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Dutch people please help
Netherlands NL_CS_TOP_1 
I'm currently in havo 5 my marks are really good and exams have been pretty easy so far. Is the university a lot better than HBO because then might go to VWO 5. Only problem is that I will be 2 years older than my classmates. Pls help
2018-05-22 10:01
Netherlands Nevriz 
It all depense on what you wanna do later in life?
2018-05-22 10:05
This. For example you dont need university for a great job in the ICT business
2018-05-22 10:07
Netherlands Nevriz 
Yes if you(NL_CS_TOP_1) maybe know what you wanna do I could try to help you more with making a choice. Or atleast try to give you some tips :)
2018-05-22 10:13
Netherlands NL_CS_TOP_1 
I don't know yet but probably something with economics
2018-05-22 11:06
Netherlands NL_CS_TOP_1 
On HBO probably international business and language on uni idk yet
2018-05-22 12:13
k0nfig | 
Netherlands miles- 
Do it, it's a big difference. Nobody cares if you're 2 years older man.
2018-05-22 10:06
If being 2 years older is the only problem go vwo. But you can go to a university after having passed your first year at HBO with good grades, am I wrong?
2018-05-22 10:17
So, you might miss 1 year only
2018-05-22 10:18
k0nfig | 
Netherlands miles- 
You can, but then it really depends on what bachelor you did and want to do. And sometimes you even need to get extra certificates of VWO level. If you have a bad year, you're screwed. If you have a bad year of VWO you can still manage most of the time.
2018-05-22 10:19
Good point but, HBO is super easy first year.
2018-05-22 10:21
Netherlands RincoB 
Personal experience?
2018-05-22 13:00
yes, i am studying at hanzehogeschool edit: all my classmates who applied for a university got accepted, one of them being delft
2018-05-22 17:25
Netherlands MerpNL 
what does it matter ur 2 years older, fucking girls younger then u is better anyways :)
2018-05-22 10:14
pedo detected
2018-05-22 10:22
MerpNL the newest 100% confirmed HLTV pedophile
2018-05-22 12:55
Netherlands MerpNL 
its an honor to have such title. I want to thank my mom, dad, brother. Most of all i want to thank the kids in my basement, i couldnt have done it without them <3
2018-05-22 13:03
I've done VWO, but on HBO now. Uni is just theory and research which didn't fit me at all (dropped out), but it might suit you. HBO ICT has enough job offers anyway
2018-05-22 10:15
Portugal sevn_2 
since i'm not dutch could you explain me what is hbo and vwo and ict?
2018-05-22 13:05
Netherlands Darkrain 
HBO = easier version of Bcs, instead of 3 years you spend 4 years for your degree. VWO the highest level of highschool. ICT = ict.. (information and communication technology)
2018-05-22 13:11
loling @ teenagers thinking anything that's institutionalized matters in life
2018-05-22 10:21
I stopped after vwo ama
2018-05-22 10:22
200 iq
2018-05-22 12:46
Netherlands BlackLabel 
Being 2 years older than your classmates won't be such a problem. If you want to challenge yourself and explore your capabilities: do vwo --> university. If you can't make it to 6vwo, or you have to try exceptionally hard, you can always decide to quit and go to HBO. Also as stated here above: there are possibilities to go from your 1st year of HBO to an university, but that requires additional certificates (English, math (if engineering study)) which you can overcome now by doing VWO and by adapting your learning style at VWO.
2018-05-22 10:48
Netherlands 29Lars06 
Who gives a fuck about 2 years older, theres a guy in my class whos 26 while im 17
2018-05-22 12:16
Netherlands NL_CS_TOP_1 
2018-05-22 12:40
Netherlands MerpNL 
same hahaha
2018-05-22 12:42
xd VWO. I'm a smart guy cuz I dropped to Havo and now doing shitty HBO study which I won't pass so Imma do MBO xddd
2018-05-22 12:48
2018-05-22 13:58
yes ty
2018-05-22 21:03
Netherlands Deji 
2018-05-22 21:07
wtf ez money?
2018-05-22 21:07
Netherlands RincoB 
You know you need to have followed an extra course to be able to go to VWO? (at least in my school)
2018-05-22 12:59
Netherlands Darkrain 
I went from havo to HBO to a master in university. in total this takes 1 year longer than going to university directly.. however, VWO also takes 1 year longer than HAVO.. so in the end you lose the same amount of time. + HBO was the best student time of my life, on university u have so much less time to do enjoyable stuff.
2018-05-22 13:08
Poland mtumee 
I see you want to do something with economics. From my perspective it was 100% worth going to Erasmus (I study IBEB), because it's really challenging and a big career booster. Otherwise, like a lot of people above have mentioned, a lot of jobs don't even require university education so HBO could be better. The whole being older than your classmates thing is not really important, there are lots of older people in my class in university and have been in high school too. Good luck with making the decision.
2018-05-22 13:22
Netherlands Echie 
if you think you'd enjoy more academic/theoretical education, you should go for it. but don't feel obliged to try to go to uni if you like practical education more
2018-05-22 13:39
Ive done VMBO Kader AMA
2018-05-22 21:27
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