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Poland EKSDEE1 
1.neo 2.f0rest 3.??? top 1 and 2 is obv but who is top3? btw i put neo over f0rest cuz cs 1.6 neo > f0rest (forest had much better team than neo) cs go f0rest > neo (but no one is top3 in cs go) and neo get title "player of decade"
2018-04-16 13:01
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
1. Flusha 2. Jw 3. Pronax 1.6 is irrelevant
2018-04-16 13:02
-1.6 +turkish scene
2018-04-16 13:09
better than polak scene ez
2018-04-16 13:34
yep neo 8 majors while all turkish scene 0 nt
2018-04-16 13:35
1.6 in 2018 lel nt
2018-04-16 13:36
I think that you have problems with reading but in topic you can find something like "OF ALL TIME"
2018-04-16 13:37
all of time in csgo*
2018-04-16 13:37
Azerbaijan InsanevvvV 
He talks about 1.6 aswell animal
2018-04-16 13:45
im talking about csgo aswell dinasour
2018-04-16 13:47
Azerbaijan InsanevvvV 
Ur saing "all of time in csgo" when topic includes 1.6 aswell
2018-04-17 06:54
D0cC | 
Netherlands duudiGOD 
dont talk with dumb Turkey
2018-04-17 08:06
Azerbaijan InsanevvvV 
Ye ur right
2018-04-17 13:42
I sincerely hope SS gets shut down in Marseilles just so SS fanboys shut up for five minutes.
2018-04-18 05:13
Denmark Enggaard 
I like the team, hate the fans. wanna see them cry
2018-04-18 08:20
Finland Lassius 
2018-04-18 08:23
2018-04-18 18:04
topic was created in: Counter-Strike Global Offensive > TOP 3 OF ALL TIME so, it's from all time in CS:GO, 1.6 not included unless explicit said. Cold, GTR and Taco Have a Favela Day
2018-04-17 21:52
Why does all Neo fans mention the “player of decade” award? It was an award purely based of fan vote. All that says is that either Neo has the most fans, or Neo has the most passionate fans that care about voting. That award has no valve at all in regards to who is the best player.
2018-04-18 23:51
Netherlands MerpNL 
1.6 irrelevant cuz they build the game? made it populair? and without 1.6 there would not be a csgo that it is today? Yeah fuck me dude, so irrelevant ;.;
2018-04-16 13:10
delusional 1.6 is irrelevant, 1.6 pros did NOT make the game popular
2018-04-17 21:50
Poland HTMFS 
Pros didn't make csgo popular aswell
2018-04-18 01:42
I know?
2018-04-18 06:35
Poland HTMFS 
2018-04-18 08:01
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Irrelevant because you didn't play 1.6 or sucked at 1.6...?
2018-04-18 15:11
He sucks at CS:GO as well?
2018-04-18 15:23
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Given his lack of knowledge of the game, probably at GO too.
2018-04-18 15:27
"I WILL NEVER REPLY TO YOU AGAIN", saying this while a drop of sweat falls off from his face.
2018-04-18 15:30
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
He stated he'll never reply to me again because he doesn't have any arguments or knowledge to reply back to me with. We both exposed his baiting ethics, now it's just painful to see his posts...
2018-04-18 15:33
It triggers a smile on my face every time I'm reading his posts.
2018-04-18 15:37
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Ah, I'm just in utter sadness and contempt... I used to like the guy a lot until he showed his true colours.
2018-04-18 15:37
It will probably be the same with me.
2018-04-18 15:39
2018-04-17 08:27
Canada Kenny2k_ 
fnatic fan spotted
2018-04-18 01:19
mOE | 
Palestine zwe 
3- Get_Right
2018-04-16 13:03
+1 cant say no to this
2018-04-16 13:33
2018-04-17 08:29
best of all time? i mean he's good but not good enough to fuckin create a playstyle to the form it is
2018-04-17 16:50
Guardian is the only one who used to be good and still is today. Gtr forest and neo all washed up Guardian almost seems to be getting better
2018-04-18 03:08
He is not that old as neo,f0rest...
