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Drinking Tuesday [+18]
Turkey all_i_ride_is_raris 
whats up alcoholics?
2018-04-24 19:57
:( Reply needs to have actual content
2018-04-24 19:57
why doe?
2018-04-24 19:59
trying to pull an avicii?
2018-04-24 20:21
2018-04-24 20:21
bump ffs ruskies come here
2018-04-24 20:03
ok man
2018-04-24 20:09
2018-04-24 20:04
I was due to drink today but took a holiday from job and college.
2018-04-24 20:07
why not drink then?
2018-04-24 20:08
Friend had the bottle and he was supposed to get me drunk today. He owed me cash so decided to pay in kind. He recently got a scholarship so a big ol party was due.
2018-04-24 20:12
now im pretty sure that u dont know how to use "due" in english
2018-04-24 20:12
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