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f0rest | 
Other b3rg0n1k 
my phone 4g ip is banned for another's user behavior and your stupid staff won't fix their problem does my ip have to change for me to be able to use my 4g on my phone?
2018-05-06 20:17
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Portugal Yaxok 
2018-05-06 20:18
2018-05-06 20:19
Sweden New@ac@low@id 
2018-05-06 20:36
Netherlands Soviettactics 
2018-05-06 20:39
Pakistan perth 
PM Jonathan E I had the same problem with opera VPN a long time ago
2018-05-06 20:19
Norway anMu 
>using iPhone 4g in 2018 > calling iPhone 4 “4G” Just pure LUUUUUUL
2018-05-06 20:20
i think he is talking about 4g internet connections
2018-05-06 20:25
Norway anMu 
It was a joke lol
2018-05-06 20:37
f0rest | 
Other b3rg0n1k 
the typical newfag born in 2008. just stop. i am talking about the connection ofc, but your little brain can't comprehend information yet
2018-05-06 20:27
Norway anMu 
2018-05-06 20:37
it was not sadly
2018-05-06 20:38
United States hhkb 
fuck off phone poster
2018-05-06 20:20
Denmark qwedsa 
why the fuck would you go to hltv forums when you're NOT home, what a loser ROFL
2018-05-06 20:21
Sweden KarlXII 
2018-05-06 20:30
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
How the fuck your 4g has static IP?
2018-05-06 20:24
it doesn't but it doesn't change everytime i reopen it. i don't know how it works, i do havr this problem for a week only so it must have changed recently since the ban is a 10 year one as it expires in 2027
2018-05-06 20:29
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
Try to restart your mobile phone and If not factory reset it If these 2 ain't a viable option there is 2 more.
2018-05-06 20:30
won't reset my phone for their ban lol. i will try to restart it it didn't reset my ip when i restarted the phone. idk how to change 4g ip. will have to wait probably since the hltv staff can't be arsed by their community
2018-05-06 20:35
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
- Find VPN programs in your appstore - call your provider and tell them you are having issues with your net and ask them to reset. - Reset the internet config in your phone
2018-05-06 20:54
Thorin | 
Ukraine Maximka 
stupid staff? see you in 2k20
2018-05-06 20:28
that's the truth sadly, they have an email which they never respond too, wouldn't mind getting banned for a week if they can unban my 4g ip of it's 10 years one
2018-05-06 20:30
IP ban in 2018 LUL.
2018-05-06 20:29
wtf i only get ip bans nowadays 3 days ip bans seems to be the new standart
2018-05-06 20:31
no, 10 year ip ban is the standard
2018-05-06 20:38
I had 3 days IP ban once, but I think it was by mistake.
2018-05-06 21:22
no, I had two week term IP bans
2018-05-06 21:24
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