2018-04-18 08:45
My bad. Well by the end of his career he might make this list. S1mple and maybe cold if he isn’t shit without taco
2018-04-18 15:10
ruuit | 
Serbia Wule123 
2018-04-17 08:29
Estonia Mrkruvi 
cant agree more
2018-04-17 21:48
Sweden aN0x- 
btw i put neo over f0rest cuz im polak corrected that for you
2018-04-16 13:03
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
2018-04-16 13:03
2018-04-16 13:04
And you're swedish. But I'm unbiased, and kennys is the best of all time
2018-04-16 13:06
Not even the best AWP all time
2018-04-18 03:09
+1 Kennys is just the csgo version of Ksharp
2018-04-18 05:14
Guardian top 3 all time imo he’s the only player who is still playing at a high level. Neo forest gtr pasha Olof are all washed up but guardian still consistently hits his peak form.
2018-04-18 07:05
Guardian.... xd Are u baiting? kenny isn't as well, but surely not guardian
2018-04-18 07:14
Ok I stumbled across pro cs in 2015. So not a lot of knowledge on my side but I thought guardian had been good for like 10 years
2018-04-18 15:09
not only I think that neo> f0rest nt
2018-04-16 13:06
2018-04-16 13:06
2018-04-16 13:14
Korea KasPro 
i like how only 3rd world countries say "+1"
2018-04-16 21:12
2018-04-18 05:14
United Kingdom Hamshanks 
+1 ^ you are third world xd
2018-04-17 07:50
Korea KasPro 
Stop living In the past
2018-04-18 06:58
f0rest is half polak so..
2018-04-17 16:53
Sweden Trkmag 
2018-04-18 15:47
olof i guess
2018-04-16 13:04
i aren't think that
2018-04-16 13:07
2018-04-17 08:29
2018-04-16 13:08
Czech Republic EZ_4_ENCE 
Allu #EZ4ENCE btw
2018-04-16 13:09
2018-04-16 13:45
1.f0rest 2.neo 3.GTR
2018-04-16 13:13
nt neo 8 majors > f0rest
2018-04-16 13:13
and what did that bot do in csgo? nice fucking try retard
2018-04-16 13:14
then what f0rest did in cs go? oh i forgot, he almost beat pride
2018-04-16 13:15
and he actually has mvps lululul neo's only mvp was because of that 1v5 vs dignitas ages ago
2018-04-16 13:16
ok, f0rest god but cant qualify for qualifications for major 2nd time, I agree dont kill me fox pls
2018-04-16 13:17
Lmao fox is just as trash as any vp player (except for god michu ofc)
2018-04-16 13:18
I agree, dont kill me fox pls
2018-04-16 13:19
1.f0rest 2.neo 3.gtr
2018-04-16 13:19
Ok ok ok, dont kill me fox pls
2018-04-16 13:20
Sweden aN0x- 
vp fangay talking lmao, vp been even biger shit then nip, btw nice major performance by vp losing to almighty qbf will be fun when vp wont qualify for the major this year no more legends spot
2018-04-16 13:39
NiP 3 times out of majors > VP 1 times out of majors (if vp wont qualify) nt swedistan
2018-04-16 13:41
Sweden aN0x- 
yeah because majors means everything haha poorlak logic, c9 and gambit perfect exmaple that it means shit
2018-04-16 13:42
f0rest did a lot better in cs go than neo, Sorry.
2018-04-17 16:55
Same amount of majors , when it comes to winning big tournaments they have a similar career, performance wise f0rest was better, still I wouldn't say he did a lot better. Cheers
2018-04-17 21:43
Same amout of majors? are you kidding, f0rest 5 major finals, Neo 2 major finals and let's don't forget about 87-0 run, Of course f0rest did a lot better. OMEGALUL
2018-04-17 21:46
Both won the same, 87-0 run when they had like 4 teams giving them competition, plus in terms of bigger tournaments neo's team prolly achieved more. Take care
2018-04-18 01:18
First of all there was more then 4 teams to competition and that doesn't ever matter, Fact that they did 87-0 is remarkably incredible and almost impossible unless your are god like they were at their best, So next you absolutely did ignore fact that they were in the 5 major finals in a row whitch is makes them already away ahead from Vp, Also where you get that Vp won more big tournaments? Facts are againts that, number of 1st places achived in cs go is like over 50 for NIP and vp has only maybe little bit more then 20, I'm repeating it again and saying that only 87-0 makes NIP much better team in CSGO a far better and given fact that they were in the 5 major finals in a row maybe even places them in the top 3 teams all time in cs go, Hello.
