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GG.BET Official Q&A
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Hello everyone, We noticed that recently there were some questions from our players on this forum and for your convenience we decided to create this topic in order to answer any questions, complaints and wishes that arise from our players. You no longer need to create additional topics to discuss any questions about GG.BET, just leave a comment under our post. Also, we're asking you to indicate in your question the most detailed information about your profile and please do not attach links. To show how serious we are about our users, we commit ourselves to providing the first response on any issue within 24 hours. Be sure you will receive an exhaustive answer and details that you are interested in. We will be happy to help you in any situation!
2018-05-23 16:48
This is a verified GGBet account, you can trust it for support.
2018-05-23 16:57
how much?
2018-06-01 15:10
Finland $uck 
Did you remove comments from #1 to #7 to get #8 as first comment? Edit : Or were all the comments above inappropriate
2018-06-02 08:41
Why I get banned for posting AMA or Q&A and they get no ban??? HLTV hypocrites?
2018-06-08 17:55
Lmao =D Everyone has own problems , yeah ? haha
2018-06-14 21:48
France rezpecful 
HLTV always up to some fishy shit. GL with valve lawyer.
2018-06-13 22:00
What? This dude's profile has been visited by 3 admins, one of whom is creator of HLTV? UPD. Wow, this account is official and I thought it was yet another troll
2018-05-23 16:58
Netherlands Deji 
I thought it was fake too until i saw his bold name
2018-05-24 13:04
Thought its fake until Nomad confirmed.
2018-06-14 22:13
Did you mean Thought* and not though?
2018-06-14 22:11
Idk what you mean. You mean you did not wash your glasses or?
2018-06-14 22:14
nice edit, you could've simply say 'thank you for fixing my typo'
2018-06-14 22:26
Thank you for watching over the spelling on HLTV, Mr. Dru1D, i really appreciate it.
2018-06-15 13:08
Snax | 
Poland Emmson 
Question 1: Why is VP bad atm.
2018-05-23 17:00
because we are not their sponsors :)
2018-05-23 17:39
Brutal. Savage. Rekt.
2018-05-23 22:21
Turkey Mustafa- 
more like cringe
2018-05-30 13:59
Brehze | 
Poland wawywo 
so become :D
2018-05-25 14:16
You think we should? :)
2018-05-25 14:17
Brehze | 
Poland wawywo 
2018-05-25 14:17
wtf no lol they get enough money already for doing pretty much nothing
2018-05-28 00:06
Russia ez4u 
2018-06-08 19:36
if you do that better throw that money towards me. It would both be a waste
2018-06-15 10:41
this is cruel xD
2018-06-15 12:07
United States amirica 
2018-05-29 13:53
That was the most disgusting way to rekt someone ever.. LOL #RespectGGBet
2018-06-14 22:11
Europe Cirro 
I would like to see on every match on which will be possibility to live bet, some special mark. It would help to make a decision about beting; for example- sometimes i want to bet on live and i wait for it, but then match doesn't go live . If i knew then would bet before match started.
2018-05-23 17:00
Hey) We have a special mark, it looks like $. For example, you can open gg bet main page and you'll see, that game TEAM ASCENT VS EGAMINK has this mark and it means that it was decided to add the game in live for sure. Some games aren't marked, because we can't promise that you'll see live bets for them. We started internal development of our own platform and created our own trading team in order to improve the quality of the settlement of bets, so in the near future this mark can be seen at many matches. Thanks a lot for your offer, we appreciate it!
2018-05-23 17:32
Ok I'll shoot, always interesting to see bet sites open up an AMA. You should do one on reddit too. Here are my questions for your team: 1) Where is your company based? 2) When did you first launch your betting platform? 3) Who are your founders? 4) What inspired you to build an esports betting company?
2018-05-23 17:42
Yeah, agree, on reddit we will create something like that, but a little bit later as for your questions: 1. Company is based in Curacao. 2. The first one was launched at the end of August 2016. 3. UBO business would like to retain the right to privacy, because such kind of business provides a huge amount of negativity in general. Not everyone is equally good or indifferent to any manifestation of betting. 4. We're inspired by our huge love for e-sports, by the desire to develop it, including the fact that we make watching games much more interesting. Sites like ours attract more attention to the e-sports, increase the interest of the viewer. In addition, we invest a lot of money in the development of the game, teams and in financing such topnotch projects as hltv.
2018-05-23 19:19
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puqet 
I didn't find any company called ggbet in the company register of Netherlands, which is odd, also everyone should be able to see balance sheets and the owners, no?
2018-05-29 10:01
South Africa 0rdy 
I'm pretty sure there is a different registry for Curacao (a tax haven, or at least used to be one). I would also be pretty sure that this is a letterbox company that is registered in Curacao but operates from all over the world for tax evading purposes. I have no proof of this but it is my opinion :)
2018-05-29 10:19
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puqet 
Didn't find it here either, it's the first link that popped out from google, so might be wrong idk. But if we don't get a reply from ggbet I will most likely have the same opinion about that company.
2018-05-29 10:31
Our company registered in the Republic of Cyprus, with its principal place of business at: Office 102, 12A Lekorpouzier, Limassol, Cyprus; Registration number: HE315596. As for the owners and balance sheets, UBO business can take advantage of the right of privacy. It is absolutely normal and adequate practice in such a business.
2018-05-29 10:32
It took me 2 minutes to find the owner of the company in Cyprus. If there is nothing to hide you could make that public, like every legitimate online gambling company. It worries me to see the registered owner posing with large sums of cash and firearms.
2018-06-01 21:33
China Yao_Ming 
are we allowed to bet on in China and United States? Do we have to deposit money or skins (CSGO/Dota/PubG)?
2018-05-23 19:21
China is not forbidden to bet on our site and there are several options to deposit and withdrawal for players from China. USA is in the blacklist to register, deposit, bet and play any games on our site
2018-05-23 20:39
Let's say i've created account in CIS, but right now I'm in US. Can I still bet?
2018-05-24 06:35
Nope, according to our rules, our company still doesn't permit accounts to be opened by, or make any deposits nor used from, customers located or domiciled in United States of America.
2018-05-24 09:59
2018-05-24 10:25
Because otherwise this can be very tricky. If you are living in the country, you need to be sure you are on a law side of it. Betting on our site forbidden by USA laws. And that mean this territory closing you opportunity to bet.
2018-05-24 11:01
okey thx
2018-05-24 11:52
how were you able to sponsor all these events and orgs and where did the money come from?
2018-05-23 19:35
Hello! We have a strong investments behind. And we are willing to grow our marketing activity on a scene not only for growing the site, but for helping to grow the esport as it is. As about money - they came from different success businesses, due privacy we will not open exact sources, but overall you need to understand that our business regulated by Curaçao gambling commission and bank made all needed review of money come as this is required to get the license for operating.
2018-05-23 21:02
Jame | 
Italy InSuu 
Are you going to do anymore similar events with LAN At the end ? ; )
2018-05-23 19:37
Similar of what? GG.BET Majestic will be with the Moscow LAN at the end for example
2018-05-23 21:09
Jame | 
Italy InSuu 
well just like that it would be cool to see more LANs like the one u are about to do.BTW will there a be an arena at the lan or not? ; )
2018-05-25 22:41
is accessible in singapore?
2018-05-23 19:39
Our license is not blocking us for operating there, but time to time local regulators put block on our domains, so if you will not be able to open our site, probably this is the case
2018-05-23 21:07
XigN | 
Korea XigNw0w 
Is it accessible in South Korea?
2018-05-28 17:40
Hey, yep
2018-05-30 11:13
XigN | 
Korea XigNw0w 
Which languages your site offers (in language section), I'm totally fine with English, but just curious.
2018-05-30 12:51
English, russian, spanish, polish, depends on operator who provides the consultation. In most cases we communicate in English.
2018-05-30 13:30
Jame | 
Italy InSuu 
I promise u you will not regret sponsoring AVANGAR : ).Plz do !!!! : )
2018-05-23 19:39
Okay, if you are asking us, we will look on this more ;)
2018-05-23 21:03
Czech Republic cVmTv 
2018-05-23 21:14
2018-05-24 06:36
can you sponsor a poor brazilian guy with a few bucks on your site?
