-04-01 22:47
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United Kingdom Theriskk 
its probs family related or to do with wrist
2018-04-01 22:49
broky | 
United States ItsImpact 
After v4 loss he raped sadokist and drugged him. Sadokist is speaking out about it and that’s why he said the n word
2018-04-01 22:49
oh its because he said the n word? Not because he raped sadokist?
2018-04-01 22:54
No he rape Sadokist and then Sadokist is drugged so he say n word that’s what I heard he say
2018-04-01 23:04
arrested in Hungary for saying "gypsy cunts"
2018-04-01 22:50
i know why april 1
2018-04-01 22:50
He did a school shooting in sweden, since sweden has such strong gun laws no one could defend themself. If sweden could make guns easier to buy (maby from a grocier store) every man, women and child could defend themself. The political party "Guns For All" with their slogan "MORE GUNS = LESS MURDERS" is attending in the next election.
2018-04-01 22:50
I see, makes sense. He proved them all wrong about gun laws. Someone had to do it.
2018-04-01 22:56
Yes he did a good thing for sweden
2018-04-01 22:59
Italy steven513 
but was he are used the tec9?
2018-04-06 02:16
2018-11-10 23:39
coz he fked niko in the arse
2018-04-01 22:52
yeah niko is fat but how did he find niko? doesn't he live in denmark or whatever?
2018-04-01 23:07
twice | 
Korea Tzuyu 
he was involved in what got f0rest in jail :L
2018-04-01 22:59
Serbia Provizija 
hello, are you from south korea?
2018-11-10 23:42
draken | 
Mexico xiiS6 
2018-04-01 23:08
United States gtmaniacmda 
got caught running a child rape gang
2018-04-01 23:08
oh isee
2018-04-06 02:12
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
In jail with jovik
2018-04-06 02:13
France Deadfish 
he attacked rain's wife
2018-04-06 02:20
Norway AndersBreivik 
f0rest in the jail
2018-11-10 23:40
World Beard43 
I was didn't knowing this, he must've been hanging out with krimz
2018-11-10 23:41
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