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day 2 picks
World locky0000 
-heroic (ml) @2.2 surprisingly looked like the better team through 3 maps. i'm not sure what's going on with c9. maybe need more time or something but they just don't look as coordinated as they should. dropping maps in the fashion they did leaves me with very little faith -mousesports (-1.5) @ 2.1 think this is a matter of not overthinking it. would love for nrg to be a great team (not just in NA) but getting blown out by heroic and looking pretty careless against mvp is a sign of inexperience. given their talent and performance online these are matches thhey should be winning convincingly. yes they could steal a map from mouse but it's far less likely in my mind that a 2-0 parlay @2.0: -nip (ml) -heroic (+1.5) -liquid (+1.5) if nip let mirage through i could see optic taking it but not two maps. i liked space soldiers team play yesterday but it also didn't seem like renegades ever got into the map. SS have never really used a t-side awp consistently so it was no big loss on inferno yesterday. however having no calyx will at least come into play on one of the first two maps today...and certainly on ct side. further liquid doesn't NEED to rely on it too much either so i only think this will strengthen their chances
2018-05-16 16:40
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