2018-05-25 15:17
2018-05-27 08:53
You are talking about cooperation?
2018-05-30 11:14
2018-06-08 17:46
parimatch>ggb sry
2018-05-24 11:02
tell us more about it) we're interested in your opinion!
2018-05-30 11:14
He is one of the site's trolls, do not pay too much attention. Especially as you are much bigger than these newbies.
2018-06-14 22:21
we did get the idea)
2018-06-15 12:08
France DKdarKnight 
Do you look at other betting websites when doing your odds ? (Sometimes several websites differ and the odds are significantly different). Do you use any algorithm for making odds (and what factors are used to calculate one) ?
2018-05-23 21:09
Of course we are! We need to understand the overall market situation to avoid any human mistakes or sure bets. As about algorithms, we are using them as well. They based mostly on a neural blackbox network, so this is self education algorithms.
2018-05-23 21:17
Czech Republic cVmTv 
LEGIT SCAM, can I put 200$ on it?
2018-05-23 21:11
tbh this is pretty annoying to work a lot to be as much good as we can for the marketing and so ez getting “scam” messages just because we are betting. This is not kind of we are seriously about your comment, but if we are here to be as much open for everyone, let us some cry for free
2018-05-23 21:21
Norway JorgyZ 
Is this supposed to be English? o.O
2018-05-24 11:30
I smell bait
2018-05-29 13:45
Denmark Doktor_Q 
+1, I dont understand a word
2018-06-01 08:18
It meant that we calmly react to comments that betting, in particular we - scam. The specifics of such a business breeds a harder soul and teaches how to properly respond to attempts when someone want to get a rise out of you. If the dog barks at you, you won't constantly wave a stick, you just stop paying attention to it :) in any case I do not want to offend the person who wrote this comment, everyone is free to think the way he likes :)
2018-06-01 10:45
Denmark Doktor_Q 
ok ty
2018-06-01 11:13
always welcome)
2018-06-01 11:14
Estonia HannesEZZ 
Too bad its blocked in Estonia
2018-05-23 21:13
Yeah, Estonia players awesome! We miss you guys and so sad that there is kind of local monopoly about betting in your country. And of course we will not recommend you to use any VPN or site mirrows, never!
2018-05-23 21:24
smn | 
And of course we will not recommend you to use any VPN or site mirrows, never! = You can use it just dont get caught
2018-05-24 15:18
Further in this discussion I will only speak in the presence of my lawyer
2018-05-24 15:24
hands down the best comment in HLTV!!!!!
2018-05-25 11:38
^ The best respond ever guys. Sadly it could become a meme in HLTV..
2018-06-14 22:25
we do not mind :)
2018-06-15 12:11
And why its blocked in Estionia in your opinion?
2018-05-25 11:40
There is no opinion, just fact, we mentioned in a thread, Estonia had kind of local monopoly about betting in country.
2018-05-25 13:10
I think Estonia just aware of scums and its abcolutely right
2018-05-25 13:14
Okay, so then you can just explain why you are calling us as "scum"?
2018-05-25 13:16
I didnt say so. I just said I dont like you dont wanna give info about your founders. for me it looks suspiciously.
2018-05-25 13:19
Why? This is just a privacy. We are not public listed company and this is just some right to be private. If you are afraid about any suspiciously activity - we passed compliance from Curacao Gambling Commission and banks regarding UBO and money come, this is required procedure, so everything fine here
2018-05-25 13:24
Any free job? following csgo/dota2/hs scene 5-6 years, actively betting and earning money, not so much, cuz dont wanna be addicted, but enough for living I can talk more about myself if there is any free job.
2018-05-23 21:30
SmithZz | 
Iraq NBGay 
actively betting for living and not addicted lmfao go fuck yourself kiddo
2018-05-23 21:33
Please send your request to we will resend it to our CEO
2018-05-23 21:34
thx man
2018-05-23 21:35
Israel Netanjahu 
1. Which teams is currently under you sponsor? 2. Brazillian or American BBQ? 3. HLTV or reddit? (Hint: HLTV) 4. Do you sponsor any tournaments? 5. Do you think the ex-IBP should be unbanned?
2018-05-23 21:37
1. NaVi, North, Team Secret and also we are official partners of Dreamhack 2. Both are good, why not? 3. Def HLTV, we spot much more friendly ppl here tbh 4. A lot of them, casting studios, tournaments (Dreamhack mentioned above) 5. We are not banned them, so who we are to decide? ;)
2018-05-23 21:49
Israel Netanjahu 
Thanks for replying! Just asked your personal opinion in number 5, nothing more.
2018-05-23 21:50
This is often difficult to be yes or not on such cases. More personal opinion is not the whole brand should decide about some bans.
2018-05-23 21:53
should s1mple leave natus vincere ? xd
2018-05-23 21:50
NEVER as we are sponsoring them!
2018-05-23 21:54
Finland $uck 
Should na'vi kick zeus and edward and get better?
2018-06-08 17:34
why do you think should they do that?
2018-06-08 17:44
Finland $uck 
To get better ?
2018-06-08 17:45
hm..this is a question about which guys need to ponder more seriously I do not think that it is necessary to do so.
2018-06-08 17:52
Finland $uck 
Btw are you gay and how are gay porn stars?
2018-06-08 17:59
yes, good guys
2018-06-08 17:55
Finland $uck 
2018-06-08 17:59
Some things are not explainable :)
2018-06-08 17:58
Sri Lanka decibell 
2018-06-15 10:47
This is quite biased opinion lol "we are their sponsors, the best player must be locked"
2018-06-14 22:33
Germany fLUKENN 
Looking to sponsor upcoming teams? :)
2018-05-23 21:51
Let’s start our negotiations! Ez $3 for you!
2018-05-23 21:56
Germany fLUKENN 
1. NaVi, North, Team Secret and also we are official partners of Dreamhack Navi and North are prolly better than us but Team Secret? We won vs Team Sing Female 16-4 or 16-5 and Sing > Secret i hope this is about cs not dota :))
2018-05-23 21:58
This is more Dota2 team, and they will be on upcoming TI8 :) If you have any offer for us, send it please to we will def review it
2018-05-23 22:00
Ukraine vladik228 
Do you plan to sponsor known HLTV users ?
2018-05-23 21:55
This is pretty interesting idea. For those who are looking such sponsorship- send us an email to
2018-05-23 21:57
Germany tapseN 
lmao what
2018-06-01 22:13
Netherlands C9ROPZZ 
2018-05-24 11:26
Poland ez271 
2018-06-01 11:17
1. Your website allows to bet several times on the same match over the max limit. And i saw lot of complains from people you refusing to pay them because they broke some rules based on it. True or not? Is it allowed to bet over the max limit or not? 2. What gonna happen if someone refuses to send their ID to you? (no matter the reason) Do you return their initial deposit or just keeping all their money? 3. Do you have any plans to start fair betting service in future (like Pinnacle) without limiting (basically ban) everyone who won 500$+ from you?
2018-05-23 22:03
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
“Are you not allowed to bet over the max limit?” Do you read what you write? It’s contradictory. No. Requesting ID is common throughout the betting industry when it comes to legitimate bookmakers. There’s a number of reasons for this but a key reason being for money laundering. If someone does not provide ID then they cannot withdraw and do not get any intiai deposits. Again, this is an industry wide practice.
2018-05-23 22:19
Thanks for helping us to explain all this things. This is not so bad that esport industry is not so convenient with gambling, but hard to us to do not associate our brand with scam
2018-05-23 22:49
1. This is true that we had some problems with several times bet. Once we spot it, we made internal rule to avoid it as there were a tons of abusing bets especially on tier3 events. we made refunds previosly in case of rules were broken.But this is more our tech problem, rules is not an option and we are rebuilding our system to make it not possible to bet 50-100 bets in every second. This is okay for live events, but abuse pre-match limits about this were the real problem for tier3 events which making it for 322 money. Once we spot the whole team betting against themselves. BUT we will resolve it technically very soon to do not put any rules on it. 2. We will block it and freeze money. This is not meaning we will keep it to own pocket. We are making our verify process as their required from regulation commission and banks. We can’t make money back for unverified persons to avoid bank card or other payments scammers will get it back to spend it on other sites more successful. This is partly consist even from payment gateways request. If there will be the person who will verify his owning deposits payments- we will definitely withdraw it asap. 3. This means we should offer the same list of events. You need to understand that this is a big issue with scam games, but a lot of ppl want to bet fairly on tier3 events. The only one way to avoid it - limit such events. For tier1 events we have a HUGE amounts possible to bet and as far we will improve our system - as less limits we have.
