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What is your top 2
s1mple | 
CIS vodkacspro 
Hated pros from these countries ? Denmark - Gla1ve , K0nfig France - NBK , Happy Sweden - Maikelele , Twist Brazil - HEN1 , LUCAS1 USA-Canada - ShahZaM , Twistzz
2018-05-09 13:15
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2018-05-09 13:16
Denmark - k0nfig, kjaerbye France - Happy, Scream (I know he is Belgium) Sweden - draken, friberg (when he played for NiP) Brazil - Hen1, Lucas1 NA - shroud (when he played for C9), automatic (I only hate his stupid face)
2018-05-09 16:16
Why friberg
2018-05-09 16:17
Honestly, I couldn't think about anyone else and when he played for NiP, mainly during the end, he was playing like crap
2018-05-09 16:26
Armenia 1915 
Karrigan seems more hated than gla1ve atm even tho hes better than gla1ve.
2018-05-09 13:18
Its your opinion of your top 2 hated pros of these countries And alot of people hate Gla1ve i would say because you want to hit his face so much and that drama after Dennis was stand-in
2018-05-09 13:19
India letgoboi 
what drama? am i missing something?
2018-05-09 13:37
Before this event Astralis have been doing so fucking bad and Dennis was the overall best player for Astralis i would say for that event
2018-05-09 13:38
felps | 
Denmark PedoYoda 
uuuuuum did you watch the event, i agree dennis was great but dupreeh ascended to godhood
2018-05-09 13:43
Thats why i said i think and not he was best player because i know dupreeh played really good aswell it was between him and Dennis but Dennis had so many impactful rounds But to say this like Gla1ve did is just fucking cancer , he was dogshit this event
2018-05-09 13:45
felps | 
Denmark PedoYoda 
OFC he has to say that, i mean hltv was filled with -devve + dennis, and device was getting flamed on twitter, but he cant know if they would have won, thats just what he thinks, takeing nothing away from dennis, hes probably my favorite pro outside astralis right now
2018-05-09 13:48
A few years ago he went on a tantrum and got kicked from a team because a tournament organizer didn't want to let his gf sit behind him during a match.
2018-05-09 13:51
> Hated pros from these countries ? > USA-Canada - ShahZaM , Twistzz
2018-05-09 13:20
Its mixed between USA and Canada mostly in the top scenes in NA but you can do 2 from ea if you want
2018-05-09 13:22
shoulnd't there be 2 from USA and 2 from CA?
2018-05-09 13:23
I dont have any from USA that i can think of that i hate as second
2018-05-09 13:24
United States Magma_44 
2018-05-09 13:36
Nice guy Can be annoying tho
2018-05-09 13:37
United States Magma_44 
Or the bullying scandal from a few years ago that got him kicked from C9 but ya know
2018-05-09 13:38
He did not really get kicked tho and i dont mind him doing that he just did the same to S1mple that S1mple was doing 24/7 to another people and that was his message to him
2018-05-09 13:40
moe lol
2018-05-09 14:56
Not really a pro tho just a scammer and streamer
2018-05-09 15:48
Yes, true. But if we count him as a semi-pro he's probably the most hated "pro"
2018-05-09 15:49
I guess
2018-05-09 15:49
Kazakhstan Fijithings 
Denmark - Mertz , K0nfig France - Apex , Happy Sweden -Flusha , Golden Brazil - HEN1 , LUCAS1 USA-Canada - ShahZaM , Elige
2018-05-09 13:27
Why Mertz ?
2018-05-09 13:28
Kazakhstan Fijithings 
i remember that moment when his opponent didnt kill him in back and he called him noob, but now he does the same
2018-05-09 13:36
2018-05-09 13:36
Brazil - HEN1 , LUCAS1 Where is KNG?
2018-05-09 16:07
Kazakhstan Fijithings 
he is good
2018-05-09 16:21
He's the most hated in Brazil mate.
2018-05-09 16:33
Kazakhstan Fijithings 
idk as for me hen1 and lucas more annoying
2018-05-09 18:01
They are also annoying as you're saying, no mistake in that.
2018-05-09 20:36
Brazil coldzao2 
CIS - s1mple, s1mple
2018-05-09 13:27
baitzera OMEGALUL cant even carry his team out of groups
2018-05-09 13:29
Brazil coldzao2 
at least cold doesnt cheat
2018-05-09 13:30
2018-05-09 13:30
AHAAHAHAHA Who's cheating then? xD xD xD
2018-05-09 16:08
2018-05-09 14:56
2018-05-09 13:30
Twist Zatanna Zatara
2018-05-09 13:31
I hate him because he chose to play with 'friends'' instead playing for good teams Stuck in Godsent OMEGALUL
2018-05-09 13:33
Tbf in his defence nip REALLY liked kicking the 5th player Still sad
2018-05-09 20:08
gla1ve | 
North America a3ro_ 
why's gla1ve and twistzz on here and you are missing kng
2018-05-09 13:38
United States Magma_44 
I think he's been on HLTV for like a week and just picked random good players to be salty against
2018-05-09 13:47
Twistzz braindead girlfriend Gla1ve just at his face and the thing he said after Dennis was Stand-in The twins are 2 people they will do everything with eachother so they will fuck people over more and they are drunk and toxic just like KNG
2018-05-09 13:58
gla1ve | 
North America a3ro_ 
The twins yeah cause they are brothers and stuff, and just cause you do not like Twistzz girlfriend that does not mean he is hated himself, and gla1ve was only expressing his opinion and he did not shit talk dennis, he just said that he thinks they could have won the tournament if they had the full roster which any igl should say since it gives confidence in the player that was unable to play
2018-05-09 14:23
Russia LANAdelREYlul 
Denmark>konfig cajunb France>kioshima happy Sweden>maikelele jw Brazil>kng fer USA> Shazam subroza
2018-05-09 13:41
who hates cajunb? and why?
