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S1mple as that
flusha | 
Sweden Cadde 
You’re obviously not watching enough Cs. If you’re still questioning the skill displayed and talent shown by Godple. Denying reality is not healthy and I can tell many here are depressed by that fact alone. I’ve suffred from depression for 7 years in the past, I’ll tell you that to keep fighting regardless of your situation is worth it! Time heals all wounds and everything gets better eventually! Much love to this community peace!
2018-04-23 11:11
nice b8 ResidentSleeper
2018-04-23 11:13
flusha | 
Sweden Cadde 
Merci mon ami ca va bien?, je suis tres fatigue. Je ne comprend pas francias! Arvoir <3
2018-04-23 11:37
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
Danes come here
2019-01-26 21:01
godple kinda sounds like a pokemon name that or some chronic illness
2019-01-26 21:03
"time heals all wounds", nope, that is not how depression works
2019-01-26 21:03
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