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Coldzera is the best counter strike player of all time
forsaken | 
Turkey desigod 
2x major champion, 2x major mvp, 2x top 1 player of the year undisputed best player to touch any cs game
2018-04-25 04:02
France Nicolito 
Def in top 3 CSGO, but not all Counter Strike History.
2018-04-25 04:04
who was better?
2018-04-26 02:08
s1mple *is better. He got that good off of baiting Taco
2018-04-26 02:14
Denmark Drakem 
s1mple achievements > 404 error > MVPs
2018-04-26 03:00
name a player who was so good in a tournament that they gave him MVP over anyone in the winning team. Name player who hard carries his team every game every tournament and every final. Name a player whose team lost a map 16-4 but he still had 22 kills and over 100 ADR. Name a player who was able to replace their main awper and showed no experience in doing it before on the pro level. Coldzera is a filthy baiter who chokes like niko half the time. S1mple does all of what i just say all day every day no holidays. Theres a reason its s1mple the undertaker and not coldzera the undertaker
2018-04-26 13:29
ropz | 
United States BLNDSPT 
coldzera 2 majors, S1mple 0 When S1mple can win a major then we can talk about best player ever
2018-04-26 14:37
Are you stupid? Winning a major is about the team, not a player. SK was just a really good team. S1mple would win a lot of majors with a team like coldzera had
2018-04-26 14:42
United States BeatGamer1231 
Simple still better then cold
2018-04-26 14:44
Denmark Drakem 
in 2018 yes but in 2017 and 2016 cold was playing in another skill level
2018-04-26 16:58
United States tediousmcgee 
cold was baiting taco and felps/fnx*
2018-04-26 18:19
Denmark Drakem 
of course watch coldzera highlights he always make the right decision he is a god in cs go that's why he got 2x major mvps and 2x best player of the year.
2018-04-26 18:27
Austria sometime2 
Fanboy alert In 2k17/18 he's playing on another baiting level
2018-04-26 18:41
Denmark Drakem 
lol i dont care about cold and sk but in opinion s1mple is better than coldzera now in 2016-17 cold was playing much better than simple fact.
2018-04-26 19:48
Austria sometime2 
Yes they playing better he has better consistency but they raw aim skills are similar
2018-04-26 19:50
not really, s1mple had good games back then, the difference is when you have good playersaround you of course you look good.
2018-04-27 03:21
s1mple is a god in csgo*
2018-04-26 19:50
2018-04-27 03:20
cold has fer, fallen, had fnx all insane players when they were winning the majors, plus he had taco who was a good support and set cold up to be a star. so Cold had a team full of great players and a "bait" to help him even more now what does s1mple have? sometimes electronic or flamie step up, meanwhile simple himself is so good that he is the mvp of tournamets with 1.5+ ratings and still loses because he doesnt have what cold did, a great team with him
2018-04-26 19:57
rain | 
Brazil R1fty 
Pronax majors 3 Coldzera majors 2 To your logic pronax is better then cold and s1mple
2018-04-27 06:29
SpawN | 
Turkey tENGRI 
2018-04-26 02:52
Other not_bad 
-spawn +f0rest
2018-04-26 03:01
SpawN | 
Turkey tENGRI 
2018-04-26 03:04
2018-04-26 03:18
Kazakhstan Spurdo 
spawn got destroyed by xantares on aim_map... this guy is a joke
2018-04-26 03:24
Brazil AnthonySilva 
fan of TSM but u still arent that old enough with the scene to know that hes referring to "every version of counter strike"
2018-04-26 03:25
Kazakhstan Spurdo 
1.6 is irrelevant
2018-04-26 03:26
Brazil AnthonySilva 
thats a YOU problem, its relevant when the user is clearly saying "Def in top 3 CSGO, but not all Counter Strike History." "BUT NOT ALL COUNTER STRIKE HISTORY"
2018-04-26 03:27
Kazakhstan Spurdo 
Just so you realize how irrelevant 1.6 is: Gaming Paradise holds more prestige than WCG/IEMs in 1.6 do
2018-04-26 03:29
2018-04-26 13:37
Brazil Eneas56 
2018-04-26 03:54
HeatoN , no player has ever had such an impact on this game. True Counter Strike God
2018-04-27 06:03
no u
2018-04-25 04:04
yes me
2018-04-25 04:05
Lekr0 | 
Peru synergy_ 
all time neo>f0rest>GTR>cold Individual skill 2018 s1mple>krimz>dev1ce stats cold>all
2018-04-25 04:05
Australia KatVian 
Yeah, right now no one in CS:GO comes close to the level of consistency that forest and especially neo had. They were in contention for number 1 player not just in or or two years like cold was but over 1/2 a decade. There were other players in CS history like Spawn for example with similar if not better skill but weren't as consistent as them so isn't in the discussion about greatest of all time. Also another factor to talk about with Neo more than forest is he did this in different teams with different igls, structures, ect and in all them he excelled and was beyond excellent. That sort of consistency is unbelievable. Also neo didn't always (he had Taz and the g5 later on) have good players around him but his team's still one big tournaments. Coldzera has always had at least another top 5 and top 10 player on his lineups, not to mention taco who literally was cold's servent in game. If we see a resurgent cold without taco and goes on to win more championships and mvps then maybe he could but right now he doesn't have the same qualities as Neo/Forest that make them the GOATs.
