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C9 throwing :)
cadiaN | 
Denmark monkeybrain12 
Atleast Skadoodle can get more skins
2018-04-27 02:35
i totally agree
2018-04-27 02:36
cloud9 do throw a lot of games, not really newsworthy
2018-04-27 02:37
Nothing new here, i guess some people though they could still be tied up. They only checked the wins and not the points, zzzzzz.
2018-04-27 02:42
Already lost to Col on inferno few weeks ago:)
2018-04-27 02:42
Rickeh too strong
2018-04-27 02:42
Hes not playing
2018-04-27 02:47
still too easy for him
2018-04-27 02:47
Tarik and fns are good friends with cutler. Splyce need points to avoid relegation while c9 is already qualified;)
2018-04-27 02:45
seems legit and professional to me
2018-04-27 02:54
United States Kick_Rush_FFS 
But splyce is getting dropped, maybe to look good for other orgs?
2018-04-27 03:05
If the players can keep the spot they're way more interesting for other orgs
2018-04-27 03:06
And Splyce players no longer really have an org to play for and are going to want to look good so they can get picked up.. Another reason to need the wins. ; )
2018-04-27 03:08
Yea... I like to blame the throw on Ska buut
2018-04-27 02:49
Ska is the only 1 going positive?
2018-04-27 02:52
12 odds on cloud9 not getting 8 rounds LOOOL
2018-04-27 02:58
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