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why no sk over navi?????
2018-05-16 03:37
SK Is worse than Navi right now anyway
2018-05-16 03:38
but with s1mple and flamie they would be the best right now
2018-05-16 03:39
Its not fragging they are lacking in. It doesn't take a genius to see that star power is clearly not the issue that SK have.
2018-05-16 03:39
they need trust in team ...
2018-05-16 03:50
United States apm54 
lul hell no, roster changes wont fix sk they have deep problems they need to work on without a quick fix.
2018-05-17 04:36
bodyy | 
Afghanistan remiska 
coz flamie better
2018-05-16 03:39
Russia @Slava 
because Navi is better than SK atm
2018-05-16 03:40
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
Because of s1mple, lol
2018-05-16 03:56
United States apm54 
they would still be better than sk if u - s1mple +adren/bondik/mir
2018-05-17 04:37
Czech Republic Pee_Tea 
-styko +s1mple = mouz top 1
2018-05-16 03:41
s1mple dont deserve navi, he's so good for them
2018-05-16 03:57
CIS s1mpletop0ne 
u joking?? why he should join tier5000 team ??? to be bait for baitzera?? no thanks
2018-05-16 03:57
For $ and also because why not? You know s1mple wanted to go with SK but Na'vi are being retarded put high af price for flamie 800k are they fucking serious? 800k for Flamie biggest joke in 2018 and that's why s1mple/flamie aren't in SK because Na'vi is trying to be greedy. s1mple right now can be bought out for 200k at least that's what Na'vi put on the table but if you take s1mple you have to take flamie (na'vi = retards) = 1 million because flamie at 800k (makes no sense) 1 million? Are they guys brain dead? 200k for s1mple is a good deal imo, he shouldn't be more than NiKo, NiKo is better than him by far.
2018-05-16 04:03
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
s1mple is worth way more than Niko. 200k for s1mple is such a steal for SK. Best player in the world for 200k? Joke. Respectfully, Proud Faze Fan since 1999.
2018-05-16 17:34
Are you stupid? He's only 200k because flamie is a package deal with him and being over priced as fuck at 800k, Na'vi would never sell s1mple alone for 200k and no he isn't better than NiKo you delusional silver noob.
2018-05-17 03:04
Because NaVí hates S1mple
2018-05-16 03:59
all hates s1mple but everyone wants s1mple,very strange....
2018-05-16 04:06
S1mple Fallen Coldzera Flamie Stewie2k Greatest team in the world
2018-05-16 17:37
Sweden Theo143 
- stewie + fer
2018-05-17 03:20
United States apm54 
except 3/5 of those players are doing jack shit in 2018 lol
2018-05-17 04:38
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