2018-05-23 22:39
Magisk | 
United Kingdom tr4c 
nice site
2018-05-23 22:09
Oh, stop it, you!
2018-05-23 22:41
Latvia sw1pe 
is accessible in Latvia?
2018-05-23 22:26
Latvia is not in our blacklisted countries list. Any problems with it?
2018-05-23 22:45
Is there a paypal deposit and withdraw option in your site ,if not really would like to see one :) ?
2018-05-23 22:31
Not now, but we working on it! If only you guys can request PayPal to allow our site - it will be much easier for us :) Only few betting sites have a PayPal as an option. We really working on it as we know how important this for you guys
2018-05-23 22:43
Thanks , good to hear
2018-05-23 22:43
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
What was your revenue and profit margin for 2017? What are your projections for the next three years? :)) :p
2018-05-23 22:48
Sorry, this is not public numbers, we can’t show them for everyone. We want to own the world in next 3 years. Not the same in your wishes? :)
2018-05-23 22:51
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Haha, I catch your drift ;) I’ll take controlling share for €20m then ;p Exciting time for esports betting, especially with the ruling over in the US! All the best for 2018
2018-05-23 23:07
Thank you! We hope we will show the best performance for all you guys
2018-05-24 06:30
flusha | 
Sweden moxxy 
I haven't been betting for awhile, but do you have odds for Asian games, like those online tournaments etc. If so, are you considering stop doing that after all these scandals that the Asian scene has been involved with, and just feature the the bigger ones?
2018-05-23 22:58
Hello! This is the interesting case and we are keep looking on any games and once we will spot any scam activity we making refunds. Depends on such activity sometimes we making refunds only for losing bets. But Asia is a large and strong esport region, we can’t ignore them for couple of scammers.
2018-05-23 23:05
flusha | 
Sweden moxxy 
Understandable! Also, during the round robin games in ECS/EPL etc when it is Bo2, I really like the -1.5/1.5 option. As far as I can remember, you don't offer that feature. Would you ever concider that?
2018-05-24 17:53
We do have handicaps, but +1.5 the same as correct score 2:0, for example. So you can see -0.5/+0.5 and correct score as well instead of +1.5
2018-05-24 21:00
Poland L1nkus 
You take away a higher percentage of the bet, than for example Bet365 (GG.BET 1.30 | 3.26 ; Bet365 1.30 | 3.40). Why do you offer worse ratios?
2018-05-24 10:10
Hello! Thanks for this question, this is a very good case to discuss. I can't commet the example case as this is a lack of info what event we are talking about. But basically you just need to compare the number of events for esports on a both sites. This is about a lot of tier2/tier3 events on our bet list. And some of them can be very tricky. Also we providing one of the best number of markets for the single match. This is a lot of opportunity for players to bet, but opened a lot of possible scam practice for 322 matches and players. The simple answer: if you want to see the same line margin as you can see it on others big and non-esport focused sportsbooks, we need to make the number of events and markets in our bet list same as they are providing. But we don't want to limit our players with non-offering some matches. Our goal to have ALL esports events in our bet list. BUT! For now, as we mentioned above, we rebuilding our trading platform which will allow us to separate tier3 events from the tier1 of them and avoid bet limit abuse. And soon our offer will be best on market.
2018-05-24 10:20
Will you branch into Fortnite?
2018-05-24 10:12
Hello! Once there will come some pro tournaments announcements - we will not ignore them for sure.
2018-05-24 10:21
Why are Australians not allowed?
2018-05-24 10:24
Due local regulations and blacklist from Curacao Gambling Comission. Australia have a list of restrictions on esports betting, which not allow live bets for esports under local AU license which making nonsensical to get this license as this is most interesting part of esports bets. We hope AU rules will change soon and we can offer our site for Australians, we had a lot of fans there previously.
2018-05-24 10:30
mir | 
Slovakia TatKo 
What would you say is your biggest advantage over other betting sites ?
2018-05-24 10:26
Aha! Got you mr.Competitor! On a serious note, more live bets, more in-house trading to make the match list different for each site. We want to grow faster and this is often great to see the presure from one or several sites not in marketing activity. but with the interesting functionality of it
2018-05-24 10:37
mir | 
Slovakia TatKo 
Haha, i can assure you, im not a competitor but i understand why you might think so when theres some random person asking you question like that. I have not been betting for a while now, used to bet a ton on egb like 2-3 years ago. Mostly using express ( stacking many matches into one bet ). Is something similar avaliable on your site ? Also im still little sad you stopped sponsoring Admiralbulldog, hes the best sellout out there tbh. Anyways good luck on growing a keeping the site going, good to see companies doin Q&A on hltv, maybe i will stop on your site if i will ever decide to start betting again. :)
2018-05-24 10:51
This is just a joke about competitors, so yeah. yes, we have combo bets. And we have a system bets as well, which is similar as combo but with the different way you can win in some cases. We are not stop to work with him personally, it was Alliance deal overall and as you can see the team is stoped in it progress which is pretty sad tbh. We will see what we can do to renew our AdmiralBuldog sponsoring, why not. And thank you for your feedback! If you will back again - we must to aware you about betting responsobility, so bet smart :)
2018-05-24 10:57
Do you compete with LEON? maybe stupid question, sorry)
2018-05-24 10:54
Basically, any sportsbook with the esports bet list are our competitors
2018-05-24 10:57
However, there are a lot of sources/people whos willing to sell forecast by saying teams going to play 322 game, or there is some treaty with sportsbooks. Is that true? I know that mostly its scam(if teams not doing 322), but a lof people trust them, do you have any protection for that?
2018-05-24 11:20
We are always keep our eyes on any rumors, activity and even on average bets and amount of the same level events in the system. 322 is not surprizely for us, but we know how to detect them. Mostly it will be moneyback for all bets, sometimes it moneyback for losers only.
2018-05-24 11:23
Denmark VladiBot 
Are you planning on sporsoring more teams?
2018-05-24 10:30
We are! More announcements soon
2018-05-24 10:32
Are you planning to create your own team? (CSGO, Dota)
2018-05-24 11:47
Maybe, but this often tricky as everybody will be hyping about 322 and non-fair games of it. We are sorting out pros and cons of it.
2018-05-24 11:57
United Kingdom Paugenas 
In a couple months we've seen so many 322 matches, why none of the teams got banned by at least you?
2018-05-24 10:59
They are. We even made some blacklist internally. But ban overall is not stopping them as they are far away of tier1 pro scene. Valve ban? This will not avoid them to play any tier3 tournaments. Some of the teams will not be on our bet list ever. Some of them limited as much as we can for the max bet.
2018-05-24 11:03
Latvia 6matko 
First of all, thanks for the effort you are putting into community. It is nice to see that there is a discussion between two sides. It seems that you are well-educated in your work and know a lot about this industry. I have more a question of interest :) What is your role (job title if you will) in your company ? Thank you in advance.
2018-05-24 11:16
Ah, if I will tell you that even CEO of the project involved in some answers - will you trust me? :)
2018-05-24 11:25
is CEO ruski? #13 btw
2018-05-24 11:29
We have a multinational team here. If you wanna meet us personally, you can visit ICE TOTALLY GAMBLING events, for example, in London next year.
2018-05-24 11:32
Latvia 6matko 
Yes, why not ? :) Actually I wouldn't even be surprised. Some answers give much insight information that CEO or close to him may know. That also leads me to second question. Do these questions are answered by one person or several ?
2018-05-24 11:31
Several as they are in a pretty different sections of responsibilities. We planned this Q&A more for support those who think we are scammers and public resolving issues. Also we see this as an a big opportunity to make our site better due changes and feedbacks. If we will spot any mistakes between us and players - we will resolve it asap and will make some conclusions internally how to avoid it in the future
2018-05-24 11:35
Latvia 6matko 
Thank you :)
2018-05-24 11:36
Germany PeKay 
hello why are bet limits so low on ur site it is unuseable cuz of that?