2018-04-18 02:10
Ahah did you even watch cs in 2013? Nip winning tournaments against anexis, clan mystic etc, is that real competition ? Lol 5 finals and only win one ? Lol again, and playing count the number of tourney wins after 2014 , big prize pools and you will see it's pretty similar. Stop being a nip fangay
2018-04-18 02:49
Okay let me unpack this, NIP 87-0 wasn't black and white as you stated, They had many and many hard and a lot of games were very close, GTR was best player at that period of time, He was literally insane in game he was winning almost every 1v2/3 Clutches but funny things is that second best player at that time was f0rest, Two best players in the game were in one team, So it's not a suprise why they were so strong, Third best player in the game was shox and most of french players swithed from source to cs go whitch is more close to cs go than 1.6 So idea is tha they should be better at game but it's not happened, So you just again ignore 5 majors finals in a row, Doesn't matter how many of them they won, Only thing matters is that they did achive a new record which on other team done ever in whole cs history, in 2012 NIP was best team so as in 2013 and i'd say that NIP was best team in 2014 as well since they did won many tournaments in first half of the year and plus major and they were in 3 major finals in that year, So they were best team 3 years in a row when in other hands VP never was a best team of the even 1 year and f0rest always was closer to top 20 players of the year than neo, Obviously in cs go NIP was way ahead of VP, So i don't know what you are even talking about. Peace.
2018-04-18 05:29
Why are you trying to tell me what happened when I watched it ? I know how nip did play, and I watched their major finals, and it's exactly as I said, f0rest had a better performance, but his team didn't really stand out from the polish guys except in 2013, in the beginning of 2014 they got rekt hard at Katowice for example..just stop being blind
2018-04-18 11:56
Poland sosiad 
2018-04-18 15:16
1.f0rest 2.NEO 3.GeT_RiGhT
2018-04-16 13:16
1. NEO 2. GTR 3. markeloff
2018-04-16 13:20
of all time = cs1.6 + cs s + cs go
2018-04-16 13:19
f0rest GTR Neo
2018-04-16 13:20
flusha | 
Czech Republic screwy1 
1.flusha 2.Get_right 3.coldzera
2018-04-16 13:20
were talking about All of cs not the last two years
2018-04-16 13:39
flusha | 
Czech Republic screwy1 
Whats bad on this list ?
2018-04-16 19:18
2018-04-16 20:26
flusha | 
Czech Republic screwy1 
2x best player in the world.. whats wrong ?
2018-04-16 20:30
relevant for 2 years
2018-04-16 21:09
France FanchD 
2018-04-16 21:13
Brazil Mirekz 
cold could have won best player in the world for 5 years in a row and EU/NA people would still not put him in a top 3 all time
2018-04-17 07:10
i would but he was relevant for 2 years
2018-04-17 07:34
Brazil Mirekz 
well, just like get_right then, was relevant in 2013 and 2014
2018-04-17 08:23
and in 1.6
2018-04-17 08:25
Brazil VFI 
lol GTR was good since 1.6 and until 2015 ish 1. Neo/F0rest 2. Neo/F0rest 3. GTR easily
2018-04-18 03:18
2018-04-18 01:41
Germany Dayjay 
god b legija denis
2018-04-16 13:22
neo forest gtr
2018-04-16 13:24
this ^
2018-04-18 15:41
neo 1 omegalul
2018-04-16 13:28
Europe Flexi3 
Ahahhha Stfu newfag
2018-04-17 07:41
Age 17 Signed up 2018-01-31
2018-04-18 15:42
1.markeloff 2.GTR 3.s1mple 4.Neo 5.f0rest/trace
2018-04-16 13:31
shroud | 
Europe Sizexd 
> s1mple > legend > 0 majors nice, another russian fangay logic
2018-04-18 01:38
rain forest neo
2018-04-16 13:33
of course olf
2018-04-16 13:34
United Kingdom 3thanol99 
f0rest neo GTR
2018-04-16 13:36
1.neo stopped reading right here
2018-04-16 13:37
flusha best game sense
2018-04-16 13:40
World Jeza 
Shox, for sure. He is 10 years at top of pro CS scene, and has been one of the best players in the world the entire time. Sometimes the very best. Neo has been "OK" throughout CS:GO, f0rest was dominant at first and now is just above-average. Shox was dominant in CS:GO from 2013 onwards, still considered one of the best players.
