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United States DabbingOnTheBaits 
Why has this show become popular all of a sudden? I've never heard of it until the memes came around.
2018-04-16 15:27
World spaaace 
all of a sudden? been a kids favorite for years
2018-04-16 15:29
I've never heard of it.
2018-04-16 15:29
World spaaace 
that doesn't make it "popular all of a sudden" :)
2018-04-16 15:32
I'm sure so. I only watched Cartoon Network when I was smaller.
2018-04-16 15:33
Albania streetfame 
smaller lul
2018-04-16 15:35
Idk what to say lol
2018-04-16 15:36
United Kingdom thrailis 
It's not on CN, it's by nickelodeon, and it's been around since the mid 00's so yes it's been popular for a while, if you had never heard of Justin Beiber until recently, it doesn't make him not popular
2018-04-16 15:35
Hey guyz.. i would like to buy 2 tickets on Faceit major in UK message me if someone have 2
2018-04-16 15:47
What is this
2018-04-16 15:30
British show about pigs.
2018-04-16 15:32
Its to scare muslims
2018-04-16 15:34
peppa pig? think the show is like 20 years old or some shit
2018-04-16 15:32
United Kingdom swellis 
it's always been popular for young children
2018-04-16 15:37
United Kingdom Breezeeh 
I live near Peppa Pig world get on my Peppa Pig level
2018-04-16 15:51
2018-04-16 15:52
wtf shits old like old 2008 old
2018-04-16 15:51
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