2018-05-24 11:24
Hey! There are answer above you can find, but let me copy-past it You need to understand that this is a big issue with scam games, but a lot of ppl want to bet fairly on tier3 events. The only one way to avoid it - limit such events. For tier1 events we have a HUGE amounts possible to bet and as far we will improve our system - as less limits we have.
2018-05-24 11:26
Netherlands C9ROPZZ 
Have you seen weird betting Patterns or do you guys look at stuff like this and report it to Valve? Because especialy in the Chinese scene, matches x10 are often obviously thrown
2018-05-24 11:27
We have a lack of China players now, but we are expanding on this market now. Once we will spot something really big - we will provide it to Valve and others. But as we mentioned above: "We even made some blacklist internally. But ban overall is not stopping them as they are far away of tier1 pro scene. Valve ban? This will not avoid them to play any tier3 tournaments. Some of the teams will not be on our bet list ever. Some of them limited as much as we can for the max bet."
2018-05-24 11:29
Netherlands C9ROPZZ 
Do you have games that you are positive were thrown? Or do you think it doesnt happen anymore (or just not on your site)
2018-05-24 11:33
Yeah, time to time it happens. For example, Dota2 - DPL Season 5 — Secondary League - Brave Heart and KDM ProDotA Cup Europe #24 - x3m4uj and lowkez tried to bet against themselves on our site. It def happens. But not on Tier1 events now as we can see.
2018-05-24 11:49
Latvia 6matko 
I have actually one more question. Do you have plans on adding public API to get information about upcoming matches, odds and other useful information ? If not, is there any exceptions to get access to this API ?
2018-05-24 11:36
If you need it, send you request to with describing why you need this for your needs.
2018-05-24 11:51
Latvia 6matko 
Alright, thank you!
2018-05-24 11:51
Denmark VladiBot2 
Is there a 100% deposit bonus? :D
2018-05-24 11:44
You mean THOSE FANTASTIC 100% BONUS UP TO $50 WITH HLTV50 PROMO CODE? Of course we have it! And it is FANTASTIC.
2018-05-24 11:53
Denmark VladiBot2 
But I want up to 200 cause i don't have a life :D <3
2018-05-24 18:37
Than let’s make a deal, you need to deposit 500 and you will get your 200! Such a nice opportunity! Perhaps we think that this is nice. Yeah, def nice. Please do
2018-05-24 20:54
Denmark VladiBot2 
How about a special welcome bonus? I deposit around 200 with a 200€ Bonus? :D
2018-05-25 13:55
with wager 1? xD
2018-05-25 14:18
Denmark VladiBot2 
I just checked my bank account. 170 euro, how much bonus do you wanna give me? xd
2018-05-25 15:23
How do you feel when users spam "scam" "scam" on Twitch chat whenever there is an ad about your betting site?.
2018-05-24 12:15
Post it #34 This is really annoying to do a lot of work to improve the site, betting offer, lives and pre-match, to avoid scammers, block any 322 and other things, A LOT to be the best among others and getting so much hate just because you are betting company. But it is more about our free cry. We just understand that haters gonna hate. But they def cause some brand value problems for us. This is so easy to spam "scam" and so hard to prove that you are not.
2018-05-24 12:24
Lol good spirit. Really appreciate what you are doing for tier 2-4 CS scene.
2018-05-24 14:19
Why can't I access in Cyprus?
2018-05-24 12:21
What exactly do you get there? Any errors or something?
2018-05-24 12:25
Yep I'm being redirected to this website : I don't know if I should use a vpn? Help
2018-05-24 13:05
Seems like your goverment blocked us. And of course we will not recommend you to use any VPN or site mirrows like, never!
2018-05-24 13:10
What can you do to get unblocked?? Did you not comply with their regulations or something?
2018-05-24 13:14
As we know they made a new law about betting and gambling. And this is just a question of evaluating pros and cons. Cyprus esports audience is not so big to put it on our top priority list, sorry.
2018-05-24 13:22
I will be going back to Greece this summer, do you know if I can access your site from there?
2018-05-24 13:36
All should be good there
2018-05-24 14:47
ure scammers
2018-05-24 12:21
So then we scammed you?
2018-05-24 12:26
Yup... and not just once
2018-05-24 13:14
Can you give us more info? Any ID on out site to look on it. What were the cases?
2018-05-24 13:19
Germany Vini_1337 
Do you plan to sponsor and organize more events like GG.BET Majestic ? I think its great to not only see the top 10 teams on lan but also give smaller teams a chance to show themselves
2018-05-24 12:24
Of course. This is just a start for us, we will expand here and some local scenes
2018-05-24 12:26
Turkey HypnoSia 
Need +18 for withdraw?
2018-05-24 12:34
Actually, you need to be of age to register on gg bet
2018-05-24 12:37
Turkey HypnoSia 
you wanna country id number?
2018-05-24 12:38
exactly, we conduct verification in order to confirm the player's age If you will be under 18 we will cashback all your deposits and block your account
2018-05-24 12:41
Turkey HypnoSia 
But its risky id number give somebody
2018-05-24 12:40
you can hide some information in your ID card, we don't need the full number
2018-05-24 12:42
Turkey HypnoSia 
My birth date 13 July 2000 can i use you system or i need wait 13July?
2018-05-24 12:43
You need to wait until you turn 18 and then welcome to GGbet :)
2018-05-24 12:46
Turkey HypnoSia 
So you system open Turkey? or Locked?
2018-05-24 12:48
Turkey is not included in the list of prohibited countries, so there is nothing to stop you, except your age)
2018-05-24 12:49
Who are the major investors of GGBet? How do you counter potential matchfixes? How do you protect the data of your users?
2018-05-24 12:55
UBO would like to retain the right to privacy, because such kind of business provides a huge amount of negativity in general. Not everyone is equally good or indifferent to any manifestation of betting. We blacklisting such players, teams, limiting max bet on tier2/tier3 events and making cashback if there were the case (time2time only losed bets) Like everybody others under the required Curacao Gambling Commission and worldwide security protocols
2018-05-24 13:17
How does sponsorship work? Do you research and offer esports org or they reach out to you? Who is decision maker in this process? Do you think it is possible that it would be forbidden in future to make partnerships between betting sites and esports orgs? (Transperancy/matchfixing issues)
2018-05-24 13:04
Hello! We just valuating the possible ROI for us for such deals. We hope this will not be forbidden as this is normal practice in traditional sport. Match fixing is not the case of sponsoring teams, this is more semi-pro level problem. Avoiding this problem through blocking a huge industry investments is pretty bad practice we think
2018-05-24 13:14
Hi! Can you please explain why my account was limited so I can bet no more than a few Euro even on top matches? Is it how you encourage customers to bet with you? :)
2018-05-24 13:14
Hey, of course, just give me your login and I'll check
2018-05-24 13:21
Hello! And finally the case we came for here :) Let's look deeper on it. Can you place here or PM us your site ID
2018-05-24 13:17
*** edited
2018-05-24 13:21
Give me a few minutes, I'll check out
2018-05-24 13:20
are you sure login is correct? as I can see there was no activity on your account since 2016, probably you have another one profile on gg bet?
2018-05-24 13:23
Of course I am. What activity do tou expect with limits like 3-5 Euro per bet? :))
2018-05-24 13:26
last succesfull withdrawal was at 2017-10-23
2018-05-24 13:30
there was no personal limit on your account, actually which amount would you like to bet? and if you do not mind, we can go into private messages to discuss it in more detail
2018-05-24 13:32
OK I will PM you the screenshot
2018-05-24 13:33
great, ty
2018-05-24 13:34
Limits were restored to normal. Thanks a lot!!!
2018-05-24 14:06
You are always welcome :)
2018-05-24 14:14
Slovakia Reve_nant 
I have couple questions about your tournament Majestic. 1. Why only 4 teams? And will the number of teams higher in your next events? 2. Because it is also qualifier for ESL One Cologne, and this week is also Closed qualifier for it, dont you think it is a little a bit unfair that Gambit and North will have two chances to qualify? 3. Did ESL talk with you about this possibility? 4. What happen when Gambit and North qualify through closed qualifier? Will they still play at your event? Because I see no point having them play at basically another qualifier after they qualifiy from previous one.
