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websites you visit daily?
United Kingdom kane_1_major_s1mple_0_major 
what websites do you open regularly besides reddit & hltv?
2018-04-21 06:29
DaZeD | 
Netherlands Floor109 
Reddit kek
2018-04-21 06:30
yeah wtf, why would I visit reddit daily? No wonder op is a 9XXk id
2018-04-21 17:01
Oh i dont know for like a thousand other useful and intresting sub reddits?
2018-04-21 18:29
which ?
2018-04-21 18:33
Varies from person to person retard
2018-04-21 18:35
go back to reddit autist
2018-04-21 18:36
Meet me at the house, you have a toilet to clean
2018-04-21 18:51
Every post ppl make are their personal opinion so ofc it varies from people to people. I'm asking you since it seems you have some useful and interesting subs. But I guess calling people out is the only thing your brain manage to do. I should have known that already. Your flag&name were big enough hints
2018-04-21 18:43
No. I said sub reddits varie not actuslly posts. Im subbed to morbid reality which is intresting to me and might not be interesting to someone else. My flag and name dont mean shit
2018-04-21 18:50
zonic | 
Denmark KrynexCS 
>Varies from person to person retard Indeed, you proved it here.
2018-04-21 18:48
I bet u thought this was a slik joke but really you ended up looking like a cringey 12yo.
2018-04-21 18:50
zonic | 
Denmark KrynexCS 
Keep it coming, you are digging your hole even deeper c:
2018-04-21 18:51
This is an internet forum not a field for me to be digging holes you retarded 12yo. c:
2018-04-21 18:54
zonic | 
Denmark KrynexCS 
>you retarded 12yo Short on insults?
2018-04-21 18:55
Why should I expand my insult choice when this one fits u perfectly?
2018-04-21 18:58
whats wrong with reddit?
2018-04-25 16:04
The wrong thing is that you assume that everyone visits reddit daily. Reddit is also widely hated here on HLTV ever since the CSGO subforum was made. It's always been sort of a rivalry between the reddit and hltv community, but I guess that has faded nowadays
2018-04-25 16:31
imo the rivalry is just a meme, also how else would u find hltv if not from reddit first?
2018-04-25 16:41
HLTV is way older and important to the CS scene than reddit, wtf are u talking about?
2018-04-25 16:49
yeah but for new and casual players the csgo subreddit is easier to find.
2018-04-25 20:44
/r/watchpeopledie is the only good subreddit
2018-04-25 18:09
Russia xtkjdtr01 
2018-04-21 06:31
besides social medias and youtube
2018-04-21 06:32
Russia xtkjdtr01 
2018-04-21 15:29
whats that for?
2018-04-21 15:30
Russia xtkjdtr01 
russian analogue of 9gag i think
2018-04-21 16:45
L.K.S | 
Brazil warthGOD 
Facebook and Never visited reddit btw.
2018-04-21 06:31
India itsmeturbo 
Yotube, twitch, Steam market, Recode, sometimes my uni site
2018-04-21 06:31
India itsmeturbo 
idk how i forgot this but xnxx and pornhub too xD
2018-04-21 06:32
why do u open steam market daily?
2018-04-21 18:36
i open it daily because i have 1.5k inv that im looking to sell
2018-04-21 19:54
i have only awp asiimov
2018-04-21 19:59
2018-04-21 06:33
YouTube (app), hltv (app), my unis website, and pornhub :/
2018-04-21 06:34
Netherlands Phyrhex 
pornhub daily lmao, chronic masturbation or what?
2018-04-21 18:31
or you fap daily or you don't at all. Normal human beings don't stand between.
2018-04-21 18:35
Netherlands Phyrhex 
fappin daily turns u into a beta fgt dud
2018-04-21 18:35
United States BLNDSPT 
2018-04-21 18:46
I was like jacking off once or twice a week for almost a year then this past month I’ve been doing it every day and it’s bad and I need to stop
2018-04-21 18:46
Netherlands Phyrhex 
ye like esp when in a stessful period u jack off more
2018-04-21 18:47
The thing it’s not that I’m stressed it’s just like I’ve been bored lately so I just do it when I’m bored
2018-04-21 18:49
Andorra Octopus1 
faceit pornhub (sometimes) gmail youtube twitch
2018-04-21 06:36
United Kingdom MaXxXxXx 
daily sometimes my god
2018-04-21 16:52
Wheb they wanna be honest but dont wanna seem pathetic
2018-04-21 18:30
Stfu toxic cunt piece of shit ugly yellow teether
2018-04-21 18:32
United Kingdom MaXxXxXx 
2018-04-21 19:51
rekt nifty
2018-04-21 20:00
United Kingdom MaXxXxXx 
simples got some sexy acne scars
2018-04-21 20:32
nt nifty
2018-04-21 20:32 Every day since 2002.
