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NiP real talk
s1mple | 
CIS vodkacspro 
NiP looks really good with Dennis Both events they have been playing now they almost made it to Semis both times 3rd map really close game And they are doing really good online looks like they will 2-0 Astralis now aswell Imagine -GTR +KRIMZ Love GTR but he is lost , i still think he is overall the best CSGO player still
2018-04-26 22:30
2018-04-26 22:32
felps | 
Portugal RKO23 
you say gtr is lost , but then you say that he's overall the best cs:go player. dude , make up your mind lol
2018-04-26 23:17
In history.
2018-04-26 23:23
felps | 
Portugal RKO23 
i dont think so... but ok...
2018-04-26 23:48
France hsNick 
thats why he said "i still think" and not "he is"
2018-04-27 00:06
felps | 
Portugal RKO23 
2018-04-27 11:34
Brazil Gunzel 
too much vodka i guess
2018-04-27 11:00
gtr is crucial in the lineup.
2018-04-26 22:32
Not really he plays in a way like its still 2013 but he is just 5x worse KRIMZ would add so much to NiP
2018-04-26 22:34
he wins important rounds with his flanks. krimz would probably be an upgrade, but gtr rn is not a problem.
2018-04-26 22:37
He is lol , to many games where he does nothing or last on the scoreboard
2018-04-26 22:39
gtr does his job, but krimz would be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good
2018-04-26 22:48
Why are you talking about cs and analysing it while you said:
2018-04-26 22:58
So you cant joke okey sorry call the police mom Fuck off kid Also what is it about the second one you linked there is almost as much random bullshit on this forum as cs
2018-04-26 23:01
Called already not a kid idk, randomly pasted that in
2018-04-26 23:02
Xizt | 
Sweden smackeB 
well imagine playing vs gtr, always that x-factor that you have to consider every round. i think he just needs to find a proper role/playstyle for their new roster.
2018-04-26 22:37
+1 tbh I don't think he plays as often as he used to as well
2018-04-26 22:48
+1 their doing fine no need to change lineup
2018-04-26 22:49
Dennis is so good <3
2018-04-26 22:33
online CS doesnt mean shit but I agree that theyve shown a bit of potential on LAN, and i agree that they need to kick get right, he is way too poor individually and inconsitent
2018-04-26 22:33
2018-04-26 22:34
Norway Fergem00 
I am not an Astralis fan, but didnt Astralis just win Dreamhack(that is not Online), they are nr 1 in the world right now, its just facts
2018-04-26 22:53
So Fnatic and Mousesports that won 2 events in a row and did much better at major and Fnatic that did top 4 aswell at this event is not #1 ? So one win makes you #1 and gives you almost 1k points Okey i get you
2018-04-26 22:55
Other awzaq 
major was three months ago, the ranking updates weekly and is not about what you did 3 months ago but about what you are doing now
2018-04-26 23:00
it actually is about the form in the past 3 months
2018-04-27 11:36
Other awzaq 
but it updates weekly and takes into account if you can mantain your form or not
2018-04-27 22:20
Norway Fergem00 
First of all, what #48 said, second, they won that tournament so fucking convincing and played so good thougether, if you watched the tournament, you would understand why they are being called top 1 in the world right now If Astralis arent nr 1 in the world, then who are? NaVi, Fnatic, FaZe, Mousesports?
2018-04-26 23:08
Norway Fergem00 
If Astralis dont preform in Sydney I would agree with you, but right now, Astralis is the best team in the world. And yes S1mple is 100% the best player in the world, he is just a god
2018-04-26 23:19
ZywOo | 
France Kimiro 
Astralis were really good online, And Online / lan didn't manage to win like other team by example : Cloud 9 at major 22-20 last map Astralis won Online / Lan in a hard way 16-4 in a grand final is just pure rekt
2018-04-27 23:28
So ? DH is the event closest to online you have sound-booths = you cant see/hear the crowd almost and they allow coaches to talk 24/7 or alot more than normaly atleast Alot of teams had new players and FaZe had stand-in FaZe won back to back event in 2017 in a even more dominant way and they did not even drop a map during these 2 events and they barley got #1 spot from SK that had not won anything for 5 events. Astralis won one and have by far the most points now even tho teams have done much better in 2018 like Fnatic that won back to back event and top 4 this event How the ranking works How is the ranking calculated ? The world ranking is based on teams achievements over the past year with severe decay in points throughout each month, recent form over the last 2 months and performance at the last 10 LAN events Even RL said it was strange that they just handed them #1 after just 1 event even tho it was dominant When a team does bad online = Who cares its online When a team does good online = They look so good omg
2018-04-27 23:43
no, At least I have always say they were just onliners before they finally showed that form on LAN
2018-04-26 23:05
DH is basicly almost online Sound-booths = You cant see/hear the crowd almost Coaches can speak 24/7 or way more than normal atleast Many teams had new players and stand-in Lets wait and watch Sydney first before you hype Astralis
2018-04-26 23:09
I never hyped astralis wtf, I actually dont like this team at all and would like to see teams like NIP FNATIC and VP at the top instand of them, and yeah I agree with you that 1 tournament isnt enough at all to place them at 1# with such a stupidly large margin
2018-04-27 10:55
Sweden yayer 
smart dude.