2018-04-16 13:43
United States ItsImpact 
Neo is no way best all time 1. F0rest 2. Get Right 3. Flusha/neo
2018-04-16 19:19
Neo was probably the hardest carry of all time in Cs. If he didn't drop at least 35, his team would not win.
2018-04-18 05:17
United States ItsImpact 
Only reason I didn’t put him as high is because he failed to be as good in cs go. I should’ve put him at 2 tho
2018-04-18 05:43
Russia VeryChokeGuy 
f0rest Neo Markeloff
2018-04-16 21:10
2018-04-18 15:44
1.f0rest 2.Neo 3.Zet kids stop just stop if you dont know dont spam sh*t. mini_f0rest was here.
2018-04-16 21:11
xaxaxa even Red > zetBot
2018-04-18 15:45
1.f0rest 2.neo 3.GeT_RiGhT f0rest maybe wasn't better in CS 1.6 but he was still on top, meanwhile NEO isn't on his level anymore and f0rest is still kinda relevant but not on his level, I can go into detail but if you can't see this you're a biased Polak.
2018-04-16 21:15
Majors speak, and Neo has 8 to his name. Not to mention that f0rest has had GTR with him for the majority of his career. No player has had to carry a team like Neo used to.
2018-04-18 05:19
CS 1.6 majors? Yeah they do, but look at what f0rest has done in CS:GO, they dominated the scene for the first 2-3 years, and also not to mention they are still relevant in tier2 level, meanwhile VP is obviously around t3-4... It is just my opinion yeah.
2018-04-18 13:29
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
If we have to count 1.6 then Get_right. If not then Olofmeister
2018-04-17 06:55
1.gtr Best player of all time
2018-04-17 06:56
Europe p1peb0mb 
f0rest gtr shox
2018-04-17 07:00
Get_right 💪
2018-04-17 07:35
Europe Flexi3 
3. Markeloff Man, founder of aggressive style playing with AWP
2018-04-17 07:40
-100000 Ksharp?
2018-04-18 05:20
Flexi3 is 21 y.o. and you talking about miller?
2018-04-18 15:50
Yeah. In 1.6 Guardian was more of a stationary awper. Ksharp was the original aggressive/entry awper.
2018-04-18 15:59
I mean that Flexi3 know nothing about old-school players
2018-04-18 16:02
Best cs (1.6/CSGO) 1) Get_Right 2) F0rest 3) Neo
2018-04-17 07:56
Russia goodjob 
1)f0rest 2)GeT_RiGhT 3)Neo
2018-04-17 08:10
Sweden Bangs 
1.f0rest 2.Neo 3.gtr
2018-04-17 08:13
Netherlands pepesan1 
1. SpawN 2. JAEGARN 3. HeatoN
2018-04-17 08:15
CS overall: 1. f0rest 2. NEO 3. GeT_RiGhT CS:GO: 1. olofmeister 2. flusha 3. kennyS
2018-04-17 08:32
Australia DubL 
i dont think olof is the greatest in CSGO he had one year of pure dominance and its the only reason people like you overrate him and consider him the greatest in the history of GO
2018-04-17 08:40
One year ? Late 2014-2015-early 2016 , you forgot that fnatic was dominating again since dennis joined ? Until MLG columbus olof was the best.
2018-04-17 08:46
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
Coldzera is definitely to greatest csgo player ever. Look at how Olof is playing now when the overall competition level of the game is higher. You have to adjust for inflation, it’s the same reason that MJ doesn’t even compare to Lebron
2018-04-17 16:53
Ofc , before injury he was reking people especially Luminosity and after injury he is bad. It's not about the higher level bullshit. Fnatic was the most skilled team to touch this game.