2018-04-21 06:36
ty, bookmarked
2018-04-21 16:54
what is it? screamer?
2018-04-21 17:12
no, it is most positive site ever
2018-04-21 17:14
k ty
2018-04-21 17:17
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
2018-04-25 20:49
Canada Surzz 
facebook youtube hotmail twitter
2018-04-21 06:44
Hotmail in 2018?
2018-04-21 07:42
Canada Surzz 
2018-04-21 07:45
flusha | 
Sweden bbq2213 
+1 i refuse to use outlook url
2018-04-21 18:11
He mean
2018-04-21 18:33
SpawN | 
Mexico <3 Zetas 
xnxx pornhub
2018-04-21 07:44
daily ?? lul
2018-04-21 08:52
suNny | 
Vietnam Oida 
why you shaming him? Typical swede, claiming the moral high ground even though your society has huge problems.
2018-04-21 16:55
Totally fucking agree with this comment. Let this idiot have it.
2018-04-21 17:30
pornhub is a social media site, sir you have points and medals in here
2018-04-21 16:59
Australia CaoNiQuanJia 
youtube, facebook, spotify
2018-04-21 16:50
twitter, spotify, youtube, hltv, heise, burning series
2018-04-21 16:51
you don't have the spotify client or what?
2018-04-21 17:03
no on the client i always got ads haha
2018-04-21 17:10
ah, i thought most ppl had premium nowadays
2018-04-21 17:20
hahahaha i am a broke bitch bro
2018-04-21 18:09
hltv, youtube, reddit
2018-04-21 16:55
news sites
2018-04-21 16:55
Russia calcium20s 
vk. com hltv youtube insta twitter
2018-04-21 17:13
bet365, flashscore
2018-04-21 17:17
Twitter, gmail, YT
2018-04-21 17:21
youtube hltv gmail gumtree twitch ozbargain
2018-04-21 17:21
scmp (south china morning post) it has a better media bias rating than almost all western media like bbc, cnn, etc. according to only Financial Times is good out of the large daily news media corps.
2018-04-21 17:27
Yeah, and what about eastern media bias?
2018-04-25 18:17
what about it? the least biased list has many large chinese media outlets. xinhua, scmp, cgtn (aka cctv), asia times & china daily, they are reviewed by both the site and by users for whether they report factual and sourced information and don't use loaded language to emotionally influence readers in their articles. as well as measurement of the bias of their editorial pieces.
2018-04-25 18:43
xVideos PornHub xHamster XNXX YouPorn YouJizz HClips Porn TnaFlix Tube8 Spankbang DrTuber Spankwire KeezMovies Nuvid SunPorno BravoTube PornHD Porn300 SexVid XXXBunker Mofosex Xbabe UpdateTube BeFuck MasseurPorn Hdmovz PornRox PornMaki Pornid Inxporn Slutload ProPorn FakePorn Pornhost HandjobHub Vpornvideos MyXVids DansMovies Fapdu Rude TopFreePornVideos FreudBox PornHeed HdPorn Orgasm PornRabbit MadThumbs Fux Eroxia DeviantClip Xxvids H2porn ApeTube MetaPorn ElephantTube Long PornerBros IPornTV PronTV PornPlanner MyPornBible Badjojo FindTubes LasMejoresWebsPorno PornMD Nudevista Bing Yahoo AdultVideoFinder Jasmin ImLive EvilAngelLive LivePrivates Joyourself XLoveCam Cams Pornication DelhiSexChat Sexier VividCams Privatefeeds Streamate SlutRoulette MyFreeCams WatchMyExGF Fantasti IKnowThatGirl DareDorm Crazy College Gfs Analized PunishTube StufferDB 88Gals SexForums/Gallery Apina Babe-Lounge Fuskator ArabianChicks ExtremeTube BDSMstreak ZZCartoon AnimeIDHentai HentaiHaven Simply-Hentai Hentaigasm Fakku Gelbooru HentaiPulse Porcore HentaiSchool Sankakucomplex Hentai-Foundry BabesRater PunchPin Lustpin SexLikeReal VRSmash StasyQ MobileVRXXX RealityLovers MyPornGay ZZGays GayLounge JustUsBoys IpTorrents RarBg PussyTorrent SuicideGirls Hot&Sexy Porn Reviews Top Pay Porn Sites FashionGirls Top Live Sex Cams Porn/Pornstars YourDailyPornstars BestPornstarsDB Babepedia KindGirls PlayIndianSex PlayIndianPorn ViewDesiSex HotSouthIndianSex WatchIndianPorn Xpaja Lesbian8 Kirtu Velamma Nutaku 69Games GamCore LifeSelector PlayForceOne PlayForceOne Brazzers The GF Network Reality Kings Digital Playground Mofos GFRevenge Twistys TeamSkeet BangBros 21Sextury DDF Network ElegantAngel Fame Digital VideosZ Hustler Jav HD PornPros Perfect Gonzo All Japanese Pass Momsbangteens Wicked Puffy Network 18Videoz Nubiles KinkyFamily All of Gfs Filf DorcelClub Best Pay Porn Sites AdultFriendFinder GetItOn FreeLocalSex NoStringsAttached Xhookups Passion CeleBuzz PerezHilton TheHollywoodGossip JustJared LaineyGossip HollywoodLife NakedNews AVN Maxim PlayBoy MensHealth SexForums Forum.Xnxx ForumOphilia JDForum FreeOnes PeachyForum Amazon SexyRealSexDolls MediaDetective TimelineRemove IStripper SmartPopUpBlocker
2018-04-21 17:28
Thank you for your services.
