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i feel bad for portugal
Malta Wudestkohm 
i mean they get bullied by the rest of EU because of Brazil but they are a peaceful and normal country lmao poor portugal xd
2018-04-17 09:41
must be new here u remeber fox fans> thjat was good times to be a baiter
2018-04-17 09:43
Unique thing that "we" suck
2018-04-17 10:18
Portugal Joefilas 
We don't get bullied and if we were to get bullied it would be because of fox fans
2018-04-17 09:49
yay | 
Portugal KeKaz 
NT EU favela
2018-04-17 09:50
Spain Kyuuta 
nt fake flagger favela
2018-04-17 10:03
Nt budget Portugal
2018-04-17 19:57
if anything we are the budget spain lmao
2018-04-17 21:43
so u are budget version of a 3rd world country
2018-04-18 11:09
thing is you do not know what you speak of maybe you should go and have a nice vacations in Spain and then get back to me lol
2018-04-18 14:54
i've been in spain multiple times because its cheap
2018-04-18 17:46
2018-04-18 17:51
2018-04-18 17:51
:D its cheap tho cheaper then portugal
2018-04-18 17:53
Portugal ImNotKaZ 
True, fox fanboys piss me off sometimes...
2018-04-17 21:41
" they get bullied by the rest of EU because of Brazil" ??? because of Brazil why?
2018-04-17 09:50
same language same idiot
2018-04-17 09:58
Spain Kyuuta 
same favela idiot
2018-04-17 10:03
spanish = portugese = brazilian = favela stfu when u also favela bro
2018-04-17 10:04
Spain Kyuuta 
Italian = French = spanish = portugese = brazilian = favela half EU favela ez4favelas
2018-04-17 10:06
yes why do i care when i am russian dumbass???
2018-04-17 10:07
Spain Kyuuta 
true Russia superior country sry mr Putin Communism will spread soon
2018-04-17 10:08
np mister catalonia
2018-04-17 10:08
how is french related to italian,spanish,portugese ? ROFL
2018-04-17 19:52
Spain Kyuuta 
Spanish is a part of the Ibero-Romance group of languages, which evolved from several dialects of Vulgar Latin in Iberia after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century. French or la langue française is a Romance language of the Indo-European family. It descended from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire, as did all Romance languages. Portuguese is part of the Ibero-Romance group that evolved from several dialects of Vulgar Latin Italian is a Romance language. Italian is by most measures, together with the Sardinian language, the closest tongue to vulgar Latin of the Romance languages Learn history u faggot
2018-04-17 21:27
yeah, exactly, french doesn't belong there, rofl
2018-04-17 21:31
Spain Kyuuta 
Seems like u can’t read either descended from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire, as did all Romance languages.
2018-04-17 21:32
OMG I'm done with you, you are dumb as two fucking fucks, lol
2018-04-17 21:33
The only dumb person here is you.
2018-04-17 21:39
You are preety dumb, maybe go out on google and just quick search "latin countries" countries?
2018-04-17 21:45
Romanic* :P
2018-04-17 21:45
Portugal mrsc 
it is. they all come from latin
2018-04-18 11:08
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
I would feel bad to the fact that they don't even have a decent known team in tier 4 but I won't because they don't even deserve tier 4. All day playing 5 stack premades lmao
2018-04-17 10:11
And? We have 10 millions how ia supposed to have great players like turk .. u guys have like 60/70 milionário idk
2018-04-17 10:16
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
That's not how statistics are made bro look at sweden or denmark. I am not saying you guys are bad I am just saying how its possible to play 5 stack premade everyday every-hour and not to make it anywhere.
2018-04-17 10:20
Enjoy cs:go many oficial them work and play semi-professional
2018-04-17 19:50
poortugal xD
2018-04-17 10:12
Nt eu fakeflagger favela
2018-04-17 21:33
poortugal xD
2018-04-18 11:06
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