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African Union YoYoYoNiqqas 
Tell something about team u want to win some that others dont know So iam from Poland and want them to win ofc :D And funny fact is we are going 22 men not 23 like every country cus we have one guy in our team that is just to make good atmosphere S?awomir Peszko is his name and hes been dog shit in 10+ place in polish league team but hes still going on WC XD
2018-05-23 07:19
Luxembourg RedSmoke 
I want Portugal to win ofc but i think it’s going to be : Spain - Germany in final spain probably wins it all
2018-05-23 07:22
GuardiaN | 
World Darge 
Argentina, their goalkeeper got injured yesterday and that was actually good for them. From the 3 going to the WC Romero was by far the worst, Messi has a way better chance now.
2018-05-23 07:28
This is not related to cs 1.6.
2018-05-23 07:30
I want Brazil to win, Neymar has scored more goals in WC than Penaldo (Neymar only played 1 WC)
2018-05-23 07:32
Im from England s 'ofc they re my first pick.. for the first time in a long time, the manager has picked talent instead of big names from big clubs. i hope we're successful so he isnt sacked for doing the right thing. If not i want Argentina to win, but tbh only messi deserves the win because all other Argetina players play shit for them.. it would complete Messi's career if he did well at the world cup.
2018-05-23 07:42
I want to Netherlands to win.... oh, wait a minute
2018-05-23 07:44
Bulgaria squezzi 
I've always liked Italy but since they and my country can't make it, I'd cheer for the best team which is France, undoubtedly
2018-05-23 07:54
Portugal, eder is not going.
2018-05-23 08:02
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