2018-04-26 22:35
2018-04-26 22:37
Algeria SpaceFockuZ 
2018-04-26 23:31
get right is crucial to the team. he brings experience, preformance in big games, clutching and support role to the team. If you wanted to replace someone, it would have to be draken
2018-04-26 22:37
Nope lol
2018-04-26 22:37
get right is crucial to the team. he brings experience, preformance in big games, clutching and support role to the team. If you wanted to replace someone, it would have to be draken
2018-04-26 22:37
get right is crucial to the team. he brings experience, preformance in big games, clutching and support role to the team. If you wanted to replace someone, it would have to be pita
2018-04-26 22:52
what would that do lol?
2018-04-26 22:54
get right is crucial to the team. he brings experience, preformance in big games, clutching and support role to the team. If you wanted to replace someone, it would have to be PRIESt
2018-04-26 22:55
Draken is the star player of team what are you talking about
2018-04-27 23:08
Except when he goes full 30° mode then he's shite
2018-04-27 23:19
+1 I hope GtR will change his game style. He's doing a lot of zero IQ stuff lately.
2018-04-26 22:37
Albania dev1cefanboi 
Nip is the best team in just the way they are. GeT_RiGhT will be on form for Major. Nip will win next tournament or major. Trust me. Im very very very big fanboy, cuz nip is getting me an easy money, just like to day. From first map , i made from 65 , to 172 euros
2018-04-26 22:37
Gz. Now you can buy some new shoes
2018-04-26 22:39
Sweden Trkmag 
+1 except for the GTR part, they choked against both Liquid and fnatic
2018-04-26 22:38
He is by far the lowest rated player in NiP Almost always the last guy on scoreboard he still plays like its 2013 but is just 5x worse To many games where its like this
2018-04-26 22:44
Sweden Trkmag 
Yes yes ofc he has been the worst player for a while but he is picking up the pace now
2018-04-26 22:46
Not really every year he just get worse I agree that sometimes he can have good games but its not even close to if you compare it to a player like KRIMZ that would make NiP so much stronger
2018-04-26 22:47
Sweden Trkmag 
Yes KRiMZ is the best player in Sweden now but their performances are not fully fair to compare because of different roles
2018-04-26 22:48
If you compare the two they have the closest roles to eaother in NiP and Fnatic i would say
2018-04-26 22:49
Somebody has to play support, who would play support with Krimz in the lineup? REZ and Draken are both young talents who need to be unleashed to help develop their game, Dennis has proven himself over and over again to be a solid rifler, and F0rest is their x-factor. Teams that are made of just starplayers end up underwhelming and suppressing for everyone in the team.
2018-04-26 22:53
no point to answer your question
2018-04-26 22:54
Shit I just got baited didn't I
2018-04-26 22:55
2018-04-26 22:51
KRiMZ in NiP xdddddddddddddddddddddddddd stop dreaming NiP fanboys
2018-04-26 22:51
Will not happen but atleast NiP have more young players and not washed up players like JW and bot Golden and flusha seems to go back to a bot again sadly
2018-04-26 22:53
yeah NiP has no washed up players, true also if anything happens in the swedish scene its golden getting kicked after IEM Sydney 2018
2018-04-26 22:55
Thats why i removeed one ? And f0rest still have games where he can destroy any1 when he play his A-game they will win events
2018-04-26 22:56
care to link one of these games from f0rest ?
2018-04-26 22:58
Every event NiP have won , i guess overall run at oakland is a good one to look at He have many online games where he have good games
2018-04-26 22:59 he had "one of these games" one time in the last 6 months against decent teams ?
2018-04-26 23:21
1.07 rating better than most players
2018-04-26 23:24
sad but gtr way more washed up than jw xdddd
2018-04-26 22:56
Thats why i want him to be replaceed by KRIMZ hello ?
2018-04-26 22:57
but krimz dont fit NiP's playstyle, hes supp while gtr is lurker. Maybe f0rest/rez could get switched for krimz but the only one who can really be an upgrade may be hampus/any decent igl. Btw, krimz hasnt been that good in his recent matches
2018-04-26 23:06
what are you talking about, get_right is top fragging?
