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Don't buy zowie ec1-b or ec2-b !!!
Romania zakiaN1 
Don't buy zowie ec1-b or ec2-b !!! Big shit i ever seen !!!! go for ec1-a !!!!!!
2018-04-26 20:36
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Russia Slavaa 
2018-04-26 20:37
I got the ec2-a over the ec2-b because of posts like this. I love the EC2-A but my only problem is that the middle click isn't very responsive when I release pressure from it. It doesn't pop up right away which is annoying.
2018-04-26 20:39
Spain JustNo 
whats the difference between ec2-a and ec2-b ? I have ec2-a and i love it
2018-04-26 20:47
Idk, I don't own one. I have an ec2-a and I like everything about it except clicking the scroll button. The scroll wheel itself is nice but I really don't like how it responds when I click it.
2018-04-26 20:48
Spain JustNo 
Idk i dont have that problem mine looks good, but you can talk with support anyways
2018-04-26 20:49
I might just get it exchanged because it started happening 2 weeks after I bought it and it really bothers me.
2018-04-26 20:50
Spain JustNo 
yeah you should do sth even more if its seems to be a factory problem
2018-04-26 20:53
Sent the seller a message about an RMS and it's a done deal. I'm getting my new EC2-A tomorrow and sending in the old one as soon as it comes in and i get my $60 back. I always save all information for anything i buy for at least 6 months because it makes it easier to return when you have everything and i've had this mouse less than a month.
2018-04-26 23:02
Spain JustNo 
2018-04-27 18:14
Thanks, my new mouse is at home. Going home in a couple hours to send back the old one and get my $60 back ;D
2018-04-27 21:09
ec2-b has better sensor
2018-04-26 20:50
Spain JustNo 
then why does ppl say dont get ec2-b? I mean is it worse or what?
2018-04-26 20:51
I have it, I think it's better but if you have any little dust particale on the sensor ur mouse will spinout. so i have these cotton swabs close by to clean the sensor.
2018-04-27 18:53
I don't have that problem although I have the EC2-A as well, hmm
2018-04-27 18:20
Yeah probably a defect that came only a week after owning the mouse. They were happy to replace it since I literally only took the mouse out of the box and saved everything inside including the spare mouse skates. What I ended up doing was just request for the paper to return it and i ordered a new one and spent $60 to get $60 back a couple days later so I wouldn't be without a mouse for a week.
2018-04-27 21:11
same mouse with better sensor and better buttons and dont buy ?
2018-04-26 20:40
PokeMon | 
United States Acetk 
Ec2b/a have the same sensor and are just different sizes ec1a/b have the older sensor.
2018-04-26 20:44
Everything is right but you got the names wrong. The EC-A series are the older series and they have 1 for the larger size and 2 for the smaller size. The EC-B series is the new one.
2018-04-26 20:49
no, lol the "b" series has new sensor
2018-04-26 20:51
i got ec1-a, best mouse imo
2018-04-26 20:41
Brazil hypermite 
Ty for advice.
2018-04-26 20:42
swag | 
Turkey therapy4me 
just buy one from fk series. i got fk2 it s a bit small but still works better than all the mouse ive ever used
2018-04-26 20:44
you know what they say about people with big hands
2018-04-26 20:49
Russia sneakyboy 
i have IE 3.0 REKT
2018-04-26 20:51
Brazil say1 
ec1-a or g403 logitech?
2018-04-26 21:59
Reunion HRPlsAway 
2018-04-26 22:03
I used many mices and never had a problem, I dont understand why people talk so much shit on every brand or mice model LUL currently using ec2-a, never had any problem with it, works fine, like every gamer mice I used so far -.- wtf people do with their mices, to broke em all lol btw hltv professional mice testers: what is the difference between ec2-b from ec2-a? thank
2018-04-27 18:17
Sweden ThorinEk 
please develop all pros use the ec2-a why so bad?
2018-04-27 18:21
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
Don't buy zowie*
2018-04-27 21:11
Hello i was thinking if did they fix the previous sensor bugs, coil wine and other problems related to EC2-B ? I've read so many posts and articles about EC2-B problems... Was just wondering if anyone have already EC2-B divina and can say something about the mouse performing ?
2019-03-07 21:19
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