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Valve isnt killing CS:GO
Germany Mapuuuu 
Recently there has been more and more people saying Valve is killing the game as they are not providing any gamechanging updates, not bringing any new content to the game or not providing 128-tick servers. The truth is, despite all that, Valve is not killing the game. The community is. Let me be clear, yes the lack of updates results in more and more people leaving, but the community is the main reason. It does not matter on what Elo you play, or if you play Matchmaking, Faceit or ESEA, in every game there is at least one guy who always blames the team on whatever happens in the game. Even if he does clear mistakes he will look for mistakes in his teammates and point them out loudly and if he dies he will be talking 24/7 on how shit you are and tries the best to trigger you and be as loud as possible. This not only leads to the team being pissed off and getting more and more frustrated, but also it leads to more people being toxic, as the "nice" people leave the game eventually and more people think it is okay to flame and to be toxic. It feels like these guys are not even trying to play for the team and win. They just care about their score and that is it. Funny why the choose Counterstrike as a game then, as it is a game built to be played as a team, not solo. A solo player only rarely can carry a team. Even a S1mple needs his team to assist him and, if you wanna say it like that, bait for him. Only then a S1mple can destroy a team. Also they do not care that there are other people playing the game, just like themselfes. They think it is a soulless thing, which they can say to whatever they want. That everything they say wont have any effect. The truth is there is an effect: People getting pissed and slowly starting to quit the game. Yes, CS has some issues, but there is a serious issue with toxicity in this game. I can rarely point out a blatant cheater, even in Matchmaking. But a toxic person? In every single match. Even if you are winning. And this kills the game, not valve. Thank you.
2018-05-08 17:56
Happy | 
Turkey Neurosius 
Wow very insightful thank you very much.
2018-05-08 18:00
You are very welcome, bro.
2018-05-08 18:06
I agree. But New dust2 and nuke it's a joke
2018-05-08 18:01
Well for casual play it does not really matter. Nuke is rarely played in Faceit and on Matchmaking you wait at least 3 minutes for a game. Dust2 has always been a part of CS somehow, I never really liked it but have to live with it now being in the active pool. But the rework has not changed the map, everything is still the same. In addition you are not forced to play those maps. But you are forced to play with toxic mates, even if you dont want, as you cant choose or pick mates.
2018-05-08 18:06
United States BLNDSPT 
you're right, Valve isn't killing CS:GO they're just letting it die
2018-05-08 18:35
You didnt understand the point though. Even if they did, it would die. Just more slowly. But there is just too much flame and blame.
2018-05-08 19:28
Sweden carlssonfja 
Not slowly it is dying at speed of light
2018-05-08 19:30
United States BLNDSPT 
omegalul +111111111111111
2018-05-09 01:11
the numbers are lower ever since valve started banning cheaters too fast for their poor asses to buy new games. the game is by far the only relecant esport
2018-05-09 07:17
Sweden carlssonfja 
Thats the reply that i want to see +63736383738
2018-05-08 19:29
Netherlands Idioot 
2018-05-08 18:37
The community is the most cancerous any games has even Minecradt community is better than The community from cs
2018-05-08 18:40
Probably. I'm not sure why, maybe its because of voice-chat. But even league is not as cancerous as the cs community. Its incredible.
2018-05-08 19:25
Cyprus Arkhangels 
there's no ranks and tryhards ans possibility of gaining a team or esport money by playing minecraft.
2018-05-09 01:38
2018-05-08 18:50
Estonia s1mpletop1awp 
Just mute them
2018-05-08 19:33
Malaysia byaIi 
everyone screams CSGO CSGO CSGO CSGO CSGO CSGO!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018-05-08 19:35
Cyprus Arkhangels 
Even if all the community never said anything bad to each other ever, this doesn't change the fact that: -I could still not hit shots as precisely as on third party services because of MM 64 tick -cheaters would still be present and make the game frustrating (vacnet doesnt solve cheating) -I could still not progress any further than global elite, making the game boring and meaningless -I could still not play a 5v5 with my friend that has a much lower rank than me I could go on an on... toxicity is a VERY stupid argument for why csgo is dying.
2018-05-09 01:37
2018-05-09 01:55
2018-05-09 01:56
United Kingdom RedMayes 
Very well said my friend, it would be nice to see 128 tick servers and a better anti cheat, a queuing system that actually works not this trust factor malarkey, but you are right, the more toxic and flaming players there are in a game, the more the chilled out team players will go elsewhere for a competitive game
2018-05-09 02:01
Worst bait
2018-05-09 07:23
valve isnt killing csgo, the evil part of csgo community is saying it is, (It sounds ridiculous saying evil part) Mostly are people complaining on how 128 tick servers are not there, most of them have a low skill level and basically bullshitting a game whenever they get pwn'd. But when they talked about the trading scene? You can still trade. Skins were supposed to be cosmetic. Not economic. Also most of the people (aka sellouts) who have for example on their name are sellouts, youtubers like watch games tv, juicy etc are selling out TONS of their content just for extra money. But a youtuber lik anomaly WHOS life relies solely on the game makes other content and his own trading website. Anomaly is a CS youtuber done right next to warowl etc. Also, can we have a ban on bhop please? He's advertising shit cheats and gets people banned, and the other sellout cheaters.
2018-05-09 07:25
Switzerland VerySwissGuy 
100% agreed
2018-05-09 07:24
not just some issues alot of big issues
2018-05-09 19:33
one of the best things I have ever read. truly describes the real problem.
2018-05-09 19:37
literally german guy talk about others being toxic,which germans are 90% toxic ppl also who cares really . its not community prtoblem,every game have toxic community . u cant do shit about this . its about lack of updates and no more things interesting in game
2018-05-09 19:37
i would say that is the case for any serious competitive game (team based ofc)
2018-05-09 19:38
Europe potatomato 
You cant kill what is already dead.
2018-05-09 19:38
Brollan | 
Sweden LoxXy 
When looking at if they kill the game or not you need to compare it with other games. CS is losing alot more players then any other game and thats becaues the quality of the game isnt getting any better. The community is not that much worse if even worse then any other game.
2018-05-09 19:38
2018-05-09 19:44
if CS:GO is a good game then it will defend by yourself like e.g 1.6 did. Do you really care if people are leaving or not ? Why ? Still there will be enouch people to play MM and watch events. Valve is not perfect and never has been near that. Just fuck it and play whatever you want.
2018-05-09 19:50
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