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zAAz | 
Poland pawlosek88 
why they show retarder crowd instead of the paleyrs? wtf?! it would be like watching in soccer crowd instead of the match. WTF is that shit!
2018-05-04 12:39
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zAAz | 
Poland pawlosek88 
2018-05-04 12:48
If you want to bump your thread in a less pathetic way tell me how many majors JW and flusha each have.
2018-05-04 12:51
2018-05-05 13:00 against iem and australia promote this stalin shit! wtf?! again1!!!!
2018-05-06 11:45
Watched some now..... WOW the Crwod is the best csgo ccrowd ever imo. Feels like Football WC.
2018-05-04 12:51
Finland bmud 
+1 by far best crowd
2018-05-04 13:06
the same low iq like in soccer i agree
2018-05-07 10:05
football crowd is sometimes more interesting than game :D
2018-05-04 12:54
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
2018-05-04 12:55
HenryG | 
Finland no_man 
i guess they read the threads on hltv and want to prove "yes, we actually have some spectators here"
2018-05-04 12:55
Ukraine App!e 
Australian crowd is so good , at least while Renegades are playing
2018-05-04 12:55
zAAz | 
Poland pawlosek88 
i want to watch pros playing, not some retarded young men! after the round they dont show pros but fucking random dudes screaming!
2018-05-04 13:01
feeling you pain, but don't actually care too much
2018-05-04 13:59
Turkey csgodeadgame2 
tuvalet cleaner speaking LUL
2018-05-04 12:58
the worst camera work ever, not only we are force to mute the stream but also to close eyes. wtf?!
2018-05-05 12:59
Australia CaZeR01 
How are you 29 years old??? Your more wingey than a fuckin 12yo xD
2018-05-07 10:22
if you want to complain so much i'd rather have you go back to making toilets
2018-05-07 10:28
Switzerland codplayer 
you are good at complaining it seems. everyone is good at something i guess.
2018-05-07 10:25
Tunisia wotup_newfag 
some people spent whole life to find anything they are good at, but he already found that so good for him
2018-05-07 10:29
Ukraine ksay 
watch from game client
2018-05-07 10:26
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