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Funny styko
s1mple | 
Iceland beliven^GOD 
2018-05-17 04:31
India daksh29 
gets more shit from people than he should , i mean he can improve a lot and he can clutch important rounds , he is a vital part of mouz and he does not get enough credit Don't know the context of your question but these are my thoughts on styko
2018-05-17 04:57
Germany GODsuNny 
STYKO is important for the team
2018-05-17 05:16
he’s like the TACO of mouz
2018-05-17 05:24
2018-05-17 08:52
Ukraine kek1 
But without cold
2018-05-17 08:54
What did he do it say?
2018-05-17 08:56
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