2018-05-24 13:47
This is only first tries. 1. We are using UCC as our partner to organize everything and they provide a format and we just trying to look on it. Big LANs will come soon as a smaller local onlines as well. 2. Also they are on a direct contact with ESL guys. So def they are in touch. 3. Both UCC and ESL are on contact and keep eyes on it 4. They will be replaced by other invites
2018-05-24 14:30
Turkey pardus 
why you make casters spell names of teams you sponsored with annoying additions like "navi dot gg dot bet"
2018-05-24 13:51
Hello Basically this is the same deals as Barclay's Premier League or something similar in traditional sport. So this is a brand name deal, needed for marketing. And this is pretty normal to invest in the teams to make them stronger.
2018-05-24 14:24
Turkey pardus 
yes, it should be like that way but was't na'vi ggbet better than na'vi dot gg dot bet? or is it just caster's mistake?
2018-05-24 16:40
certainly, the variant you proposed sounds more pleasant it can be fixed :)
2018-05-24 17:28
One more issue. Depositing via Neteller is charged in USD although my account currencey is Euro both in GG and in Neteller. That means I loose money in currency exchange fees. With Neteller or Ecopayz there is no such problem. Hope you will fix it with Neteller.
2018-05-24 14:11
You mean that you're depositing money in euro, but Neteller converts them into dollars?
2018-05-24 14:21
Your payment system does. I try to deposit ** EUR it goes to neteller where I am asked to pay ** USD . If I agree money from my EUR neteller account are converting to USD and then back to EUR on your site. Fees appear
2018-05-24 14:37
Got it! there is no fee on our part, it is the conversion of the payment method, namely, the processing system unfortunately, we can not do anything about this, for now, but we are looking for ways to solve this issue
2018-05-24 14:45
Why No na teams.
2018-05-24 14:50
This is a legal problem of contract with country and forbidden gambling in it.
2018-05-24 15:04
Oke want to Kown
2018-05-24 15:28
why should i move from pinnacle to you?
2018-05-24 14:52
Basically we have more list of events, more markets to bet, more live bets, pretty interesting bonuses, cool fast games and other activities. We will surprize you soon with the biggest number of markets on one event for sure. And we are always in touch and ready to listen you.
2018-05-24 15:11
Do u have bet limits? Do u start to limit winning players?
2018-05-24 15:13
We have it due tier-level events. Like mostly HUGE bets available on Tier1 But some tier3 can be less in bet max. Anyway you will see the available max bet in our betslip. As about limiting, previously we did this, but now this is not an option for us. This is really bad practice, so we don't want to use them. We made it as we had a lack of in-house trading software functionality, But now we became better with it.
2018-05-24 15:17
1. what about an ios/andorid app 2. live betting for real sports too?
2018-05-24 18:14
1. This cannot be in official AppStore and Google Store during legal USA issues with forbidden gambling. Basically they not clue about worldwide licensing and thinking that we have rights to release it only for Cutacao. 2. Will be very soon, probably in next few days.
2018-05-24 18:27
hi GG bet, does your site let people change preferred team to win before the match start? and if it does how much time is the allowance user has?
2018-05-24 18:30
Nope, this is not allowed on our site. If you change your mind you can overbet it for different side
2018-05-24 19:08
okay thanks
2018-05-24 19:09
Are neural networks going to be a huuuge new means to get profit from match betting, or will you counter them by your own neural networks and higher house cuts? Is this the reason you won't just give your API to anybody, or are there some great statisticians playing against you? Cheers:)
2018-05-24 19:24
No any algorithms are good enough to be 100% winning and no any stats can guarantee you a win, this even dangerous as you have an illusion that you will def win. So bet not based on some stats but on a real short distance of overall team performance, mental, strategy and even new patch of the games. We don’t have API as it is. We have a feed, but as this is in-house development we just prefer to keep it mostly on marketing needs.
2018-05-24 20:52
United Kingdom Jobelspice 
Do you plan on starting larger tournaments at some point and if so what size prize pool?
2018-05-24 21:03
Yeap, we just testing best models and formats. Of course we are planning to do more. As the prize pool - nothing to discuss till this is just a plans. Of course we understand that it should be on a highly competitive level
2018-05-24 21:56
United Kingdom Jobelspice 
Excellent, look forward to it
2018-05-25 08:33
Where are you from? Where is your main office?
2018-05-25 08:51
hello) Company registered in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
2018-05-25 10:24
And where come from founders?
2018-05-25 11:27
Hello! Will copy-paste answer on this question above: UBO would like to retain the right to privacy, because such kind of business provides a huge amount of negativity in general. Not everyone is equally good or indifferent to any manifestation of betting.
2018-05-25 11:57
I dont like it
2018-05-25 12:04
2018-05-25 13:09
can u give me free items?
2018-05-25 11:31
We are not skin betting, there is only real money on our site.
2018-05-25 11:57
Is your site allowed in the uk, if not why
2018-05-25 13:11
No, because we have no UK Gambling License and only this license allowed to operate on this country. We will look on it in the future for sure
2018-05-25 13:17
damn that sucks, I can't use pinnacle either so instead I have to use shit websites that limit after 5 winning bets
2018-05-25 13:18
Netherlands Darkrain 
Do you have some bonus code which I can use for my deposit? To celebrate that you are active on HLTV.
2018-05-25 13:21
I think you are using adblock here? :) Yeah, use HLTV50 for 100% on deposit up to $50. But be careful with terms on it as it has wager. You can ask it support or find it in our rules.
2018-05-25 13:27
Netherlands Darkrain 
oh yeah now u say it.. I see your add.. have been using HLTV long enough to don't see adds anymore,, oops
2018-05-25 13:30
Do you take a commission if I decide to withdraw money? And what % if so? I never used your site before so I'm asking.
2018-05-25 13:23
Hey, nope, we don't have any commission fee for withdrawal or deposit
2018-05-25 13:32
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
Hi, A general question. Has you business or 'footfall' been seeing a decreasing trend or an increasing trend? I will understand if you chose not to answer the question directly. But i am trying to get a sense of the following of Counter-Strike over the last couple years and if the extent the game's popularity is increasing/decreasing....
2018-05-25 13:33
Generally esports growing up very fast and huge and Counter-Strike is still on a lead position of it.
2018-05-25 13:36
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
I totally agree with the first part of your reply. And the second part is reassuring. Thanks for answering. A follow-up question: Are all your operations centrally based and run or do you have ancillary branches or offices in other countries too, say India?
2018-05-25 13:41
Yes, but not India. We have a several offices around the world and some country managers around.
2018-05-25 14:39
How much GGbet paid to hltv to allow this thread and verify their account? Cuz every other thread about betting sites gets deleted
2018-05-25 13:40
+1, monopoly
2018-05-25 13:53
mir | 
Slovakia TatKo 
You have no idea what that word means lmao
2018-05-25 14:21
Ukraine XFESTER 
Dmytro is know, what this word means.
2018-05-29 10:11
Nothing, if other bookmakers want to provide this community feature they are free to contact us.
2018-05-25 14:08
Japan (0x0) 
You should verify pro accounts, given all the fake ones.
2018-05-29 06:38
Hello! Really nothing, we paid only for a banner above to promote it, but this is our decision. This was a kind move from the guys and we appreciate it
2018-05-25 14:19
Australia SPUNJie 
I aren't think that
2018-06-16 13:30
Never sponsor Online Soldiers lmao They will disappoint you on LAN
2018-05-25 14:14
This even not about results, We have a lack of Turkish payments atm so once we will fix it - never say never.
2018-05-25 14:22
Brehze | 
Poland wawywo 
Are you going to sponsore some team soon?
2018-05-25 14:31
Yeap, coming soon new announcements
2018-05-25 15:02
Brehze | 
Poland wawywo 
Can you give prompt which team it is?
2018-05-25 15:12
Nope until it will be official, sorry
2018-05-25 15:59
Brehze | 
Poland wawywo 
Np ;)
2018-05-25 16:03
Operating a company based in the Antilles out of Cyprus doesn't sound like the most sustainable or legitimate business model. What laws are in place to guarantee payouts if your company decides to shut down, and what nation's laws are you actually subject to?