2018-04-17 21:39
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
Look at how contested the top tier of CS is today. Look at how many players are hitting insane fucking levels of skill. The teams and the players are far better than they were in 2014/2015, and cold has consistently dominated. I know I’m never gonna change your mind because you’re an Olof fan, but trust me when I tell you coldzera 2017 would daddy dick Olof 2015
2018-04-17 22:04
Yeah no shit sherlock. Its insane to think so many users in this forum lack basic logic and reasoning skills. How is it fair to say that cold 2017 is better than olof 2015, when cold in 2017 has 2 years more ingame knowledge,2yrs more experience,knowledge about meta in csgo,2yrs of more practice than olof in 2015. If cold gets more credit for dominatimg your so called "most competitive era",then he should he get criticized for being a bot back in 2014-2015, even though competetion was "weak"?Thats why you will never understand the concept of greatest of all time. That's people here will laugh when I say the pele is the greatest football player of all time. You have to look at how dominant a player was compared to his peers in his own era. Now im not arguing whether who among cold ,olof ,gtr is the most dominant player. Its just that your reasoning sucks is what im saying.
2018-04-18 03:45
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
Your argument falls apart because yeah, cold has 2 years of experience, but it’s not like olofmeister stopped fucking playing? When cold came into the top level of cs, he immediately had impact and became the best player in the world, and has been since then. All while Olof was still playing. So I’m confused where your argument is going because honestly you’ve got a fairly poor grasp of the English language, and are a fucking idiot. edit: there is also a fucking difference between saying “best of ALL time” and “best of THEIR time.” sure, Olof was the best of HIS time, while he was dominating. But coldzera is the best of a time where you can’t even logically argue that the players and teams aren’t better. That makes coldzera the better overall player you fuckin tard
2018-04-18 04:39
You are a fucking idiot. Its not because of this so called "competitive era". Teams nowadays can't keep their form from event to event meanwhile fnatic just didnt care about their oppenent. Thats why they were called kings of comebacks. Score doesnt matter because they always find a way to win. Olof injury did something to the team , they kinda lost that confidence especially olof. If it wasn't for that shit LG wouldn't have won the MLG major most probably. And stop trying to compare cold to olof. They had different roles in game. Cold is more passive meanwhile olof was the first in line and somehow he managed ro rek people
2018-04-18 06:19
"but trust me when I tell you coldzera 2017 would daddy dick Olof 2015" Read that sentence again ,jesus chrsit ! How dumb can you be? You are comparing olof skills in 2015 with cold skills in 2017. In asking this again,how is that a fair competetion? "When cold came into the top level of cs". You got to be a fucking idiot to just state this sentence after my arguments. Cold did not directly come into top level of cs. There was a time when cold was not able to make any impact in tier10 Brazilian teams. Fallen did not even consider picking him up for kabum,keyd etc. So there was a time olof dominated the scene when "All while Cold was still playing". So why should cold get more credit for being best player in 2017,than olof for being best player in 2015? Only argument your peanut brain may come up with is that "teams are much better now than they were in 2015". While that statement is true,that statement alone cannot give more credit to cold because cold himself got better with time. How is this not obvious to anyone with a fucking brain inside their head? Olof faced best teams of his time,competed with best players who had almost simlar experience, which is exactly what cold is doing. Sure ,teams which olof faced in 2015 are weaker if you compare them with players or teams cold is facing now,but olof in 2015 was not as experienced as cold in 2017. Sure ,olof is not as good as cold now,but cold was not as good olof in 2015. My only question is why should cold get more credit? I know that cold is better overall, because the criteria you have to look for is "how dominant a player was compared to his peers". Obviously cold dominated for 2 years . I was attacking this dumb argument of yours "Look at how contested the top tier of CS is today. Look at how many players are hitting insane fucking levels of skill ". You are forgetting the fact that cold also had time to reach that level. You cant just say that cold's opponents are much better ignoring cold's skill level itself.
2018-04-18 08:07
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
What the hell? I was saying that cold is better because he was more dominant over better players than Olof was dominant over? How is any part of that wrong? You even admitted that is correct, so I’m confused what your fucking point is
2018-04-18 15:22
My fucking point is that the fact that cold is playing against better players does not give him any edge over olof when cold himself had time to become better. How fucking hard is that to understand?
2018-04-18 15:52
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
What does having time to become better have to do with anything? Olof also had time to become better. He wasn’t just thrust into the pro scene with no experience in the game. That whole side of an argument doesn’t make any sense, as every player has time to become better. What I’m saying is if you have a collegiate athlete who is the best in college, that does not compare to a professional athelete who is the best in professional leagues because the competition level in collegiate leagues is far inferior to that in professional leagues.
