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Big Krystal Nex Tabsen Syrson Stfn Gob b(coach) Enkay j(analyst)
2018-04-24 01:05
United Kingdom galaxzy 
no they add Onliner smooya instead, this guy better perform on LAN at this Serbian thing or BiG have just made the worst roster move of their lives
2018-04-24 01:07
Smoooya Is uk Only Hope Why are u mad but i think This guy Is tooo overrated
2018-04-24 01:10
United Kingdom galaxzy 
he is overrated +1 and i will support him but no doubt he is an onliner Surreal, Boaster > smooya tbh and im mad cus this guy is literally the only hope for UKCS and he is usually toxic and bad on LAN i miss rattleSNK and fearLess
2018-04-24 01:13
2018-04-24 01:15
smooya is the best player in the world LUL
2018-04-24 02:42
2018-04-24 03:58
krystal is a worse fragger than gob b by far honestly
2018-04-24 01:09
I know But gob B Is 30 years Maybe a couple years he Will retire
2018-04-24 01:11
And rn gob B Is doing good fragging wise because they have legija
2018-04-24 01:20
why does that matter
2018-04-24 01:22
Because legija fragging Is so shit so gob b have to kind of fill the frag
2018-04-24 01:23
gob b at least since forming big has always been an underrated fragger
2018-04-24 01:26
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