2018-04-25 04:27
neo OMEGALUL in 1.6 maybe but not even close in 1.6 + CSGO
2018-04-26 02:15
f0rest | 
Sweden Sneaken 
Cold is not even the best player of CS:GO And GODLIKE far off being the best of all time in "ANY cs" I mean't its a f***** insult to even say such a thing. Cold is not the 4th best of all time, possibly hes not even in the top 10. Ive made a list of the best of all time in another topic, where i actually put him in nr 8, and Olof in nr 6 based upon winnings, achievements, domination, character, impact and team play. Even if their places in that list could have been just as easy the other way around, it wasn't even sure that any of them should have had a place of the spots in top10 all time CS. You guys simply doesn't have the knowledge or experience to even talk about this stuff and be honest about what you are saying. Remember that sometimes its just better to keep your mouth shut or go read some facts instead.
2018-04-26 03:23
Can you send me a link to that list pls
2018-04-26 19:57
coldzera | 
Brazil HeinN 
Undoubtedly, Coldzera is the best of them all. Some envious ones wonder why he got it, so I'll tell you, ask niko.
2018-04-25 04:13
f0rest | 
Sweden Sneaken 
God im amazed you guys even find the way out your own bedrooms in the morning's with this apparently godlike low lvl of IQ xDD i meant Cold is a very good player indeed, but hes not even the best of CS:GO xD so how can he possibly be the best of all time of "ANY cs" then??? HAHAH xD Please teach me xDDD
2018-04-26 03:12
gabs | 
Faroe Islands DiaRhea 
2x HLTV #1, 2x major MVP, 2x major champion, Highest rated player for 2 years consistent, Most clutches (baiter omegalul 0 IQ) Rekts NiKo always, rekts s1mple always. In a slump last few months.
2018-04-26 03:22
f0rest | 
Sweden Sneaken 
He wasn't even the first to be voted #1 player 2 years in a row. Get_right was before him. GTR has also been the highest rated player in almost every event he attended thrue his WHOLE career on the top, until 2015. + he has far more achievements than Cold and a much much much bigger legacy Also JW,FLusha and pronax has 3 major wins and are the only ones within csgo to have that. But please tell me how Cold even comes close to compete with Forest wich not even he is considered the best of all time by everyone.. Forest has 1# place in: 27 Major events, 34 Premier events. 2# place in: 9 Major events, 30 Premier events. Been ranked within top 20 of the world for nearly 10 years strait, and are still performing at the highest lvl. Got HLTV MVP 3 times and far more on by others. Rarely ever has a bad game being one of the most consistent player there is. Sure you wanna keep going with me? I can do this all day boy, you simple don't have the knowledge to win.
2018-04-26 03:33
Portugal haze_csgod 
2018-04-25 04:16
2018-04-26 04:04
2018-04-27 05:51
kennyS or flusha GOAT
2018-04-25 04:28
Sweden x6tenceGalaxy 
kenny from all time? if we are talking of skill, then maybe. but s1mple is better. But from all time is f0rest>all coldzera maybe because of x2 major and x2 best player. But talking only skill is s1mple> all
2018-04-26 02:21
kennyS > all in consistency, and imo that's what defines the best player
2018-04-26 02:45
Sweden x6tenceGalaxy 
kennys isnt consistent, look him at 2018. If u are talking about consistency right now is s1mple, from all history csgo: coldzera but kenny is inconsistent af.
2018-04-26 02:46
In HISTORY, kennyS is the most consistent player ever
2018-04-26 02:48
Flusha greatest cheater of all time, he'll take that one easily.
