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jews and muslims!
Peru BrainWashington 
why muslims can be insulted by the whole world but when u insult jews u get put in prison and they storm ur door instantly?
2018-04-13 11:28
Because of holohoax, and you can't insult muslims either nowadays
2018-04-13 11:30
cuz jews very strong elite while muslims very poor elite.
2018-04-13 11:30
Poland Snacer2K 
I m just curious why everything is okay, when someone is insulting Christianity...
2018-04-13 11:33
Netherlands Deji 
What do you want ffs
2018-04-13 11:34
You can't insult muslims, mate.
2018-04-13 11:43
Because jews are the most powerful on the earth, controlling biggest military power - USA
2018-04-13 11:46
simple answer : because jews are supported by every strong nations and also the nato and no one can do shit them or insult them in any kind muslims are exploited by every nation out there for mostly their oil and strategical positions and no one backs them except for russia not because they love them just because they are against israel and us most of the time
2018-04-13 11:47
pretty much this +1
2018-04-13 11:57
Israel MemeMachine 
im gay
2018-04-13 11:53
Yep, this answers OP's question.
2018-04-13 12:00
last time i checked jewish caricatures are found everywhere in abundance including in many arab newspapers but when some guy drew a cartoon of mohammad he was literally murdered for it by "peaceful" muslims.
2018-04-13 12:19
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