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VAC remover working?????
United Kingdom Giepettho I can't fully understand it, but this guy used fucking spinbot against us with this profile, and he says he had a vac removed? What a joke if it's true
2018-04-09 03:11
he has even an screeshot showing he has been vac banned lul
2018-04-09 03:14
Costa Rica Dazy 
Fake screenshot to bait idiots that will pay to his fake VAC REMOVER :) but he will bait cheaters, so it's great btw
2018-04-09 03:36
Sweden drakendilf 
this game is full of cheaters, i played 4 games this evening in all 4 atleast 2 on each team were cheating blatantly, it's so sad
2018-04-09 03:15
Yeah, got cheated like 3 outta 5 games today, this is getting out of hand.
2018-04-09 03:16
Sweden drakendilf 
:( fuck this game
2018-04-09 03:18
what? In the last 50 games in Global I catch only 1 blatant cheater. In the last 150 faceit 10 lvl games 1 cheater as well. The rest most likely had match of their life or havent been so blatant so I couldnt tell they are cheating. Sry for my english btw
2018-04-09 03:32
Probably you got lucky
2018-04-09 03:34
I only can tell someone is cheating when he is spinning or use trigger bot which I can easily see because ppl with trigger usually have bad af movement but somehow they are hittin amazing shots and for confirm I watch demos after match. I Have about 3,4 pages on my profile ppl writing "-rep cheating..." but I dont. Probably OP could be one of them. If you dont check demo u cant say if he is cheating. BUT I had situation when someone watched the demo and write on my profile about it and said Im cheating. Well I have good aim and it can looks weird on 32 tickrate demo. But he probably didnt paid attention to my movement and gamesense so his assessment of the situation wasnt that good
2018-04-09 20:50
I don't usually call cheats until I check the demo.
2018-04-09 21:09
United States Acehavok 
I'm willing to bet there were far more cheaters than just 1. 90% of cheaters aren't blatantly snapping or using an aimbot at all (or very rarely in panic situations). Walling has the most benefit and it's easy as shit to hide. A fair amount of VAC bans (during a VAC wave) come from global elite and higher ranks in general. I would guess 90-95% can't tell the difference of a smurf vs a non-blatant cheater. Thus why Overwatch wasn't the magic fix everyone (including Valve) was hoping for. There needs to be some type of education attached to Overwatch before you can review cases. Make the shitty Nova 1 watch clips of a smurf and a proven non-blatant cheater.
2018-04-09 21:05
I heard vac remover just doesnt display the vac ban on the profile. But he is still vac banned (I heard)
2018-04-09 03:17
He still cheated against me in MM
2018-04-09 03:28
while banned? nvm, i dunno then
2018-04-09 03:46
After he got banned, then removed
2018-04-09 03:46
Norway LolUFailed 
Hehe no that is a bug that shows up after your overwatch griefing ban end . When my ow griefing ban ended after 30 days i got that message for a few hours
2018-04-09 03:24
If you check the comments of that screenshot, he talks about getting the ban lifted for 140EUR
2018-04-09 03:29
Europe potatomato 
yes people never lie on the internet
2018-04-09 03:47
Portugal nakbarone 
118 fps main menu lul
2018-04-09 03:28
polaczek smieszny kupil aimawara za 10$ i wielki kox programista haxow z cshacked haha typowe in our land
2018-04-09 20:53
United States Acehavok 
Doesn't exist, it's either to scam you out of money or to install malware via a magic program that takes your VAC ban away, or it could be both.
2018-04-09 21:07
I hope this is bait
2018-04-09 21:10
VAC Bans are red messages, not yellow
2018-04-09 21:12
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