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girl make no sense
Portugal idontknowanyname 
Told me she needed time and we kinda 'broke up' Gets mad because I didnt text her the following day I text her, still gets mad Says she doesn't want to talk about what happened, I ask why? Gets mad cause I didnt care enough to ask her what happened wtf, this ain't even the worst parts
2018-04-08 23:45
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bitch wants me to care but when I do, gets mad
2018-04-08 23:45
She is the worst kind of a woman. A weak woman who needs attention is a baaad woman. They will end up 1: Pregnant and alone 2: Trying to be lesbian 3: Manhaters 4: Femenists
2018-04-08 23:47
+1, nailed it.
2018-04-08 23:54
+1 5. Fat
2018-04-09 00:08
6. vegan
2018-04-09 00:08
7. crossfitter
2018-04-09 00:15
8. law student
2018-04-09 00:22
2018-04-09 00:38
9. turning into a man
2018-04-09 00:39
2018-04-09 00:38
This hahahah
2018-04-09 02:53
Except all women want attention.
2018-04-09 00:48
Ofc they do, but this is BAD attention.
2018-04-09 00:50
He's just being a pussy who cares too much about breaking up with her And he's probably not fucking her hard enough
2018-04-09 00:53
+1 Or not fucking her at all. A real woman who wants attention punches you in the face and throws you to the floor and fuck you there and then. That my little virgins of HLTV is a real woman. (she don't need to punch everytime.)
2018-04-09 00:56
Lmao good one
2018-04-09 00:59
Europe Softy491
typical... most of the girls are like that................. they dont know what they want!
2018-04-08 23:47
Europe rAgeDDD
You are missing the point: She is fighting for her right to be crazy, impulsive and unreliable and she wants you to guess what you have to do before she tells you to do it. Dude, you are clueless, how easy is this?
2018-04-08 23:48
i love this girl and I keep trying to get her over and over but she gives me signs that she wants me but then sometimes I think she's playing me I'm confused asf and its getting me mad
2018-04-08 23:49
Europe rAgeDDD
Is she Portuguese?
2018-04-09 00:00
2018-04-09 00:00
Europe rAgeDDD
They are horrible haha, fuck it, walk away, would never date a Portuguese woman.
2018-04-09 00:00
Portugal Surya
Bruh don't love her more than your dignity. You will tell her to behave or else you will find another girl. She will change real fast. If she doesn't dump her. Tens de ter tomates mano.
2018-04-09 00:00
I know bro Mas é fodido ter coragem de pensar em abandona-la sequer
2018-04-09 00:01
Portugal Surya
É fodido msm. Eu tou num relacionamento de 5 anos e ja tive de fazer uma vez. Ela atinou logo. Coragem mano. Acredita em mim , vales mais que qualquer uma se te preocupas com ela e não és arrogante. Tens valor também nunca te esqueças disso. Mulheres respeitam nos se nós nos respeitarmos primeiro. Wish u the best
2018-04-09 00:17
grandes palavras bro. Obrigadao!
2018-04-09 00:20
Portugal Surya
De nada amigo. Há mulheres que nos testam mais que outras. Se tiveres preparado a sério para perde-la e se de alguma forma actos ou palavras ela perceber isso. Ela vai ficar louca por ti, ela vai se lembrar pq gosta de ti. N tenhas medo de nada e vais ter tudo o quiseres.
2018-04-09 00:32
Obrigado pelo conselho mano!!
2018-04-09 00:37
Pakistan perth
why are grills like this
2018-04-08 23:52
Sweden bbq2213
its because you dont say the right things
2018-04-08 23:49
she wants to open to me but something troubles her and then she doesn't
2018-04-08 23:50
Sweden bbq2213
im not sure i understand wth ur saying
2018-04-08 23:51
she wants to tell me what's happening with her but I don't know why, she doesn't
2018-04-08 23:53
im sorry i still dont understand
2018-04-08 23:54
fuck it bro not even I understand
2018-04-08 23:55
XD but anyway. i think that she acts the way she does because shes tired of you not understanding her. not picking up on signs and signals, the subtle things. i think she likes you but also hates it when you dont do the things i wrote above, and when you do she just cant be arsed dealing with you
2018-04-09 00:01
either she's playing/wants your attention. or she doesn't really trust you. Were you 'just friends' at the start, or were you always trying to smash and she knows? if you were friends before, she's playing. if she knows you were always just trying to get in those pants she prolly doesnt fully trust you.
2018-04-09 00:22
its kinda strange, we kissed and talked but I think we rushed things and that's what councerns her
2018-04-09 00:38
what you do next depends on what you want from the girl. 1) Do you actually like her and want to give a relationship a go? 2) Or are you just looking for sex? (kinda difficult to give good advice because we dont have the details) If 1, make sure she trusts you. Take a few steps back maybe, dont be pushy, and let things happen at her pace. Pay her compliments, make sure she knows you're the one she can trust and tell you anything. Talk to her like a close friend, ask her interesting question, and stuff aobut her. If oyu see her in a bad mood ask her what's wrong and that you're always there to talk to. Lesser touches to warm her up to you, for example lower back if you're walking together and you're changing direction. Her arm when you're talking. Then little by little you get more intimate when she';s comfortable. If 2, it's most likely not worth that much effort... Now, results may vary, I'm in my mid 20s and most often go for older women so I can't guarantee this will work in all cases. You'l have to judge for yourself. ((I'm taking some of these life advice threads way too seriously when they're usually trolls... but you never know it might help others.)) Good luck friend
2018-04-09 02:49
Thanks mate, this thing is it hurts.. just being her friend now.
2018-04-09 15:07
i know big dog, i know. Unfortunately cant force anything. everything will work out for you in the end ;)
2018-04-09 22:44
welcome to the club boi
2018-04-08 23:51
just suck her
2018-04-08 23:53
rape her
2018-04-08 23:56
Ye rape her I swear this is good idea indian_warrior love u
2018-04-09 00:01
Flag checks out
2018-04-09 22:49
you're not fucking her good enough
2018-04-09 00:02
2018-04-09 00:05
probably this ye
2018-04-09 00:14
whamens arent supposed to make sense they are supposed to make babies
2018-04-09 00:09
Portugal S!im*
Dump her, don't waste time and move on.
2018-04-09 00:13
problem solved.
2018-04-09 00:17
Can't see anything surprising there
2018-04-09 00:16
Some girls are fucked up.Just break up with her.
2018-04-09 00:17
Women like that scarred me and now I can not have any emotional contact with any female. F
2018-04-09 00:18
girl and sense? hahahahaha nt
2018-04-09 00:18
you aren't eating her out correctly, if you were that ho would never leave you alone.
2018-04-09 00:35
Just ask her if she wants the D or not x)
2018-04-09 00:40
omega LUL, go get some bitches and forget all that shit
2018-04-09 00:45
seems like she has mental problems
2018-04-09 00:55
Girls don't always speak what they think...
2018-04-09 00:56
Portugal Carlos[M]
give her the chouriça, if u know what i mean !
2018-04-09 15:10
she is dating hltv member. she must be weirdo.
2018-04-09 22:52
Romania Anonym20
mental disorder ye?
2018-04-09 22:54
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