2018-05-09 14:57
s1mple | 
Germany N0vaa 
Cajun? He's toxic as fuck. Definetly number 1 in Denmark.
2018-05-09 20:21
720 | 
Turkey RF4_Kolta 
2018-05-09 16:01
Asia tyrkjaranid 
Denmark: k0nfig and cajunb France: Happy and NBK Sweden: flusha and Xizt Russia: flamie and wayLander Brazil: kNgV- and kNgV-
2018-05-09 13:51
Why Xizt
2018-05-09 14:00
Nice choice with wayLander
2018-05-10 05:53
cromen | 
Albania kub1xx 
Denmark - K0nfig, kjaerbye France - NBK , shox Sweden - Golden, friberg Brazil - kng, hen1 USA-Canada - subroza, freakazoid
2018-05-09 13:50
Denmark: MSL, MSL France: NBK, NBK Sweden: Olofmeister, Flusha Brazil: Twins USA: ShahZaM, Stanislaw
2018-05-09 13:51
What have olofmeister done that is bad or triggers you lul
2018-05-09 13:59
2018-05-09 14:54
no reason to hate him for that. But I still kinda get it, he plays for the team I hate the most
2018-05-09 14:58
More like underrated
2018-05-09 15:49
Lol no
2018-05-09 15:59
Best player of 2015 by far in my opinion Have a serious hand problem take break for 3 months He did good in FaZe around 1.18 rating in 2017 He is the support of FaZe while he i used to play roles like rain and he is doing a good job becuase FaZe got was worse when he took a break again Yes they won this recent LAN but they played like shit before and up to the Grandfinal where they played great It have been rain that have been playing really bad in 2018 if anything he was super bad at the Major and Katowice
2018-05-09 16:06
They played like shit when Olof was still in, lost to VP and Na`Vi
2018-05-09 16:12
They won 3 events , made 2 big Gradfinals in 2018 that did go to all maps really close and again if rain did play decent they would have won both
2018-05-09 16:15
Denmark - Dev1ce, gla1ve France - apEX, rpk Sweden - olof, golden Brazil - HEN1, LUCAS1 USA-Canada - ace, steel
2018-05-09 14:59
RpK? why?
2018-05-09 15:01
hes mexican
2018-05-09 15:01
2018-05-09 15:44
2018-05-09 15:51
Why do you hate Twistzz?
2018-05-09 15:00
Looks like a nerdy kid and i think he made some stupid tweet before and was toxic but i have bad memory but his girlfriend is stupid as hell
2018-05-09 15:51
Denmark - device/karrigan France - NBK and bodyy Sweden - flusha and JW Brazil - kNg/HEN1 USA-Canada - steel/stanislaw
2018-05-09 15:47
Denmark - aizy, MSL France - kioShiMa, apEX Sweden - KRIMZ, pyth Brazil - coldzera, kNgVito-, HEN1, LUCAS1, felps, fnx USA - EliGE, Hiko Canada - Subroza, Twistzz CIS - seized, Edward
2018-05-09 15:58
Wtf how can you hate KRIMZ ? He was a nice support for the Australian crowd
2018-05-09 16:08
i just dont like fnatic since i was a LDLC fanboy in 2014
2018-05-10 05:49
Germany Constikdw 
Denmark - Cajun, kOnfig France - scream, ex6 (both not French but who cares xD) Sweden - Draken, Rez Brazil - kng, Fnx NA - fns, Shahzam I don’t rly hate any of these players, those are just the players I dislike the most.
2018-05-09 16:11
Topa | 
Ukraine Topa_CS 
Denmark - Gla1ve , K0nfig France - NBK , Happy Sweden - Maikelele , Twist Brazil - HEN1 , LUCAS1 USA-Canada - ShahZaM , Twistzz
2018-05-09 16:18
Other Phinks 
Denmark: MSL - aizy France: Happy - apex (dont really hate them tho) Sweden: JW - pigflusha Brazil: coldzera - kngv NA: stewie2k - skanoodle
2018-05-09 18:04
denmark: msl, aizy france: happy, sixer sweden: hard to say really i like them all brazil: hen1 and lucas1 NA: shazam, stanislaw
2018-05-09 18:08
Belarus felzz 
Denmark - Magisk, device France - shox, apEX Sweden - KRIMZ, f0rest Brazil - felps, TACO USA-Canada - Nifty, NAF
2018-05-09 20:28
allu | 
Sweden Dguyg 
Denmark- K0nfig, MSL France- Sixer, apEX Sweden- JW, Flusha Brazil- kng, Lucas1 USA/Canada- DaZeD, m0E
2018-05-09 20:32
s1mple coldzera niko device krimz
2018-05-09 21:46
the best NA player is definitely mOE
2018-05-10 05:51
the best NA player is definitely mOE
2018-05-10 05:51
United States small__dude 
KNG more hated than Lucas1 but why do people hate twist? i love him and can't wait till he replaces GTR
2018-05-10 06:06
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