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Br New Wave
Brazil mTwAMDYo 
I’ve been looking too many talented Brazilians young players, if you have a look in Br scene you have players like Yuurih, Trk, ArT, kscerato, rcf or even leo_drunky Playing a very well cs, almost all of them are under 19 years Old, maybe a New Brazilian star team are close to be created after Esl One Belo Horizonte, maybe teams like LG can change some players after tournament.
2018-04-25 07:55
Estonia Arkadee 
The only one who plays outside the country in a medium level (t2-t3) is TRK, the rest is weak.
2018-04-25 08:04
You gotta start somewhere bro
2018-04-25 08:09
Estonia Arkadee 
So that they start demonstrating something in the ESL qualifying Belo Horizonte, the team that wins there has some potential, the rest has not yet.
2018-04-25 08:15
Well, I agree, but we need to look that we have NTC in this event, a team with 3 players that reach major finals and one rising star ( Chelo) m, what made them atletas a tier2 team, so we need to look at finals if the other teams will be harder for them, I think fúria can beat them maybe, they have so many good and young players, but lets see, will be a interesting test
2018-04-25 08:22
Not really, the SA qualifier only gives 1 spot which will 100% be taken by NTC. If you want to see those players he mentioned go watch the LA League, playoffs will start anytime soon and all of those players he mentioned (besides trk ofc) will be there. Also LA League will give the winner a spot at EPL Finals so they will give their best to win it all, I would recommend watching it if you enjoy some fresh talent going ham against each other.
2018-04-25 08:23
Brazil Collee 
Well it is true what he said. Doesn't mean they'll play bad if you pick them to play outside Brazil, in a decent tier. But other than trk, no one can be pictured as a star player in a tier 2 NA level. Actually even trk, we can't say for sure he'll be a star, even tho I see potential to be better than most of the NA scene. He's a great contender, but all things change when you start to play these mid NA tier teams. Brazilian scene is really weak compared to NA. Trk is not only playing better than the others, but he faces the toughest opponents With all that said, coldzera came out of nowhere to everyone outside Brazil, and he was a contender to the 2015 top 20 already, few moments after being picked by LG. Then he got top 1... Probably a really rare case but I hope another brazilian player can surprise us again, because the br scene needs some new talent
2018-04-25 08:37
Yeah, I know that. What I'm saying is that no player nowadays will come out swinging internationally before playing against weaker teams on weaker tournaments. And, I can assure you trk is a player ready to be a star, he alredy does that on a team like teamone against t1-2 teams (like he did on wesg). He has is an insane rifler and great with pistols aswell, his aim is literally as good as you can get, he's ready to shine for a bigger tem. Just imagine him on SK or NTC f.e. he could do so much work for them
2018-04-25 08:45
Well after read what you said i can agree, you have solid arguments, and make sense your point of view, we need to wait to see they plying in highest level
2018-04-25 08:51
Well I don’t think so, if you look the games you will see that a lot of this players are keep he’s level angainst teams like Lg for example, Yuurih is really good too
2018-04-25 08:15
Brazil Collee 
Don't see any of them on the coldzera 2015 level, when LG picked him. Guess it's asking too much lul, but I can't say 100% any of these will be a star like I knew cold would become. Trk is the best candidate for sure. And let's keep an eye on chelo/NTC
2018-04-25 08:26
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