2018-05-25 14:32
This is just a myth as there are lot of compliance you need to pass to get the license and banks. As we alreay mentioned, we are operating under Curacao as this is one of the best offer for allowed countries there.
2018-05-25 15:01
Why no malta(or other eu/eta) licence? have to pay taxes from curacao :(
2018-05-25 14:39
Tbh Malta now is loosing it's potential. Local regulations are strong and as this is EU Malta makes a lot of countries blacklisted. We are operating under Curacao as this is one of the best offer for allowed countries there.
2018-05-25 14:52
There is no information about how to use promo money
2018-05-25 15:03
Which promo you activated?
2018-05-25 15:14
2018-05-25 15:25
you mean hltv50, right?
2018-05-25 15:41
2018-05-25 15:50
The wagering requirements for the bonus to be cashed out are 14 times the bonus amount within 14 days of the bonus being awarded. Bets for the wagering must be placed at odds of 1.75 or more and be settled, eligible type of the bets – single. In case bets are made using both the bonus and real cash, the winnings will be awarded proportionally. Bonus winnings will be added to bonus balance and winnings from real balance to the real one. The maximum winning that can be cashed from the bonus is $50, €50, 3000 RUB or the equivalent amount in your account currency, the remaining amount will be deducted from the balance. For more information, please contact our support :)
2018-05-25 16:19
Sweden K1ngSalah 
Why there's no paypal on your site? :(
2018-05-25 15:16
We know how important it is for you guys, we're working on it.
2018-05-25 16:21
Romania GazJulian 
I really like the site a lot but it is banned in some of the countries, including mine, Romania. Are you gonna make some movements about this? So far is banned and it's on the official blacklist of gambling sites in Romania.
2018-05-25 15:35
Romania one of our favorite countries, previously there were so many guys from there. We will def look what we can do with this
2018-05-25 22:36
Romania GazJulian 
Hopefully! We would really like to use your site and be friendly aswell with the laws.
2018-05-25 22:52
Why NV so bad and what you think about next french shuffle? :) And why NV not in GGBET?
2018-05-25 16:26
Oh, so hard to say about next shuffle. As about sponsoring, we are not allowing to bet French players, so no any French teams :(
2018-05-25 22:40
one more opinion my bets could be a little bit more transparent. checking your multi bets its a total chaos. u dont even no from there which bet from the parlay is ended on going or it will be later, just after all ended and the copy link not even work
2018-05-25 20:20
Thanks for your report, we will check it and make changes
2018-05-25 22:41
Jame | 
Italy InSuu 
in the future will you do bigger LAN tournaments(in the future is like after majestic LAN) like 50k -100k LANs with tier1-3 teams?
2018-05-25 22:44
Yes, we are planning this
2018-05-25 22:46
Jame | 
Italy InSuu 
nice gl ; )
2018-05-25 22:47
what do you think of communism
2018-05-25 22:47
Basically we are not thinking about communism
2018-05-25 22:54
2018-05-25 22:54
Because we don’t know why we should
2018-05-25 23:03
Jame | 
Italy InSuu 
is cs ur favourite e-sports : ) ?
2018-05-25 22:58
The whole esports are magical tbh, this is something insane and we really in love with it
2018-05-25 22:59
Jame | 
Italy InSuu 
: ) (lmao tells me i have to add more than just a smily face : ) )
2018-05-25 23:01
do u have any open jobs xd
2018-05-25 23:04
If you need, you can try to apply on
2018-05-25 23:05
is eminem the greatest rapper of all time?
2018-05-25 23:08
One among them for sure and no matter who loves him or not
2018-05-25 23:31
who will win Worldcup 2018? So i can go and bet on it
2018-05-25 23:15
Sorry no clue :) But our trading team will def trade it live so any body can go and bet on it
2018-05-25 23:30
2018-05-25 23:32
2018-05-25 23:32
can you pls exit the eports scene? all of your tourneys and qualifiers are full of match fixing
2018-05-25 23:21
Hello! Do you have any proof of such games?
2018-05-25 23:29
Jame | 
Italy InSuu 
xd destroyed
2018-05-26 09:59
Argentina roulettesoad 
seeking for attention? how much kid?
2018-05-27 02:57
stavn | 
Spain Miki2K 
Y cant i bet or register from Spain? :/ you could make a lot of money on me bcs i rly like the site and the system lmao
2018-05-26 15:05
Unfortunately, gambling is forbidden by the law of your country, we can not advise you to bypass the blocking of the site by using our mirrors or or by installing VPN app, for example: Hola or Zenmate.
2018-05-26 15:12
low-key sliding ways to bypass the law
2018-05-26 18:16
I would never use your site and you are wrong internet gambling is legal in usa and has also recently passed laws allowing the creation on physical sportsbooks. nt retard get a life scumbag site everyone who doesnt have their head up their ass knows about all the matchfixing that goes on in your sponsored shitty tournaments
2018-05-26 19:56
Well, in fact betting on our site for USA residents is forbidden by our rules as well as betting on our website is forbidden in USA. This works both ways. As for calling us scam and blaming in matchfixing we would like to know wether there are any specific reasons you have to say such frustrating things :(
2018-05-27 00:55
United Kingdom Denzinho 
who will you invite to GG BET majestic as gambit and north have already qualified for Cologne?
2018-05-26 18:17
Argentina roulettesoad 
i've been following pro cs pretty much 2 years but never bet before, any guide to get into it? is it allowed in argentina?
2018-05-27 02:39
Hello! Our rules don't have any restrictions towards Argentina, so if betting is allowed in your country you are welcomed to register on our website. :) As for the guidelines, obviously everyone has his own preferences in bets and teams, so it's kinda hard to give a specific advice without knowing them. To start with, you can try first placing bets on traditional match/map winner markets and on teams in the result of which you are pretty confident, proceeding then maybe to more specific ones, like pistol round winner if you follow them as well. We would also like to draw your attention to our live bets, where we offer betting lines for CS:GO quite often.
2018-05-27 08:46
Is there skins betting?
2018-05-27 08:46
Hello. No, unfortunately, we don't provide options for deposit/withdrawal with skins or placing bets using them. On our site you can place bets only with real funds.
2018-05-27 08:50
How much can a user win before they get limited to few cents for each bet ?
2018-05-27 12:42
Hey! You can find an answer to that a bit above but I will also copy-paste it here for your convenience :) We have limits due tier-level events. Like mostly HUGE bets available on Tier1 But some tier3 can be less in bet max. Anyway you will see the available max bet in our betslip. As about limiting, previously we did this, but now this is not an option for us. This is really bad practice, so we don't want to use them. We made it as we had a lack of in-house trading software functionality, But now we became better with it.
2018-05-27 19:37
I had a lot of problems when trying to withdraw my winnings on your site. It told me that i had to withdraw only 100$ at a time, I eventually was able to withdraw it but it took almost 1 month. My stakes was also lowered to a maximum bet of 4$ on each bet after only 200$ of winnings. So i have two questions; Why do you limit players' max bets so fast? Why is the limit for withdrawal amount so low?
2018-05-28 16:02
Hello! Limits can be set on player's account only if his betting activity was considered as suspicious, for example, if he was placing lots of identical bets to bypass the general match limits, bets on already known outcomes or was suspected of arbitrage betting, that can be taken as a bit unfair game. The withdrawal limit you mentioned relates only to certain technical restrictions and means a limit only of one withdrawal request, while you can create a few of them to withdraw a desirable amount of money. The terms of withdrawal are also indicated in our rules and we always comply with them. The only thing that could delay your withdrawal processing is a verification procedure, that needed to be finished.
2018-05-28 17:17
Guys, there's a HTTP 504 error for your server. Cloudflare Amsterdam works, but it fails to your site.
2018-05-28 16:18
Russia FEEN1337 
+1 rip 50k$
2018-05-28 16:44
Hello! Right now we have a maintenance on our website. There are no exact terms at the moment, but we will definitely try to complete it as soon as possible. We apologize for temporary inconvenience.
2018-05-28 17:16
Is your site down? I can't access it. I'm from Hungary if that matters. I have money on your site.
2018-05-28 16:54
check the message above
2018-05-28 17:45
s1mple | 
Portugal w84it! 