2018-04-18 15:57
But that is not the case here.More like we are comparing pele vs messi or cr7. Obviously competition was less when pele played but almost all analysts rank him as the greatest football player of all time,thats because he was the most dominant player compared to his peers. Now im not saying that olof was more dominant compared to cold. Im just sayig that "competition got better argument is invalid ".
2018-04-18 16:11
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
Well I guess were just gonna disagree then. Babe Ruth was one of the greatest players of his time but he wouldn’t even be able to compete in the modern MLB. Michael Jordan was the greatest player of his time, but in the modern NBA, he’d be a good starter, possibly a star player. The change in time matters, I just don’t see how anyone could say that it doesn’t.
2018-04-18 16:13
When people say best player of all time they usually mean "Greatest player of all time" not most skilled player.Obviously skill increases with time.
2018-04-18 16:18
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
I don’t even think cold is the most skilled player, I think that could go to NiKo or s1mple. In terms of achievement and dominance in a time where the competition of the game was at an all time high, no one compares to coldzera.
2018-04-18 23:47
GeT_RiGhT F0rest Flusha
2018-04-17 13:44
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
best of csgo: 1. coldzera Literally no one is close to coldzera in GO’s history. 2015 Olof doesn’t a hold a candle to cold
2018-04-17 16:52
That aint true, Coldzera is close to what Olof was at his prime, However Olofmeister's domination lasted for a more consistent period of time. Even if they have the same amount of major wins Olof take the price. Atleast for now, no one knows what the future can bring. Ps. Dont get me wrong they are very very close but Olof’s impact and skill during the fnatics Era just stands out to nothing we ever seen so far. Scroll down to see my full top 10 ranking further down this list.
2018-04-18 17:35
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
My whole thing is, coldzera was just as dominant (I think he was more dominant but for your sake) in a time where the overall skill and competition of the scene was much higher than when Olof was dominant. Fairly obvious that a player playing in a higher skilled league is better than a player who was just as dominant but against worse opposition.
2018-04-18 23:55
I understand your point, but i do not agree that the individual skill is higher now than before. The team overall skill however is higher but that doesn't mean that the individual performance is higher as well, a little bit obviously but not that much as you seem to think. Well i guess you have a fair a point in your statement but i don't think its that obvious. I said its very close in a difference, near to nothing i would say just as i mentioned in my top 10. putting Olof in top6 n Cold in top8 of all time, but that "Cold" could claim that spot just as fairly. Its a matter of different views to the game along with different Era's i guess.
2018-04-19 14:12
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
Yeah that’s always been my thought process. I’ve always thought Lebron James is better than Jordan because when Jordan played the competition in the league was no where near as high. I feel as time goes on, sports only become harder and harder because more and more people dedicate themselves to it. Well, whatever. Have a nice day.
2018-04-19 14:56
1.NEO 2.f0rest 3.gtr no other answer
2018-04-17 16:56
France ManuelFerrara 
1- shox
2018-04-17 21:45
1. f0rest 2. NEO 3. GeT_RighT
2018-04-17 21:47
Nice! Very well said. Watch my ranks further down the list man, i think you are right!
2018-04-18 04:23
REZ | 
France Jeazzly 
1.forest 1.neo 1.get_right If someone changes something in this list - he's an idiot
2018-04-17 21:49
2018-04-18 04:23
s1mple | 
Portugal Dr_10 
My top 5: f0rest GTR NEO shox (best css player) fnx
2018-04-17 21:55
kNgV- | 
Brazil olocoxd 
cs 1.6 1.neo 2.get_right cs go 1.get_right 100.neo and you still thinks that neo is top 1 of all time? it's been 7 years since 2011 already bro
2018-04-18 01:23
Get right
2018-04-18 01:36
Kazakhstan sk1talec 
1. Markeloff 2. Yegor Markelov 3. Legendary awper from NaVi
2018-04-18 02:33
people that mention 1.6 but dont mention spawn and heaton as top 2 omega LUL. your credibility is lost
2018-04-18 02:38
Spawn snd heaton lmao.
2018-04-18 03:36
Sweden Bangs 
Potti > HeatoN and SpawN
2018-04-18 08:47
2018-04-18 02:39
Poland wojteq__ 
get right?
2018-04-18 02:42
forest neo get right.