2018-04-26 22:56
f0rest 1.07 rating GTR 1 rating GTR dont have games where he goes godmode and almost solo carrys offline Lets not forget about this one
2018-04-26 23:05
Why are you trying so hard linking games where he does good and f0rest not like wtf Stats dont like f0rest have been doing better than GTR every year after 2015 and still does
2018-04-26 23:15
Didn't have to try hard, just went to the last tournament they did ok at and it was their last series win. You said he doesn't do that anymore, he does. I didn't even notice until just now how bad forest was on that map, that was coincidental, but thanks for pointing it out :-)
2018-04-26 23:18
There is no nip without get right. If you want to remove get right then just make up Another team with the players you want and call it whatever you like.
2018-04-26 23:04
f0rest is still there They way you say it already happend for me whe Friberg was kicked He can be a streamer for NiP
2018-04-26 23:06
i somehow think get right will do a comeback, i think Dennis is a huge motivator in the team. also pita said he wants his players to be the best in the world. so they have all started playing alot again. yes even forest is playing again, i still have hope in get right, but time is ticking
2018-04-26 23:13
every day he just gets older its now or never
2018-04-26 23:16
hance "time is ticking". but i wouldnt kick him now when the team is on a rise. but yeah its no secret that he is the underperformer in the team. but its still a new team and im pretty sure get right is some form of autist so he needs time to adjust
2018-04-26 23:19
rain | 
North America Dirtyycs 
I love seeing dennis lead this lineup and also consistently fragging really well. This is like seeing the old LGB / Kinguin dennis again. The dude has just always been a talented player.
2018-04-26 23:14
NBK- | 
France sacrebleu 
why the f would krimz leave fnatic for NiP LUL
2018-04-26 23:18
just delusional NiP fanboys like in 2015 when NiP fanboys wanted olofmeister in NiP
2018-04-26 23:21
olofmeister wanted to join but nip didn't want him:
2018-04-26 23:25
Dont go making up lies. Sad how you are trying to seem like you know wtf you are talking about.äsong-1/avsnitt-7 Interview by heaton with Olof, and if you watch it you will hear them talking about nip making offers to Olof but him chosing fnatic instead. You are welcome.
2018-04-26 23:31
probably the interview is old
2018-04-26 23:36
The interview is from 2017. Give me a sec to find it with English subtitles.
2018-04-26 23:37
I believe you, but why would he say in the video "yes"?
2018-04-26 23:41
The video you linked is from 2016, hes offer was in 2015. So when he says "if i ever get an offer" he means that if he gets an offer from that point. As you remember 2016 was not the best time for fnatic so he was probably wishing he would get a nip offer in 2016. And btw here is the interview with english subs, its still a interesting watch
2018-04-26 23:45
so i was right
2018-04-26 23:53
If you try to play of your original comment as "Olof wanted to join nip in 2016 but he got no offer" then yes. But we both know thats not what you meant.
2018-04-27 00:00
can you stop replying to me bullshit? thanks
2018-04-27 00:03
I hope you see the irony in you saying that.
2018-04-27 00:22
in 2016, when JW, flusha and KRiMZ left fnatic
2018-04-26 23:41
You can clearly see that Fnatic is falling again they do so fucking bad online , and KRIMZ is starting to play worse again aswell because i feel like he is what more can i do at this point and they still lose games And Golden is the worst player in the world atm in Top 10
2018-04-26 23:22
Algeria SpaceFockuZ 
nip without get right ? LUL
2018-04-26 23:33
CIS k3nnXD 
think about it .
2018-04-26 23:35
A team starts performing really well and people instantly wants to make changes, You'd expect people to learn sometime..
2018-04-27 10:58
Dennis is the reason why they look good IGL + top fragger almost every game KRIMZ is #2 player in the world and GTR is washed up and if you compare their roles they have the roles closest to eachother in NiP and Fnatic
2018-04-27 22:23
And? changing out a player for a better one isn't the best option, if that would be the case FaZe would be unbeatable.
2018-04-27 23:15
They dont have best players and teamwork with decent firepower > raw firepower But if you compare a player that is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better than some1 that will be better overall no matter what S1mple instead of Karrigan lets say they will be better and people that say IGL WHERE OMG IGL , Karrigan suck.
2018-04-27 23:17
Xyp9x | 
Germany l9nkz 
they won't kick get right even tho he is washed up
2018-04-27 11:39
Nepal DRK_21 
nvm GTR lost him self, we just have to believe he will come back!! No metter what we are with him!