Same for me. I'm from Portugal.
2018-05-28 17:45
Hello! Yes, as we mentioned right above, we have a maintenance at the moment. Will try to finish it as soon as possible, don't worry.
2018-05-28 17:52
s1mple | 
Portugal w84it! 
Well, I guess my bet on Renegades will not happen :(
2018-05-28 18:18
Will have a withdraw like giftcards for steam g2a or smth?
2018-05-28 18:20
Interesting idea, but I don't think it will be possible in nearest future
2018-06-19 15:50
Netherlands Phenemue 
How much longer will it take, Its been a while now.
2018-05-29 05:22
We’re almost finished with it, don’t worry ppl and sorry for inconvenience! Ggbet will restore its efficiency in a matter of minutes
2018-05-29 08:49
its already more than 16 hours, will be it up in next 3 hours? I didnt care yesterday cuz i had my bets on, but i wanted bet today nvm i read in twitter its gonna be live probably before starladderm matches
2018-05-29 08:23
They can do nothing about it. GGbet do not make odds themselves. They buy it . Now i see they buy it from Vulkanbet and it is not online yet, though evereyone can see they are close to restoring odds :) just visit esports section of vulkanbet. But do not bet on Vulkanbet!!!
2018-05-29 08:46
Or maybe it is vice versa and vulkan buys odss from GGbet :) Or they both buy from someone else. What is the truth???
2018-05-29 08:57
Actually it’s not true))
2018-05-29 09:01
What is the truth??? Who is your odds provider?
2018-05-29 09:02
In a few minutes Ggbet will restore its efficiency, sorry for inconvenience and thanks for your patience!
2018-05-29 08:51
Why do I always get headaches when eating watermelon
2018-05-29 08:26
Poland WojtaZzz 
"Login does not exist" What is going on?
2018-05-29 09:07
Also no bet history, wrong balance and 1-2 Eur limits per bet. Obviously they are not back yet.
2018-05-29 09:17
Bet history will be back in next 24 hours and all data as well. You will not lose your money for sure.
2018-05-29 09:38
And what about the bet limits. Right now I can bet only 6.13 Eur on NaVi to win the match (@1.2 odds) vs VG.FLASH and it is a Starseries top match. :(
2018-05-29 09:56
We will review all the limits a little bit later. Evrth will be fine :)
2018-05-29 10:01
Hello! PM us plz with your site login
2018-05-29 09:38
Poland WojtaZzz 
I sent you PM
2018-05-29 10:36
Thank you, I'll contact you as soon as possible.
2018-05-29 10:46
Canada Helixoss 
Are you guys planning to host tournaments comparable to IEM's in the future?
2018-05-29 09:44
Ukraine XFESTER 
Do u like Na'Vi? They are actually good, after your title-sponsorship. And why your site is blocked in Ukraine, watafak admin?
2018-05-29 10:06
Of course we like them! Guys are very promising :) Gambling is banned according to the laws of Ukraine. That's why, unfortunately, our site is closed to the citizens of Ukraine.
2018-05-29 10:46
Is alowed in turkey?
2018-05-29 10:51
Yeah, there are no prohibitions for Turkey.
2018-05-29 10:52
how is your withdraws and deposit which method do you use?
2018-05-29 10:52
Evrth depends on your location. You can use crypto currency, E-wallets, Bank Cards etc
2018-05-29 10:54
AE | 
Norway Lujj 
do you need verification to deposit/withdraw with bitcoin?
2018-05-29 13:24
Time to time - yes. this is our Gambling Comission required process
2018-05-29 14:17
With the Supreme Court ruling in the US, would GG.Bet allow US residents to join by state upon legalization in that state?
2018-05-29 13:47
Hello! For now there are no any information about what kind of regulatory rules and needs should we pass by states. So once we will have any clear picture of it - we will def look on it as an option
2018-05-29 14:16
Hello :D I have some questions for you my friend 1.Could you give me some explanation on system(ic) bets (those that arent combos you know) and how they work. And if possible tell me some advantages and disanvantages compared to combo bets. 2. Did you invite valiance to gg,bet mayestic qualifier , and if not why not. And is it possible to see valiance on LAN since north and gambit already qualified (they are pretty good up and coming team they were on dh marsiel) 3. Since the org is in contact with DH can you say some good words about them so they would get more invites to DH open tournaments, whole Balkan would appricate it :) Thank you for your time Best regards
2018-05-29 15:49
Hello and sorry for delay! 1. System is the bet where you choosing only one decider and others can be placed in a several combinations. Than you will choose the number of such combinations. So once you will placed system bet in case of any picks out of decider lose - this is still a chance to win money until decider not lose. For example you pick X, Y, Z, A, B games and X will be decider. Since there will be win on X and ANY of others - you will get return, so you can lose Y, Z, A but win on X and B. Difference with the combo here is that any of lost events will drop down all your money. 2. This is more combo decision of us, our partners, ESL and visas issue. Tbh probably they will be out of LANs as we have a several points against this invite. 3. We can’t control different events of our partners. As we are doing our best to improve our site and we think we are good in it, they are good in events organization. So this is up to them to choose the teams
2018-05-30 18:18
Thanks for the explanations :)
2018-05-31 14:56
Netherlands Phenemue 
Will the balance be restored before the StarLadder games?
2018-05-30 02:13
Hi! We're working on it right now, will try to resolve this issue as soon as possible!
2018-05-30 09:41
Its nice that you saw my question... #390
2018-05-30 15:59
Can you tell me what's the percentage of winning players or this is confidential information?
2018-05-30 02:23
Hello, Its hard to say, because even those who often wins, have losses
2018-05-30 15:06
Actually, time to time everybody wins. This is only the question of how you are planning your bets. Every sportsbook have kind of Margin on every bet line. This depends on player activity and flexible by numbers. Our real bet margin depends of wins and loses, which is not surprizely. But BILLIONS net profit from any bookmaker is a myth. For example, gross revenue on esports trading from the whole bets can be lower than 2% monthly time to time. This is not OUR numbers, we def can't show you something on our side, but this can show you how low it can be in average.
2018-05-30 15:26
GG Bet margins are in the range of 7-8% on each bet which means its very unlikely that GG bet only took 2% home in a month. If they did they either have the worst set of traders in the business meaning they are posting bad lines and people are taking advantage of them or they They had the worst luck in the history of sports gambling
2018-05-30 20:20
Hello! We told above that we are not able to open our exact numbers and that time to time some brands on a market showing results we mentioned. Also there is a difference between real margin and bet line margin, like this two numbers really different at the end
2018-05-31 09:23
Why is this website denying my bets? F.e. I have bet 150€ on T4 match in november 17 and my bet was in hold for whole match, after my team won my bet has been cancelled Happened to me 3-4 times
2018-05-30 11:25
you placed bet in november? o.O erm, its hard to explain the reason, actually) 'coz we couldn't remember what exactly led to the cancellation send your email in PM, plz we'll check it
2018-05-30 15:01
Actually I have just realized it was and not sorry for fake info then It just said that bookmaker had to confirm my bet, as soon as match ended and I won it has been denied
2018-05-30 15:18
nothing to worry about ;)
2018-05-30 15:18
Hey ! First of all i'd like to say that i really appreciate what ur doing here ! It's such a nice "refreshment" from the daily bait and troll threads.... And to my question... When making a system bet why isn't there an option to put more bets in groups ? Or am i just completely stoopid and just don't know how to do it :D Thanks !
2018-05-30 11:28
Hey there :) Are you talking about combo bets?
2018-05-30 13:42
Noo the "system" bets... like for example i'd like to have 3 matches in Group A, 2 matches in group B and 1 last risky match in group C...
2018-05-30 13:54
got it! our system consists of any number of expresses, but each of which has the same number of events, you can't add different number of matches in each group of the system
2018-05-30 14:56
It is way more than 24h since you`re back online. Balance is not restored, limits are still ridiculously low. :(
2018-05-30 13:00
We are aware of this trouble and are doing everything possible to speed up the process of calculating previous bets now all the bets, which were made after our return to the world, are settled quickly and you can track changes in the balance as for the limits, it will take some time to restore evrth we are very grateful for your patience, that's what "loyal player" means!
