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Marsielle Bets???
China Captain_TYLOO 
Recommend me Dreamhack bets... im have 1550 RMB, I LOSE this im fucken kill myself... lose 150 RMB on sk dogs
2018-04-19 02:29
Dont bet, if u cant afford to lose my friend.
2018-04-19 02:30
China Captain_TYLOO 
bet to make money man
2018-04-19 02:33
we dont take chinese dorrars here lul
2018-04-19 02:34
China Captain_TYLOO 
Yes cus you betting in donuts fat dog😂😂😂
2018-04-19 02:35
2018-04-19 02:39
Andorra Octopus1 
2018-04-19 02:40
2018-04-19 03:30
United States ImFat 
Liquid to beat Astralis, it should be a close 50/50 match, but seeing how Liquid now has Taco, I think it would be hard for Glaive to anti strat a new member to the team, while nitr0 can still out play them. Yes this is biased by I think it should be a good game. Also don't bet if you don't feel comfortable losing the money.
2018-04-19 02:35
Singapore introspect 
Actually I have good advice, but won't bother giving them to ppl who have nothing in their vocabulary besides KYS, retards, throwers,etc. So you shouldn't waste your energy either.
2018-04-19 03:08
rain | 
India red_ez 
Yo C9 to beat faze liquid to beat Astralis NA to rule the world ez
2018-04-19 02:38
mouzsports 1.4 astralis 1.50 odds 2 good luck and remember me friend
2018-04-19 02:39
China Captain_TYLOO 
Mouz good odds yes... maybe all in mouz and bet on astralis after
2018-04-19 02:41
rain | 
India red_ez 
Lmao y'all gonna cry when liquid whoops Astralis's a*s
2018-04-19 02:44
China Captain_TYLOO 
look head2head...
2018-04-19 02:53
just remember that liquid likes to win with astralis :)
2018-04-19 02:43
kr4sylya | 
Sweden ZAE^ 
All in nip Easiest money in your life...
2018-04-19 03:11
LuLquid wins vs SKKKKKKKK in the finals mark my words
2018-04-19 03:37
United States ItsImpact 
FaZe Mouz Astralis
2018-04-19 03:55
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