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Plz recommend demos showing tactics.
FalleN | 
China wizdom114 
As title, I'm searching for demos that both teams show a lot of strategy, especially t-side excecutions on new inferno, mirage, ocerpass. Many matches dont show many full executions due to economic reason, early trade kills, and other reasons no need for executions. I know there are tons of epic matches with insane play and clutches. But I'm focusing on the teamwork side rather than individual ability that can be tutorials of strategy. Or maybe just tell me top 3 tactical teams for each map I mentioned (Inf, Mirage,op) in recent 2 years.
2018-05-03 17:39
2018-05-04 03:33
Cyprus Swishh_ 
just watch a demo from whatever pro team you want, all of them have some sick strats
2018-05-04 03:37
Portugal Alex1s 
Maybe astralis, north. Gla1ve and MSL Or old fnatic w/ pronax
2018-05-04 03:37
astralis and north on which map(s)?
2018-05-04 03:39
Portugal Alex1s 
inferno and overpass astralis overpass for north
2018-05-04 03:51
CMX | 
United States LuWi 
current mouz for mirage, current astralis for inferno + overpass
2018-05-04 03:38
yeah Astralis is dominant now but when I was watching their match, they didn't need do much tactical thing. They only need to spam through some smokes then win the match.
2018-05-04 03:40
CMX | 
United States LuWi 
2018-05-04 03:41
great video
2018-05-04 03:48
Portugal Alex1s 
watch more sean videos, he's one of the best in NA scene
2018-05-04 03:59
Brazil junera 
Download demos from FURIA on inferno
2018-05-04 03:40
Yeah mate, go check out adreN on youtube, on his page go to playlists then team strategy. Here's a random one.
2018-05-04 03:55
watch every demo from big tourney's final
2018-05-04 03:58
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