2018-04-18 02:42
Top 3 ALL Time f0rest Not really debatable. 1.6 NEO Just because of the majors he won, f0rest was way better than him in 1.6 but NEO was a god at majors while f0rest was winning tons of titles that were not majors. Source RpK God player in this game, French dominated the scene, yes UK kids calm down your scene was shit compared to France in Source and RpK was the most consistent player of the game. Honourable mention Markeloff Based on his dominance and consistency from 2010 and on, if 1.6 didn't die out he would of went on to surpass both f0rest and NEO, this guy is the best awper of all time in any of the CS games, even though it was short lived he was just on a different level with that weapon.
2018-04-18 02:57
1.6- neo Source- Shox GO-coldzera
2018-04-18 03:29
shroud | 
Europe Sizexd 
for sure my friend. s1mple sucks because 0 majors.
2018-04-18 03:53
1.get_right 2.olofmeister 3.niko 4.coldzera 5.s1mple
2018-04-18 04:03
Sweden Bangs 
>NiKo above Cold Flair checks out
2018-04-18 09:12
Anyone saying else about Forest or NEO not being in the 1n2 place, simply doesn't have the knowledge. I have played cs since 2000 and witnesed them all 1. f0rest (top2 1.6, top5 CS:GO) Until CS:GO, f0rest was second in this rank, but after his dominant years in NiP, and famous 87-0, combined ranks pushed him at the top of the world in history of Counter-Strike franchise. He was in top2 of 1.6 and is in top5 of CS:GO. He wasnt the best in any of cs, but close enough to top in two, to be considered the best of all time. 2. Neo (top1 1.6, top20 CS:GO) The best player of 1.6, and its not even close. After struggling in the beginning of CSGO, he slowly reaches his prime-time level. Neo, despite being top1 in the hardest of all counter-strikes, cant reach even top10 in cs:go. 3. Get_right (top10 1.6, top3 CS:GO) The 3rd best player of CS:GO, and top 10 of CS1.6. Enough to secure 3rd spot 4. Shox (top1 CS:S, top5 CS:GO) The best player of CS:Source, and top5 of CS:GO. Overtook Potti in last shot. 5. Potti (top3 1.5/1.6) True legend, the best classic cs player before neo. top5 of 1.5/1.6 6. Olofmeister (top30 1.6, top 1 CS:GO) In terms of raw impact and skill at his prime, along with the 3 majors under his belt during an amazing Era with his previous Team Fnatic. An Era that we doubtless won't ever witness again by any team top6 goes to him. (Arguably as it is, this spot can also be given to "Coldzera" which also has shown great dominance but hasn't won as many majors and been just as dominant as Olof were at his prime even if it is very close.) 7. markeloff (top5 1.6, top30 CS:GO) Top5 of CS1.6, and still active, even if not in top20. Points from 1.6 gave him 7th position ever 8. Coldzera (top ? 1.6, top2 CS:GO) top 2 of CS:GO. With 2 majors under his belt showing the amount of dominance to be voted the best player in 2016, 2017 pushing him in to the 10 best players of all time to ever touch CS. 9. GuardiaN (top5 CS:S, top10 CS:GO) One of the best of CSSource and one of the best in CS:GO. His GO dominant skill with awp pushed him in 9th place 10. HeatoN (top5 1.5/1.6) Legend of classic Counter-Strike. Others close to top 10. Dsn (Top5 of 1.6) element (top10 1.6) fR0d (top20 1.6, top10 cs:s) cogu (top10 1.6) RattlesnK (top5 cs:s) rpk (top5 cs:s, top30 cs:go) whimp (top10 1.6) xeqtr (top20 1.6) spawn (top10 1.6) ex6tenz (top10 cs:s, top20 cs:go) re1ease (top5 cs:s) KennyS (top10 cs:go)
2018-04-18 04:21
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
+1 Incredible rankings. HeatoN was one of the original GOAT's of the old CS, but NEO and f0rest are definitely number one and two 100%. Interesting choice of putting GTR at third, but it's only expected given just how good he was in the early stages of CS:GO. Delpan and dsn were solid fraggers, I'd have also said zet instead of Potti.
