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BrutesMaps - Latest News on CS:GO Maps for 2012-2013
United States BrutesMaps 
Hey everyone, Colin "brute" Volrath from BrutesMaps here giving everyone a small update of my mapping involvement in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. With the latest release of CS:GO to the community I thought this would be a good time to inform everyone of the custom maps that will be heading your way in the coming months from me to you. "de_tuscan" will be the first map released to the CS:GO community with an aimed first BETA release of the map slated for late September 2012. As the map progresses I will be releasing the latest pictures of the map on my Facebook wall and on for everyone to enjoy. The end of 2012 and 2013 are going to be a busy and exciting time for the CS community and I plan to be a big part of it with at least 5-6 CS:GO maps already commissioned and lined up for the next 12 months. Some of these maps will be ports of maps I've already created in the past (de_forge, de_russka, etc) and some will be brand new maps to the community. Stay tuned for more news as the next few months should be exciting for everyone. Follow BrutesMaps on Twitter: Like BrutesMaps on Facebook: Colin Volrath Professional Game Portfolio: BrutesMaps Website:
2012-08-24 17:42
Sounds great! Any ideas on cs_assault?
2012-08-24 17:43
no plans for that map sorry, i only make de maps
2012-08-24 17:53
Ok, thank you.
2012-08-24 17:56
Finland FRGVN 
well just a thought but I've always been thinking if cs_ maps like assault could be transformed into de_ maps.. not that difficult to do I think? just a number of paths to bombsites with ct's having a slight time advantage to get on em etc..
2012-08-29 22:05
Netherlands Kochz 
cbble for cs:go!
2012-08-24 17:45
can't wait for tuscan
2012-08-24 17:47
What about de_mirage? Btw. de_forge isn't good, do de_cblle but smaller and more competetive.
2012-08-24 17:51
de_forge is exactly what you're talking about. it's a smaller version of cbble, more competitive and faster paced.
2012-08-24 17:53
It's still too big in a distance, and I prefer more original textures.
2012-08-24 18:21
Sweden nibb 
De_forge is smaller then cbble and the textures is better to an newer game.
2012-09-07 08:02
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
Ya return of tuscan <3
2012-08-24 18:25
I hope, I really, I really hope that you're trying to make the maps as clean as possible, without those tons of useless stuff and little annoying details all over them. I can't stand the default GO maps, I mean, look at de_dus2_se, those crates, those barrels, those cars, those 'houses'... it's annoying, it's exactly what we don't need:
2012-08-24 18:43
#11 if you've seen the 2 maps i ended up doing for cs:s a few years back I followed the exact recipe you're looking for. i hated the useless ragdoll clutter in the cs:s maps and did not bring any of it into the maps i ported over into cs:s so no worries, there will be very little clutter in my maps unless it's actually a functional part of the map.
2012-08-24 18:47
THANK YOU!! By the way, you will just add more maps or you can 'replace' the default maps too, for competitive 5v5 playing? I mean, can you just edit the default versions of dust2, inferno, nuke and train to make it simple and clean? Like this:
2012-08-24 19:08
i mean it's possible yes. but i'd rather make new maps and port the work i've already done first. i don't have a problem porting those old maps over for the community but i prefer to leave my own stamp on the community with creative new work that is refreshing rather than just copying what has already been created. i think in time people will just play the maps released by cs:go and deal with them for at least the first year.
2012-08-24 19:25
Finland FRGVN 
Imo you have good sense of what is good and what is bad in the maps and you should follow your own instinct but here's a thought: for the original maps you to succeed as your conversion on the competitive scene they should look somewhat similar to the original cs:go maps combined with the likes of 1.6 to attract all THREE scenes(cs:s, cs1.6 & new cs:go gamers). just like in the first csp_dust2 screenshot shown on #14.. A plant might be designed structualwise the same way it is on cs:go but the boxes arrangement on the actual bobmplant might be more like 1.6 if you get what I mean. And another thing I'd like to see especially are the usable paths for "trick" flashbangs to be invented like on de_tuscan there's those cusps up in the higher end of the buildings you can bounce the flashes back down and same thing on de_inferno 1.6 version those same things :) hope I brought up some more insight & thoughts for you :) If those new maps can be sorted out and VALVe/HPE fixes the sound issues(buggy distance of sounds, how long away from you can hear, jump sound though you are standing almost still[messes up with sneaking especially on top of de_nuke yellow hut and de_dust2 b window jump]) this game might just make it and be a really good game that even I (13y veteran from 1.6/older cs) would like to play sometimes.
2012-08-29 22:19
Finland FRGVN 
oh and one more thing I'd like to add are the good and bad changes made in the maps of cs:go/cs:s.. not everything is bad, there are some clever hiding spots which can be utilized in various manners. One good example of this is de_nuke ramp room where there's this big (yellow, if I remember correctly) container you can hide behind at times which might take a terrorist by a surprise whilst rushing(atleast for a 1.6 player this might happen more often at the beginning.) and it really does not screw up the original gameplay that much.
2012-08-29 22:25
Dosia | 
Russia brattt 
yea, +1. This is the bigger minus (for me) in cs:go - too much distraction objects, too much spots, maps are like "you better have a good position than a good skill". Thats why I choose 1.6 many years ago.
2012-08-29 22:50
de_tuscan <3
2012-08-24 18:55
clean maps? finally some good news :D keep up the good work, I really expect something great :)
2012-08-24 19:16
Russia Nzr0 
i hope your team or if you make the maps alone,will make them as good as 1.6 are... if cs:go maps that will be played on competitive level will be without many details,just flat walls and stuff like that... will be really nice to play them,those cs:go maps,too many details Edit: I wish you or your team,best of luck,and the main thing,have fun while making them
2012-08-24 19:52
Awesome to hear you'll be doing maps, keep us updated! :)
2012-08-24 20:11
Please remake dust2, inf, nuke and train too. The game is good but the maps are REALLY terrible. You could be our saviour :D
2012-08-29 22:54
Canada xb0y 
2012-09-07 07:44
what is this yolo thing?
2013-09-28 15:41
you should better gave a great excuse like zombies eating your brains or something :)
2013-09-28 14:07
Poland tfg 
2013-09-28 14:26
this is just sad
2013-09-28 14:28
2013-09-28 14:31
now its september ahahha
2013-09-28 14:34
2013-09-28 14:51
All community is waiting for tuscan. Its priority number one atm. Hope you will find the way to save de_russka atmosphere with snow, dark brick walls and military details. Also it will be nice to use de_cbble design (castle and wine cellars etc) in new de_forge. And do not be afraid to add some details and garbage on maps (How its done on de_cache and valve de_mirage). imho
2013-09-28 14:54
Austria kL0n 
we really NEED tuscan :)
2013-09-28 14:58
late September 2012 its almost october 2013, what a joke of a guy :) so sad people keep relying on him
2013-09-28 15:44
Happy birthday
2013-09-28 15:52
Georgia rowG 
we want de_tuscan for cs:go ))
2013-09-28 16:01
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