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shroud PUBG
Belarus hltv_slayer 
I can't believe people watch him and some of these kids also thinks he is one of the best PUBG players... First of all, shroud is playing on NA PUBG servers where half of them have down's syndrome and poor brain performance, compared to EU PUBG players Second. Shroud has been to 2 PUBG lans, where he and his teammates couldn't do a shit, especially shroud with max 1 kill and nothing more Third. There are a lot of better pro PUBG players and if we think about two best players in the world, Russian Drainys and pokamolodoy, they are minimal 10 times better than shitty shroud with his raping of kids and mothers on NA servers and not even against pros. Drainys movie f.ex lan and public frags So why the f people watch shroud? IDK
2018-05-17 04:15
United States Good_big_boy 
who cares about 7 tickrate shit game?
2018-05-17 04:18
Fastest growing e-sport game right now, but I agree that they should fix ticrate
2018-05-17 04:19
United States BigmacAttack 
Fastest dying e-sport game right now, but I agree that they should fix ticrate
2018-05-17 04:20
Not dying. Growing with a lightspeed While cs:go is dying slowly
2018-05-17 04:23
United States Good_big_boy 
Did not know that fact. +1, But I really can not stand low tickrate, in my experience any close combat is so unresponsive.
2018-05-17 04:20
I don't think so friend
2018-05-17 04:29
Tecnosh >>
2018-05-17 04:24
Not even close to pokamolodoy and and Drainys, I mean not even 50% mb close to ubah, oneqtive
2018-05-17 04:26
Tecnosh is the best player in the world, but his team is him and ninexT! Axt is horrible!
2018-05-17 18:23
Tecnosh is NOT best player in the world and NOT even close to pokamolodoy and Drainys Drainys has also won 2 world championship with TWO different teams (AVANGAR and NAVI) and he has also has most kills in one lan game
2018-05-17 21:30
Hes a streamer making bank. And hes not even annoying and cocky like other streamers. Why do you care if people watch him.
2018-05-17 04:29
yes holy shit that's what i notice dude,when i watch him the people who play against him first are his stream snipers who run without weapons second even the ones who fight are sooo bad they seem to repeek the same angle from a tree or a rock and he gets headshots then his chat starts spaming (he's insane),compared to eu omg its a whole different fucking game
2018-05-17 04:32
2018-05-17 05:30
Brazil BlueLighting 
who cares? Battleroyale is just cancer
2018-05-17 05:32
2018-05-17 21:40
United Kingdom ChrisFroome 
I like watching him
2018-05-17 21:31
cry is free
2018-05-17 21:32
Just let him play, he is a chilled and cool Streamer thats why I watch him
2018-05-17 21:33
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