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Cloud9 SK Liquid
AZK | 
United States 1ever 
Cloud9: C9 with FNS will be better than the previous roster. He brings obvious structure & uses his awpers well. He’s known to get the best out of them. Also looks like the rush & tarik entry duo is back which is good news because back in prime optic, rush was one of the best entries in the world. SK: SK have the potential to be super explosive in the short term like they were with felps. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if they won a few events in succession. People like to argue about felps & stewie but the truth is stew is a much better player & he’s more versatile. Felps is one dimensional and can’t really change up his game, stew can. Liquid: Not really much to say about liquid other than the fact that they could be the best team in the world if nitr0 didn’t force himself to AWP. Him forcing himself to be a primary awp is hurting this team so much - he can’t even out duel awpers like draken (who is no world beater), let alone top awpers. He’s definetly the next one to get kicked, hoping nifty takes his place.
2018-04-16 16:00
United States ViKaLiBuR 
Nitr0 is a great AWP. Quit fooling
2018-04-16 16:33
+1 all he does is practice dm with awp, besides he only uses it when he knows he'll need it.
2018-04-16 16:37
SmithZz | 
United Kingdom twbb 
C9 won a major with stewie even though it was a fluke how is that worse than the current c9
2018-04-16 16:35
cause they're inconssitent as shit with stewie. With FNS, nothing will be a "fluke"
2018-04-16 16:37
FalleN | 
Brazil xandoca 
FNS will be the one defusing everytime in C9 actually I can see another major coming for them with this strat
2018-04-17 18:35
-Liquid -top 1 Pick uno
2018-04-16 16:36
Netherlands ItsKBS 
For americans the world is only NA : D why else do you think he only mentioned teams with americans in it lol
2018-04-16 16:40
i kinda agree with liquid zews said that liquid wanted to stop playing with the traditional awp but nitro is playing awper where hes dong ok but not as good as he would with the rifle
2018-04-16 16:37
AZK | 
United States 1ever 
+1 he has the best first bullet aim in liquid and he’s forcing himself to main awp. I like nitr0 but I feel like he’s going to get pushed out of the team soon
2018-04-16 16:43
2018-04-16 16:47
- taco + any decent awper nitr0 is a good player. He shouldn't be kicked.
2018-04-16 16:51
Brazil eoteamo 
i particularly think liquid is going to be top3 (or even less) this year
2018-04-16 16:38
United States trump2020 
twistzz has been awp alot and liquid never force awp...they only pick it up from kills and most time dont even pick it up...they run duel awp some times on CT but as for forcing no they dont
2018-04-16 16:40
Germany JeanKanne 
liquid ez top1 liquid era incoming for next 3 years. waiting for it since this team exists...
2018-04-16 16:40
jesus christ stop overrating nifty. nitr0 >>>> nifty
2018-04-16 16:42
Brazil YeQiu92 
2018-04-16 16:45
Europe DJkpot 
2018-04-16 16:44
Netherlands Phyrhex 
>Stewie >good player pick 1 this chink is the most overrated player to ever touch the game
2018-04-16 16:46
there are surely more overrated nifty for example
2018-04-16 16:49
AZK | 
United States 1ever 
You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. thorin called him overrated and now so many of the community think their actually intelligent when they say he is. Keep copying thorin nerd
2018-04-16 18:03
Netherlands Phyrhex 
I dont even like this ginger fuck, but hes right
2018-04-16 18:21
Norway infused1795 
ye liquid should kick their igl whos recently been playing much better... you are a fucking monkey
2018-04-16 16:49
Norway JorgyZ 
nitr0 is probably the most useful player in liquid, igl, amazing rifler and main awper
2018-04-16 16:50
Other HeadRipper 
2018-04-17 18:36
I'd like to see what excuses TACO will uses if he keeps playing bad in TL xd
2018-04-16 18:23
Portugal RKO23 
when people say that winning a major was a fluke... and then winning against the 2nd best team... or current best team... at that moment... sure.... then mate , tell me ,if it was a fluke , why are faze still choking?
2018-04-17 18:33
Canada Kenny2k_ 
FNS brings more strats to the team when stew was in the team it was like a pug team
2018-04-18 08:42
CS:GO 2018 "Liquid could be the best in the world" What has happened.
2018-04-18 08:44
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