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f0rest | 
Sweden S3bluen 
* Practise all the time (with exception for photoshoot and demonstrating culinary skills) * Completely trash big teams like FaZe, Mouz, Astralis etc online and on small tournaments. * Hype and good odds for winning big tournaments * Lose against tier5+ nonamers and get eliminated right away * Repeat.
2018-05-17 01:16
Macau big_mama 
sadly this is exactly the truth. I honestly believed going into this that they could win and then they throw against danish rejects.
2018-05-17 01:17
f0rest | 
Sweden S3bluen 
Their results are pretty random, likely because of inconsistence. Being a NIP fan is tough but I’ll hang on.
2018-05-17 01:18
Pistol Round wins are the key to winning matches
2018-05-17 01:23
f0rest | 
India Fluxie^ 
NiP in 2k18 LUL
2018-05-17 02:11
Sweden godname 
pita doing a bad work
2018-05-17 02:13
Japan Sarada 
NiP is love, NiP is life.
2018-05-17 02:13
hi anime
2018-05-17 02:15
hi peniseater
2018-05-17 02:17
Turkey xxxjet3 
Bot_right = no win
2018-05-17 02:21
Brazil VFI 
not get_right's fault at all
2018-05-17 02:37
2018-05-17 02:49
2017, doesnt matter, was a fluke
2018-05-17 13:56
Portugal haze_csgod 
While OpTic are certainly no random team, it was definitely disappointing to lose against a team with very little practice together. pita is a god awful coach, some of the mistakes they make are ridiculous. GeT_RiGhT tries too hard but he’s not that good anymore. REZ is still a bit inconsistent and Draken didn’t have a great tournament: dennis was also pretty much a non factor. The only one who remotely had any sort of impact was f0rest. This team is really disappointing. Show promise, make good runs, get knocked out early in a tournament against lesser teams, repeat.
2018-05-17 02:54
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
Who cares we still have f0rest's beard POGGERS
2018-05-17 03:04
the only thing that needs nip is that draken stops doing stupid things and gtr becomes a coach and olof replaces him in game
2018-05-17 04:41
-GTR -pita +someone else +Brollan Ez fix
2018-05-17 04:46
Brazil digozamaral 
Being a NIP fan is hard
2018-05-17 04:58
>brzln >nip fan PICKY JUSTY ONY
2018-05-17 05:09
United States Jkhes 
i miss threat. get gob b in nip :P
2018-05-17 05:26
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