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Last comment As each week, a new video lul.
2018-04-10 00:05
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wtf is this.
2018-04-10 00:06
A racing simulator?
2018-04-10 00:10
Ale | 
Latvia VAIZE 
why are you playing a game that looks like its made in the 19's ?
2018-04-10 00:06
You are wrong and right, official content of assetto corsa is beautiful. In this video it's free mods done by the community... So don't expect some eye candy things.
2018-04-10 00:09
flusha | 
Korea shglet 
It's the best racing sim game afm
2018-04-10 00:19
Thanks for the support ^^.
2018-04-10 00:32
United Kingdom jimak 
nice drifting, I did this kind of stuff back in forza 3 used to love it you seem pretty decent though I've never been on assetto corsa
2018-04-10 00:14
Ahah thanks, watch others videos on my channel. On this one I'm "bad", I was tired but the fact this guy spot me gave me some goose bumps x).
2018-04-10 00:20
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
I'll stick to watching the real thing. New season just started :D
2018-04-10 00:15
Ahah you're right, personaly I can't it's way too long and it's boring really fast for me.
2018-04-10 00:24
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
I don't watch it live cause it takes like 8hrs. They make it into a 40min video on this channel which is much better to watch. This is the greatest battle
2018-04-10 00:24
Oh then de do the same thing ^^. But anyway, I don't really like FD, you can see crazy thing, but those cars with shit tons of HPs and ridiculous steering angle. Back in the days, japanese dude were drifting truenos with barely 100hps etc, that's what I like personaly, I own a 1990 180sx IRL.
2018-04-10 00:29
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
Fair enough. Their drift culture is insane from what I've seen from Noriyaro (YouTuber you probably know).
2018-04-10 00:31
Yeah I know him, I don't look as much his video, but from what I see, he look like friendly guy who just love what he is doing. By the way you give me an idea for my next episode. Would your like to see some Formula drift run? Ahah
2018-04-10 00:36
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
I'd assume people have made all the FD maps in all the drifting games, good luck :)
2018-04-10 00:37
I have a friend who love FD and he have all the cars/tracks xDDD. Subscribe if your don't want to miss it, anyway I can PM you, and as each Monday, I post it on HLTV xDDD.
2018-04-10 00:44
do it on lan kid
2018-04-10 00:16
Kid? I'm gonna be dad lul. Nevermind, give me money to travel in Germany in 1 month to take part in the FIA e-sport WTCR and yeah, I can do it on lan x).
2018-04-10 00:24
it was a joke sry mon ami
2018-04-10 00:32
No problem, in 2 months I will pass some test @ lohéac IRL. And trying to win a slot for an endurance race in a National Championship (with mitjet 2l). Let's pray until the tests XD.
2018-04-10 00:41
sick (?
2018-04-10 00:42
Eheh thanks.
2018-04-10 00:48
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