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best PC case
Hungary adzeii 
Hello! I'm looking for a new PC case with great cooling possibilities, preferably 3 fan front cooling. I've got 100€ for this. Thanks for your help
2018-04-26 11:45
Argentina fhaep 
nzxt s340 elite
2018-04-26 11:46
North America allulu 
2018-04-26 11:57
rain | 
Belgium Konfuze 
2018-04-26 12:51
Great features overall for the price. The fan slots don't necessarily mean it has great airflow, though. The front panel pretty much chokes the intake fans, as they can only take fresh air from a small gap located in the top panel.
2018-04-26 12:56
Australia CaoNiQuanJia 
i have a thermaltake core p5 its gay
2018-04-26 11:51
Albania streetfame 
looks shit tbh
2018-04-26 11:58
Phanteks Enthoo Pro M
2018-04-26 11:56
a case is something you will have to do research on yourself and find out whats best FOR YOU it's a preference component IMO
2018-04-26 11:57
Argentina fhaep 
well, this is kinda a research, ask for cases with good opinions, evaluate them all and pick the one u like the most
2018-04-26 12:44
Well like you said the s340 is pretty good It's my favorite case, even though I don't have it I just love the simple design.
2018-04-26 13:11
Argentina fhaep 
yep, im gonna build a pc soon, but can decide between s340 or the core 3 from tt, 2 completly different styles, makes it even harder to pick one :(
2018-04-26 13:57
those tempered glass cases are so fucking sexy but they are very expensive and I'd probably smash the glass somehow lol my last case was a corsair spec-alpha and my current is a carbide 100r tbh very disappointed with the build quality of corsair, hopefully their more expensive cases are worth it
2018-04-26 15:08
Turkey orox2 
no case needed just montage them on to fucking wall
2018-04-26 12:38
2018-04-26 12:43
World _EpiC_ 
aerocool p7c1
2018-04-26 12:40
corsair spec-02
2018-04-26 12:46
Use some beige coloured one from the early 00's found in a scrapyard for free, ez money saving
2018-04-26 12:48
Norway AtomicXD 
corsair crystal 460x rgb its so good i have it myself
2018-04-26 12:52
meshify c
2018-04-26 12:58
Hungary adzeii 
this one looks cool, thanks!
2018-04-26 13:44
Cool that it has 3 fans as intake the problem is there is like no air to suck inside because of that front panel
2018-04-28 14:39
Fractal design meshify c, one of the best at that price
2018-04-28 14:38
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