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Qi tourney rigged proof
United States meetyourmaker786 
If you have watched all the games, it is quite evident that the teams are playing very weird running from smokes all the time, losing to pistols every other round and every match looks scripted.
2018-04-25 13:02
chinese tournaments are all rigged /close
2018-04-25 13:05
Germany Cyasera 
especially Chinese tournaments held in Serbia
2018-04-25 13:08
csgo as a whole is rigged just look epicenter when both esforce teams meet in final :D
2018-04-25 13:08
yes agreed, followed by a major won by c9 in US...... idk if there is any sport left unadulterated.
2018-04-25 13:10
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
who cares...but interesting fact cs go not ban teams for match fixing , some dota2 tournaments do it , i already saw maybe six or more teams banned this year and pinnacle sometimes canceling bets...
2018-04-25 13:06
Poland Totali_ 
no /close
2018-04-25 13:07
Turkey CagEEE 
Yeah, I honestly think its rigged. I hope the Chinese don't take over Cs like they've taken over LOL and legit ruined the game and the Scene for LOL.
2018-04-25 13:08
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