2018-04-18 04:28
Thank you man! Well yeah its a very hard list to do! I think this is a fair one but indeed there is so many others with great achievements and talent, as Zet for example, he was wildly successful in 1.6 and can be a strong candidate to Pottis place indeed. I do believe that GTR earns the 3rd place combining hes points from 1.6 to his outstanding performance in early cs:go.
2018-04-18 04:33
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
People new to CS in general just don't realise how good GTR was back in the heyday of 1.6/GO. f0rest and NEO were as consistent as all hell throughout 1.5/1.6, but GTR became the best Swedish player in the latest stages of 1.6 most definitely. In all honestly combining GO AND 1,6 I'd put GTR at second given NEO is hailed as the greatest 1.6 player of all-time, but was awful in GO in comparison... Even in ECS and Universal Soldiers, NEO was good, but never to his 1.6 standards... Those fresh off Source like Shox, RpK, Friberg had exceptional advantages also. Always good to see a face from the days of old CS. :D Played from 2002 over here. ^^ A pleasure to meet your acquaintance friend. :D Have a good day. Once again, I love the list a lot. REALLY good job!
2018-04-18 04:38
Yes, now that we have a closer look, it's not entirely unreasonable to give GTR the 2nd place. By contrast, NEO's performance weighs a lot from 1.6 time. but the question is now, given that GTR, probably were the best in late 1.6 combined with his performance in early cs:go.. Hmm yeah its a very interesting idea actually. Very good indeed my friend! Have a good day yourself :D Thanks again!
2018-04-18 04:51
United States LuLzZz 
Great list! I just have to make a correction though. Both Olof and Coldzera have 2 major titles.
2018-04-18 04:46
Thank you sir! Oh my God! You are absolutely right, my apologies! Now when you say that, neither he nor Krimz was with Fnatic at the first major win! haha! Well i guess even a blind hen can find the seeds from time to time! ^^ Anyhow i do believe that the list stands, even if they have the same amount of Major wins, since Olofmeister's domination lasted for a more consistent period of time.
2018-04-18 05:01
United States LuLzZz 
Haha no worries man. I agree, I would still have to put olof over coldzera atm.
2018-04-18 05:10
Russia RoneEZ 
markeloff or get_right
2018-04-18 06:46
1- f0rest 2- KennyS 3- JW top 1 f0rest or Kenny ı am not sure.
2018-04-18 07:06
Denmark Lev1ce 
gtr snax coldzera
2018-04-18 07:09
Poland SebaRost 
of CS:GO 1. kennyS 2. GeT_RiGhT 3. coldzera
2018-04-18 08:48
Sweden Minik0jan 
Shox ofc
2018-04-18 15:13
Brazil pedrohmn 
OF CSGO 1.cold 2.get right 3.maybe olof
2018-04-18 15:39
cold over GTR`? newfag
2018-04-18 15:55
Brazil pedrohmn 
Cold has more titles
2018-04-18 17:59
newfag check your facts
2018-04-18 18:02
Brazil pedrohmn 
Indivudual Titles**
2018-04-18 18:18
Ukraine wh1tetark 
flusha should be there
2018-04-18 15:42
Sweden Trkmag 
Top four is obviously 1: f0rest 2: NEO 3: GeT_RiGhT 4: shoxie All legends
2018-04-18 15:51
I agree! Watch my top 10 rankings above man, let me know whag you think about it.
2018-04-18 17:27
Sweden Trkmag 
Very hard to make an accurate top 10 since you have to consider so many players. I think you are overrating olof a bit though, and he has 2 majors instead of 3. But still a pretty good list!
2018-04-18 17:30
Yeah, if you would have looked thrue the comments to mine, you would have seen we alrdy talked about the amount of majors. Thanks, indeed its hard but ive been around since tve beginning and this list is as fair as it can be really, even tho there is alot of talents left out. Anyhow i do believe that im not overrating olof, nor Cold. They are both extreamly good and decorated players. But i have to look thrue the consistently dominating of em both, and Cold simply hasn’t been on that lvl just yet, probably because every team is so close to one and other those days.
2018-04-18 17:42
Slovakia awwscraeus 
1. MJ 2. Kobe 3. DWade harden not even close dont @ me
2018-04-18 16:07
Germany thebestchen 
GTR snax Flusha
2018-04-18 16:20
2018-04-18 17:31
France FanchD 
1. Forest 2. Neo 3. GTR
2018-04-18 23:53
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