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Standard GuardiaN
s1mple | 
CIS vodkacspro 
Sucking dick always when playing against Na'Vi cant handle the pressure to play against old team
2018-05-17 19:46
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2018-05-17 19:47
cry is free fangay
2018-05-17 19:47
Sure, cry is free.
2018-05-17 20:40
2018-05-17 19:48
overrated fat noob quit csgo already old grandpa
2018-05-17 19:56
bye bye pimple LUL axaxaxaxaxaxa
2018-05-19 21:26
NaVi is kryptonite for Superian
2018-05-17 19:59
flusha | 
Lithuania fbhx 
delusional navi fangay, crying that he left this shitty team
2018-05-17 20:01
LMAO why so mad
2018-05-17 20:02 1.33 rating = sucking a dick? 0/8 nt tho
2018-05-17 20:03
This is more recent aswell so shut up
2018-05-17 20:07
Whole faze sucked there I still disproved what you said, because he doesnt ALWAYS suck dick against his old teammates. You tried tho.
2018-05-17 20:08
2018-05-17 20:06
nubz LUL axaxaxaxaxaxa
2018-05-19 21:31
Poland HotMuslim 
where is s1mple? is he playing or afk?
2018-05-17 20:10
Still better who cares Na'Vi won ? If noob GuardiaN could get 1 awp kill maybe they would win and they would be destroyed so fucking hard if S1mple was on fire only reason FaZe had some rounds was becuase of rain
2018-05-17 20:11
Poland HotMuslim 
s1mple afk? where was he? probably afk doing gay stuff with karrigan
2018-05-17 20:12
Mad FaZe fan HAHAHAHA lost to fucking Na'Vi without S1mple needing to carry
2018-05-17 20:14
Poland HotMuslim 
lost? its already over?
2018-05-17 20:17
Yes they lost that game or you braindead ? Where did i say they lost the Bo3
2018-05-17 20:18
Poland HotMuslim 
They lost the game? Its Bo1 or what? Who cares for 1 map in Bo3????
2018-05-17 20:19
Well they will i can replay to you again when they lose because GuardiaN suck dick and Karrigan dont know how to use a gun
2018-05-17 20:20
Poland HotMuslim 
apparently s1mple doesnt know how to use gun either
2018-05-17 20:20
Okey only by far the highest rated player still and was better than trash GuardiaN and Karrigan so ya
2018-05-17 20:21
Poland HotMuslim 
ok talk to me when Navi wins a tournament LMAO
2018-05-17 20:23
Lost ? Its 1-0 in bo3 there are 2 maps more ofc if FaZe wins Nuke,but they will for sure because their Nuke is strong as Mouz's.
2018-05-17 20:20
NaVi won ? It's bo3 my guy don't be so confident ;)
2018-05-17 20:20
Where did i say they won they Bo3
2018-05-17 20:24
You said they won the game... They didn't win the game they won one map dumb fucking cunt..
2018-05-17 20:24
What ? game/map is the same fucking thing , if i would say they won the Bo3 i would say they won the series
2018-05-17 20:26
You are actually the dumbest person i saw on this platform no hate... The game is bo3 which means that they play 3 maps NaVi won 1 map they didn't win the game and if u said they won whole series that would mean they won tournament ...
2018-05-17 20:27
Game=1 Games=more Bo3/Bo5 Bye retard
2018-05-17 20:28
u got issues u fat bitch
2018-05-19 21:32
Poland HotMuslim 
2018-05-17 20:46
Strange record against Na'Vi I hope he gets a better rating in the next
2018-05-17 20:19
+1 and he also h8s edward
2018-05-17 20:23
Standard pimple LUL axaxaxaxaxa
2018-05-19 21:25
2018-05-19 21:26
Standard pimple xDDDDD
2018-05-19 21:26
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