2018-04-26 02:48
Brazil Baitzera_BR 
2018-04-26 02:25
he was a long time ago. Now he is just a kda player
2018-04-26 02:51
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
the result of brazilians disapointment /\
2018-04-26 02:54
f0rest | 
Sweden Sneaken 
HAHAHAHAHAHAH "Cold the best of all time in any cs" HAHAHAH, hes not even the best in CS:GO hahah Omg you might just have beat the world record being dumb!! xDD Well If it comes to that man, Lets just take Forest as an example, Over hes Career he has achieved: 1 place in: 27 Major events, 34 Premier events. 2 place in: 9 Major events, 30 Premier events. Been ranked in top 20 of the world for nearly 10 years, and are still performing at the highest lvl. Got HLTV MVP 3 times and far more on by others. Rarely ever has a bad game being one of the most consistent player there is. All this and not even he is always considered to be the best of all time by everyone. (Even though he is, and as long as he still playing and doing so at the level hes doing now, no one will ever be able to close that gap, regardless what you fanboys says) xDDD
2018-04-26 03:06
Europe p1peb0mb 
coldzera isn't even the best player in csgo
2018-04-26 03:01
f0rest | 
Sweden Sneaken 
haha i know, so true man, xD this topic made my day, i cant stop laughing xD read my post above man xD its hilarious haha
2018-04-26 03:04
Team Logo Checks out
2018-04-27 06:36
Hiko | 
Turkey vVoLF07 
flusha /closed
2018-04-26 03:02
Flusha -3x major winner -1x major mvp -Broken top 20 4 times
2018-04-26 03:23
fer | 
Brazil GodSnow 
Coldzera Olof Get_right Forest Flusha
2018-04-26 03:24
f0rest | 
Sweden Sneaken 
My brain just committed suicide, xD Stop it guys im dying my laughther hahah
2018-04-26 03:38
fer | 
Brazil GodSnow 
Accept that it hurts less xd xd
2018-04-26 03:40
In GO, flop F0rest and Flusha imho
2018-04-26 03:53
Europe Vallon 
Only in Brazilians' dreams.
2018-04-26 03:25
Niko !!!
2018-04-26 03:49
Can't really take the Majors in to account because in that case Fallen would be top 3 as well. Cold barely played better than Fallen that year. Cold is a part of what was probably the best team of all time( at least in terms of consistency). Cold is not the same consistency as Neo was in 1.6. Cold is top 3. Neo(1.6) Cold F0rest
2018-04-26 03:52
World Jeza 
This is one of those baits where the OP believes it fully, and I do too. No player has been so dominant in CS:GO for so long. He was untouchable for an entire year, and basically carried his team at every major tournament. Literally NEVER gone under 1.00 rating in his entire career in any event. It's ridiculous. Not even s1mple can say that. s1mple is really good, but people can say he's a more dominant player when he actually dominates for an entire year, not a couple of months, and also wins something.
2018-04-26 13:35
What are you smoking, hes had amazing stats for well over 2 years now. The rating system puts too much credence in k/d. As far as fragging and kpr s1mple has always had better stats that cold, even in the years cold dominated. No shit baitzera has a massive +/-, he baits for every frag. Just look at the way hes been playing now that he had to change up his game. His opening duel success rate shows that he is nothing more than decent when he has to earn his own frag. s1mple > cold, there is no debate. Even the analysts on ESL had all said that he is without a doubt the most dominant player right now, more dominant than SpawN, neo, f0rest, gtr, etc. I dont remember who said it on ESL stream last night, but they said we had the NiP era, fnatic era, SK era, but right now we have the s1mple era. Thats a testament to itself what level of play he has. To add to the stat point, he has surpassed cold LAN stats now - and the way he is playing that number is on massive trajectory upwards. People just need to accept it already.
2018-04-26 17:48
World Jeza 
He's only been objectively better than Cold is since ESL New York, and most of that time is not big events and is just off-season. So really he has only shown 2-3 months of dominant form. Cold was at the top for much longer and has actually won so many titles. In fact, AWPers should have much better K/D stats than riflers, so it's surprising s1mple doesn't have better K/D. Probably because he plays entry and cold plays lurk, which also explains his entry stats. The baitzera thing is total meme bullshit. s1mple has easily had as much or more support from his team his entire career. He's insanely skilled, he gets all the drops, the right positions, they put the AWP in his hands etc. You can't argue with success. s1mple may go on to have a more dominant career, but at this point he has achieved almost nothing so it's too early to celebrate him as GOAT. Na'Vi have and have had a world beating lineup with s1mple in it for so long, but they always underachieve. And now Zeus/Edward are getting really past it so they will continue to struggle with this lineup. I just don't see many excuses for it. His stats are increasing not because he suddenly got so much better, but because he is picking up more and more slack from underperforming teammates.
