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Heroic +cromen?
Norway Ouen 
What do you think? IMO cromen would be a good addition. Since MODDII has stepped down, they need one more player so I suggest Pimp (Although some people will laugh and say he's not good enough) There's also Anj or b0RUP who are currently free agents if I'm not mistaken
2018-05-01 10:45
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LOL it's gonna be friberg
2018-05-01 10:45
Norway Ouen 
friberg is just a stand-in for several matches. It doesn't mean they will sign a contract with him.
2018-05-01 10:50
fnx | 
Brazil littlechama 
how can you say Pimp if he even admitted that he plays with an eye patch?
2018-05-01 10:46
Norway Ouen 
Never heard about that
2018-05-01 10:50
Finland kAlluYT 
bumb (2rd account)
2018-05-01 10:47
KK | 
Hungary icbad 
borup not free agant I think he still have contract with the academy team. Cromen good idea
2018-05-01 10:48
Norway Ouen I'm not sure but perhaps they are still under contract with North
2018-05-01 10:52
then -es3tag +jkaem and we can slowly raise Norwegian scene
2018-05-01 10:54
Norway Ouen 
Good plan :D
2018-05-01 10:56
Ukraine paradox1caL 
tbh, who cares about Heroic when you've got Astralis, OpTic and North
2018-05-01 10:57
Norway Ouen 
Well, North has been awful lately. OpTic's future is unclear, you can't be so sure that they will become a decent team. They've lost both of their opening matches (I know they played with 100+ ping but still) They weren't even playing against a top NA team
2018-05-01 11:00
pleaase +borup +acor
2018-05-01 10:58
United States HuanPedro 
2018-05-01 10:58
MODDII hasnt stepped down lol
2018-05-01 10:59
Norway Ouen 
I meant he has stepped down from activity roster. He will become their coach once they find 2 new players. Until then he will probably be playing for Heroic as stand-in (Just like LEGIJA in BIG)
2018-05-01 11:02
no he wont lol
2018-05-01 11:02
learn to read
2018-05-01 11:03
I wont reply to you anymore. This is getting to dumb for me.
2018-05-01 11:14
Norway Ouen 
Whatever, you're probably just a dumb baiter
2018-05-01 11:15
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