2018-04-21 17:30
you sir, are the real man
2018-04-21 18:31
Sweden Trojka03 
National news site Local news site Tubgirl Different EU/world news sites Reddit Twitter Youtube Bluewaffles My mail provider
2018-04-21 18:23
hltv youtube fanatik (turkish sport news site) hürriyet (turkish news site)
2018-04-21 18:25
-hürriyet +mynet and you are a wonderful çomar
2018-04-21 18:37
-fanatik +fotomaç for çomar and supporter of iyi parti, thank you
2018-04-21 19:20
fanatik, fotomaç, even amk are the same shit. they are about football and football=çomar
2018-04-21 19:24
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
youtube twitch basketball news steamgifts (betting site).
2018-04-21 18:35
steamgifts is shit now, too many shit games
2018-04-22 06:46
HLTV Youtube NotAvailableAnymore
2018-04-21 18:39
2018-04-21 18:39
Europe L30n@rd0 
Gmail Youtube Flashscore/tennis Hltv Bet365 Uni websites Job websites Stackexchange websites
2018-04-21 18:49
Sweden lurba
2018-04-21 18:50
Netherlands Deji 
Youtube Twitter csgopositive
2018-04-21 18:51
Poland kvvach 
2018-04-21 18:53
twitch, hltv,twitter, youtube, pornhub, reddit
2018-04-21 18:58
Finland Cumhur2004 
what websites do you open regularly besides hentaiheaven and myanimelist?
2018-04-21 18:59
Czech Republic LordOozik 
Youtube KEK
2018-04-21 19:25
Different sub reddits Twitch Youtube HLTV Masteranime Pornhub sometimes
2018-04-21 19:56
2018-04-21 19:58
2018-04-22 02:01
Sweden TDK Em1L 
hltv twitter youtube gmail netflix Leovegas Avanza GOOGLE :>
2018-04-22 02:07
BnTeT | 
Germany cucKing 
youtube twitch coinmarketcap nyaa
2018-04-25 16:14
swag | 
Netherlands bikkser 
2018-04-25 16:09
Syria uRaguuu 
Hentaihaven/hentaigasm/pornhub/nhentai Liveuamap Liveleak Hltv Twitch Youtube
2018-04-25 16:10
Liveuamap youtube twitter (app) telegram (app)
2018-04-25 16:12
Romania RyuunosukeE7 
facebook youtube myanimelist gogoanime
2018-04-25 16:15
Youtube ESPN kickassanime
2018-04-25 16:34
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
Youtube Facebook Twitch Sometimes news
2018-04-25 16:36
s1mple | 
Portugal Dr_10 
Deep Web
2018-04-25 16:38
Google Gmail YouTube HLTV Reddit theguardian couple of finnish news sources After going inactive with CS I spend way too much time on YouTube and Reddit :<
2018-04-25 16:40
let me make a list: 1.hltv 2.hltv 3.hltv 4.hltv 5.xvideos 6.hltv 7.hltv 8.hltv 9.hltv 10.hltv
2018-04-25 16:41
United States lockerboit 
youtube, wikipedia, twitch
2018-04-25 18:08
oldschool runescape hiscores
2018-04-25 20:04
niggermania, jewornotjew, bestgore
2018-04-25 20:50
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