2018-04-26 18:15
Ok one flaw in your argument. How does s1mple also have more clutches while he plays entry? The difference between his game now vs then, is that he doesn't feel the need to make all the impact in the round, which ironically is giving him more impact because he stays alive longer. Also he was as much an awper as coldzera was, they are both hybrid players. Because of how good s1mple is on the awp, people often forget he is also insane on the rifle. In Liquid he didn't even touch the sniper rifle. Also cold stats show he saves all the time, he has a ton of exit frags, and he is known an eco hunter. Not to mention he has one of the lowest impact numbers of any star player that has an incredible rating. You can easily make the argument that fer and fallen are both more crucial to SK's success than cold. Which honestly they are. If fer has a bad game, SK lose no matter how padded cold's stats are. Also your omitting the fact that cold had a personal flash and decoy in TACO. You cannot deny his statistics now that TACO is off the team. Numbers dont lie, the best players in the world don't have a slump for this long. S1mple may have had bad tournaments in the past, but whats amazing about him is that he always bounces right back to post some massive numbers. Now he doesn't even have bad tournaments, and the gap between him and the next best player is massive now - which is something you could never say for cold.
2018-04-26 19:59
2018-04-27 06:12
not bait
2018-04-27 10:02
nt he is just a good baiter.
2018-04-26 13:44
Netherlands Deji 
True but hes off in 2018
2018-04-26 13:40
Former cheaters don’t count my friend
2018-04-26 14:38
France Wyrd 
f0rest > get right > neo > probably shox > rest Even if neo was arguably the best 1.6 player of all time, he's too far away from f0rest and get right on csgo to keep the "all time" crown.
2018-04-26 14:51
Germany xoutblaze 
best baiter
2018-04-26 18:16
<Best player of any version of cs. Lmao, are you on drugs? Coldzera is literally only 2 years and 7 months relevant as a CSGO player, yes he achieved much. But best cs player, you got to be baiting me! Btw: for my money Get_Right is the best cs player
2018-04-26 19:54
Actually Get_right also only shine for 2 years like Coldzera, the difference is that after this Get_right have been playing bad since 3 years or more, and Coldzera are in still playing well, another point its that the years coldzera was in the top was much more disputed than the get_right time, that cs go was almost an amateur game, and Coldzera has more than 3.35 rating in majors ( the biggest rating between all pro players) with all thes facts exposed i would put my top 3 this way : Coldzera Get_Right Olof
2018-04-27 04:14
But Get_Right, Olof, Snax, Neo, s1mple, f0rest, Shox, kennyS, Pasha, JW, Flusha, Guardian, happy, Dosia, Krimz, device, NBK, Hiko, and dupreeh. They are all better than coldzera. Major titles aren't everything. They are all better pros of all time. Cold isn't that good. I even think n0thing is better than cold...
2018-04-27 04:27
Well your opnion is not based on facts, because the fact is coldzera has the best ratings of all time in cs go in majors and big events, also more mvp's in major, and 2 top 1 in a row, and that's the fact, and what's not a fact it's only a bullshit opnion from fanboy's.
2018-04-27 04:29
You can't be a fanboy of 20 players. If anyone you're the fanboy thinks 2 events mean something. You are also from Brazil meaning that you would be more of a fanboy... edit: Cold is also a massive baiter.
2018-04-27 04:32
Well first of all i can't take you serious cause i just read NEO on the list? a player that don't play a decent cs since 1.6? really? Neo has 0.99 rating in cs go and are not relevant since the start of this game, if you want to talk about cs 1.6 you can talk about neo, but he its a totally joke in cs go
2018-04-27 04:35
He said the best player to ever play any cs game. Neo is relevant. Also not like cold has been playing well either. Also, you can only argue one player so my argument is valid. Cold is not the best.
2018-04-27 05:48
pronax 3 majors favelzera 2 majors, therefore: pronax>coldzera
2018-04-27 04:29
Its not only about majors, its all stats, majors, mvps, ratings in big events, consistence, not about only one thing, you must see all the evidences, and if you look that you will see very cleary that Coldzera has the best numbers than everyone, and best results, and in the end of the day, that's what matter's in any sport.
2018-04-27 04:32
But he had that for 2 years. Get_Right has been considered one of the best from 1.6 and is still playing at the highest level.
2018-04-27 04:34
yes, in overall no doubt Get_right is best than coldzera, but if you talk about only cs go i think it's coldzera
2018-04-27 04:36
But s1mple, olof, Snax, f0rest, NiKo, kennyS, JW, and Krimz all sweep cold off his feet.
2018-04-27 05:50
nice joke
2018-04-27 07:20
nope pronax>coldzera
2018-04-27 04:38
Brazil HueyNewton 
2018-04-27 04:38
But Yes i need to agree that if we look in al l cs versions coldzera isn't even in top 5, but i think for a while he's the cs go Goat
2018-04-27 04:38
Chile nachooww 
nt Men, do you know f0rest? get_right? olof? flusha? neo?
2018-04-27 04:40
csgo player probably
2018-04-27 05:53
Finland kimi__ 
2018-04-27 06:19
No TACO no frags No FNX no major ColdZERO < S1mple
2018-04-27 07:21
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