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Miss Competitive
United Kingdom TCSawyer 
In my CSS days I was IGL and attended ISeries 3 times a year at newbury, then Birmingham NEC... we had the benefit of ED which was an amazing league where you could pick and chose when to play.. we also topped the TWL ladder for some time even tho the admins were our rival team and broke the rules to make us play them every week... Now I play CSGO with my mates in MM, which is amazing fun and I love it, but I miss the competitive play so much. I indulge in the learning of tactics, nades/smokes/flashes.. teamplay.. structure and voice comms.. my mates are decent (one good enough to go pro (imo) ) but we just "pick" or do stupid rushes. My question really for you lovely HLTV users, what's the easiest way to find a team? I mean I'm old af now could easily hover around LEM and play whenever needed, but can't seem a way to find a team!
2018-05-05 20:36
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