2018-04-27 22:25
still mad how they lost vs fnatic on Train. despite forest clutching this insane 1v4. he later failed to connect a very easy Kill in CT Connector which costed them the Round and the Game in the End
2018-04-27 22:26
I think NiP would have won vs Astralis in the Semis if they played Astralis have always had a hard time against NiP for some reason just like Fnatic have had a hard time against TSM/Astralis
2018-04-27 22:28
NIP always have a hard time vs fnatic. just like mousesports got it vs NIP nobody understands why this is the case but its just like that
2018-04-27 22:29
2018-04-27 22:30
Why would krimz come in a team to be support when he is playing out of his mind? But no matter how he is playing draken,dennis and rez are not support players and i dont think they would play that role GTR is huge part of this team. You will almost every time see him perform on bih stages which is something they need cuz draken and rez are still relatively unexperienced. This NiP is perfect if everyone do their job.Trust me.
2018-04-27 22:31
He is still the support in the team he just plays better and more aggresive now and he is always the player that clutch the round almost just like GTR is the lurker GTR have like 1 out 10 rounds where he does something Will not happend because GTR or f0rest will suck most of the time mostly GTR he have only 1 rating that is really bad for someone that used to be by far the best player in the world
2018-04-27 22:33
Well he is not supposed to be best player in the world anymore. He has rez,draken,forest and dennis. Kinda like taco in SK. Please don't speak shit about him.Just try to watch the match closely.He is a very smart player and good clutch player.Still one of the best lurkers in the world even tho he doesnt play lurk position that much cuz with dennis they tend to go as a group but trust me he deserve more credits
2018-04-27 22:36
Yes im talking so much shit i could say he have always been bad that he was just good because CSGO was new and most overrated #1 player ever Does not change the fact he is bad these days and is washed up he have to many games where he does nothing A player like KRIMZ would make NiP much better and if you ignore that you have something wrong with you and is just a big delusional fan
2018-04-27 22:39
First of all,he was #1 for three years and to be some asshole who didnt do anything with his life and talk about a true legend like that u have to be autistic and u cant know what is happening in practice and in ts3 to judge him like that
2018-04-27 22:41
Read the original post again please
2018-04-27 22:47
> best player ever > most overrated #1 player Are u fucking kidding me???????:
2018-04-27 22:50
You said i was shit talking him when i was not so i showed you how shit talk looks like
2018-04-27 22:51
Please clear ur thoughts and then we will speak. Fuck the facts i won't let u speak like that about ma boy Chris.
2018-04-27 22:53
''Please don't speak shit about him'' How im talking shit about him if i say in the original post that i still think he is overall the best CSGO player in histroy So me saying basic facts that he is not same player anymore and have shit rating and almost does nothing for the team but sometimes make a good oldschool clutch Me saying ''Yes im talking so much shit i could say he have always been bad that he was just good because CSGO was new and most overrated #1 player ever'' is me showing you how shit talking looks like
2018-04-27 22:56
You wont believe me how many dennis fanboys tried to convince me that dennis can be a support player.
2018-04-27 22:38
Nah,he is too aggresive to be support.
2018-04-27 22:39
yeah of course he is its a fucking joke how FANBOYS of him try to tell me he could support and that he did it already in fnatic
2018-04-27 22:40
I would say that olof and dennis were the biggest reasons for fnatic success
2018-04-27 22:43
You are allowed to say that but I am also allowed to think that you are a shit tier baiter.
2018-04-27 22:44
most of time yea.. But now im serious
2018-04-27 22:45
its so shitty to try to keep on baiting someone when he knows already that he is getting tried to be baited
2018-04-27 22:46
i like u my nazi bro
2018-04-27 22:50
North America allulu 
They're doing fine, no need for a change atm. Dennis can possibly find a place for GTR to start doing really well again, the skill is obviously here just not applied correctly if that? think he is doing fine just kinda tinkering with his style and I'm sure he'll find it with a little more experience in this line up. Give it a couple more months before talking about this big of a change.
2018-04-27 22:53
NiP will never change him till he decides to retire.
2018-04-27 22:58
Malaysia byaIi 
his rating is 1.15 what are you talking about ?
2018-04-27 23:17
method | 
United States f0xes` 
NiP is probably as good as they've been in over 2+ years but they're still inconsistent and they still have a limited map pool. Draken, REZ and GTR all have tendencies to disappear every other match and they aren't a strat-driven team that has tactics that they can fall back on when their pugstyle defaults don't work. Top 5 at best in 2018
2018-04-27 23:20
+olof and I agree
2018-04-27 23:22
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