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Czech Republic S4MUR4J 
Hi, please best resolutin at all? I have 1920x1080 screen best graphic but very bad aim in this.... what resolution using NiP players and co. "pro"?? Now i have 1024x768 looks good for aim and graphic, i dont want checkered graphic at this game like on 800x600 and less
2012-08-26 21:07
GeT_RiGhT uses 640x480, don't know about f0rest but I can't see him playing with a different resolution than 640 as well.
2012-08-26 21:09
Brazil spi- 
GeT_RiGhT uses 1024x768
2012-08-26 21:16
My bad. He used to play with 640x480 earlier on the begginings.
2012-08-27 01:32
best resolution for CG:GO is 800x600 HONNEST HOUR
2012-08-26 21:17
Azerbaijan Talley 
I'm playing it in 1080P :D 90-100 fps
2012-08-26 21:20
Poland tfg 
for me 6x4 is better (4:3), than 1080p, even if i have same fps on both
2012-08-26 21:32
2016-07-29 00:58
Germany owt 
use what fits you best ;) I play on 1080p all graphics maximiesed at 128 fps and my aim is pretty nice.
2012-08-26 21:33
2012-08-27 01:33
Other paira 
why nowbody uses 640 like in 1.6? everybody uses a higher resolution now, i dont understand :/
2012-08-27 01:39
how did you come in this super true conclusion? have you made some research over the whole world or what?
2012-08-27 02:17
i asked all my friends on steam, what resolution did they use, and nowbody says 640, all 800, 1024, or higher like 1920, and now i see this..
2012-08-27 04:31
Russia accn 
because it's useless in this game? people use low resolution in 1.6 cuz of more controll, what reason to use it in this one?
2012-08-27 03:29
For the reasons already stated plus most important of all because the maps have many poles, small gaps and cracks and if you use 640 it distorts all these areas to the point that its hard to see.
2012-08-27 06:35
/quit and start cs 1.6. hf.
2012-08-27 01:40
1080p 150+ fps :)
2012-08-27 02:02
I found 1680x1050 and 720x576 good :)) Can play every res max fps
2012-08-27 02:07
2012-08-27 02:25
2012-08-27 04:33
8x6 is good bro
2012-08-27 06:18
I was under the impression that 16:9 aspect ratio is the best for CS:GO...supposedly your FOV is larger. If you play with 16:10 or 4:3, the sides get cut off. Can you change the fov to 90 with 4:3?
2012-08-27 07:03
2016-07-29 00:58
1024x768 is similar to 640x480 in cs 1.6 1280x960 is similar to 800x600 in cs 1.6
2016-07-29 01:11
im playing 1920x1080.. best for me
2016-07-29 01:12
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