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Predicting the top 20 this year
s1mple | 
United States GayLord69 
Aside from obvious top 20 players (device,s1mple,niko,etc) who do you think will be some new top 20 players? Some good players who can get into it: Sunny,ropz,lekro,electronic,NAF,twistz,rush,tarik,auti (depends on if they keep in good form)
2018-05-04 03:02
tarik is already guaranteed for top 20 since major mvp and auti is easily top 10
2018-05-04 03:08
2018-05-04 03:10
c9rush liquidtwistzz exSKfelps exIMTkNgV NiPREZ NiPdraken SKstewie2K NRGcerq TSHS exLGchelo LGsteelega mousesRopz LiquidNAF I think they have the potential for a top 20
2018-05-04 03:22
s1mple | 
United States aryTurns 
Jeesh...there’s a few i see definitely sneaking in there, Naf almost definitely. Tarik, autimatic, or Stewie possibly...sunny has probably a good chance as well
2018-05-04 03:27
NAF Tarik ropz sunny Electronic lekr0 could all be new additions to the top 20
2018-05-04 03:31
Rob4 | 
United States mook_ 
tim and tarik could make it lekr0 could make it if he does some insane shit and gets a mvp electronic could make it and maybe sunny
2018-05-04 03:37
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