2018-05-30 13:56
bets were restored thanks to online support.
2018-05-30 14:03
Romania Bumperer 
Are you planning to sponsor any teams other than NAVI and North?
2018-05-30 13:58
yeah, probably :)
2018-05-30 14:59
Can your site refund me 700$ i lost on NiP because they played like dogshit? Nobody deserves losing money because of this I'd be really grateful, if not i might commit suicide
2018-05-30 14:00
It's a disaster, but it's impossible to return money for a lost bet :(
2018-05-30 14:58
Netherlands Phenemue 
'Registration in my country not allowed'. Is it illegal in The Netherlands?
2018-05-30 15:20
Unfortunately, yes
2018-05-30 15:22
Netherlands MerpNL 
What is happening to the event for the qualification for ESL Cologne? Since North and Gambit are qualified trought the close qualifiers are there gonna be 2 new teams announced? If yes, plz be VP :D
2018-05-30 15:25
United States krsfnv 
2018-05-30 15:26
United States krsfnv 
i want to see them in colgone sooooo badly
2018-05-30 15:26
Netherlands MerpNL 
me to man, 3rd or 4th year im going now, missed them since then. I need them to be there!
2018-05-30 15:34
Hello! Sorry, but they are out of the team list as they will be in a visas apply process for another event.
2018-05-30 18:20
Netherlands MerpNL 
where they actually IN the team list at first? RIP tho :(
2018-05-30 18:25
This is just visas issue, so probably they will be on a different one :)
2018-05-30 18:34
United Kingdom StigOHara 
Do you sponsor other teams from different games or just csgo?
2018-05-30 15:28
yeap, we are! Dota2 Teams as well, for example, Team Secret
2018-05-30 15:48
wish ggbet/pinnacle was allowed in the uk
2018-05-30 15:40
And we are. Planning this but no any estimates now
2018-05-30 15:49
Can you please comment on why anyone would use your site to gamble given that you take almost double the margin of PINNACLE SPORTS. Example: Today StarSeries Counter Strike match between SK and Liquid. PINNACLE SPORTS offers SK at 2.06 and Liquid at 1.78 for a margin take of 4.72% while GG BET offers are offering 2.14 (Sk) and 1.64 (Liquid) for a margin take of 8.59%!!! How do you justify taking double the margin? Its impossible to win in the long run when the Bookie is taking 8.59% margin. Please don't comment back with we offer more matches. Nobody cares about how many matches you offer when you are taking 8.59% juice on a wager. Ultimately nobody cares about anything but making money (or not losing it)
2018-05-30 17:53
??? No response?
2018-05-31 02:13
Hello! First of all, we commit ourselves to providing the first response on any issue within 24 hours, and we are still in time. Second one is that our response will be the same: list of events. Pinncale using the only Tier1 events for their bet line. We are providing all events. This is kind of not right to claim that nobody cares about it, because this is the reason. Esports market are full of those who playing 322 games and we need to adapt for this. Also you need just compare the number of markets, games, live events. If you want the same margin as pinnacle - this will be the same bet line offer. We already tried this model and this is not work to be #1 in esports betting. And the final one is that we are starting our bet line from 5% to 7,5% and then all other depends of sum and number of bet. Again, you are wrong about the final margin, bet line margin not guarantee you that you will take 5% or 7,5% from the line on a distance, this is not true. We can't comment SK and Liquid now as it was yesterday, but let's look on a whole line for Starseries now: NRG 2.49 VS 1.54 HellRaisers - 5.10% TyLoo 2.89 VS 1.42 GODSENT - 5.02% NiP 1.7 VS 2.16 North - 5.12% Renegades 1.73 VS 2.11 - 5.20% AVANGAR 3.49 VS 1.3 Liquid - 5.58 mousesports 2.34 VS 1.6 Natus Vincere - 5.24% So yes, we have 5% for Tier 1 CS:GO (you can check it time to time to be sure) and 7,5% on Tier 2/Tier 3. Also you can check our bet line on the Tier1 events against others in table for example.
2018-05-31 10:41
Thank you for your response. Continue to drop those margin rates and you will maintain and attract customers. I get you guys market a lot more then the industry leader pinnacle and as a result have higher expenses but it is hard to maintain you customers if they are losing money so quickly. Obviously there are not too many mid/ long term winners on your site but those that are up, do you limit their wagers? That is the most frustrating part for online gamblers. You finally start winning and second tier sites limit your wagers to next to nothing because they perceive you as a "SMART" player and a risk to Profit
2018-05-31 15:17
As we mentioned before, previously we did this, but once we faced with this "frustrating" problem - we made changes and there is no any limits now - only global max bet limit due the same tier1/2/3 difference
2018-05-31 22:05
Navi vs VP main match. Max bet 7$ are you kidding me?
2018-05-30 18:41
How is your limit right now?
2018-05-31 11:27
Unfortunately the same. WIsh you good luck with resoring history bets :D I lost about 3/4 of my bankroll because of technical issues
2018-05-31 12:03
Should be back now. Can you confirm you bets settled now?
2018-05-31 22:28
right now ago vs mouse. Max bet on mouse = 12$
2018-05-30 18:50
send your email in PM, plz
2018-05-30 22:59
Slovakia Reve_nant 
What did you do to your site? I have 3 problems: 1. Whenever I try to log in, it says LOGIN DOES NOT EXIST! I have to change my password in order to login. 2. I can´t bet anymore. Everytime I try to bet I got rejected. 3. Also my bet history is fucked up. Not only I didn´t get my winnings, also amount I bet is incorrect. I bet 14€ on Godsent against Renegades. But in my bet history it shows 4€ and I didn´t get money I won. There is an another bet with 8 matches and guess how much I bet on this. 14€ which is incorrect. There should be 4€. And there are more bets missing at all.
2018-05-31 09:07
Hello! Can you PM us your site login?
2018-05-31 09:26
Hello. All these issues were discussed above. We know about these issues and we solve them gradually. 1. The authorization issue is almost resolved, you will be prompted to reset the password once and in the future you will be able to log in with your login. 2. Your bets were rejected because of changes in odds, you should monitor your bets if you're placing the bet in live. If it was in prematch, than send me your email in PM and I'll check the details. 3. The chronology of bets has been restored, the difference in the balance was caused by the fact that there are still unsettled bets that will be calculated as soon as we fixed everything, we are working on it.
2018-05-31 09:38
This is normal? waiting already more than 48hours since 28.5, and always getting information like it will be fixed soon, in next few hours bla bla bla, and its already 52 hours, never had this problem in any site, i have 1000 euros waiting in non settled combo bets, i can see these bets in history but u cant accept them as win... even if i am in your position i accept them manually as win combos and i am not only one person there waiting... at least if u said like it will take 3 more days, but u always say in twitter or in support FEW MORE HOURS, just SOON i was betting in many sites, esports or only sports, and never had this problem, if they failed something they instantly in 1-2 hours fixed it... I dont wanna be mad, but what i can do, i liked your site, was betting there for more than 2 years, even when i was betting csgo skins, i moved to real money there...+
2018-05-31 12:57
nvm i am just mad becouse was about to bet on nrg big, same yesterday with avangar and i could win even more than i have waiting in non settled bets.
2018-05-31 13:06
Hello! We now fixed almoust all bets and settled them in the right way, If you still have some problems - the last one will be resolved tomorrow as this is the biggest issue left, but this will be the final one. Also we will prepare some gifts for this for all you guys who were affected. Sorry for troubles.
2018-05-31 22:09
Brazil SK-gaming 
What are your thoughts on SK-Gaming?
2018-05-31 09:08
That they will need to find a new roster now to keep it be top10 in the world. Hard work and probably time to make it will def need for them
2018-05-31 09:25
Brazil SK-gaming 
Lost all respect for GGbet
2018-05-31 09:33
Why? :)
2018-05-31 10:42
Brazil SK-gaming 
We don't need a new roster.
2018-06-01 10:30
As we know, the current one leaving SK, so if you are talking about SK as an org - you do need.
2018-06-01 10:57
Why is Astralis so good? Like.. my nuts are getting big if you know what I mean
2018-05-31 09:25
This is just a list of why points: 1. IGL 2. Coach 3. Tactics 4. Investments And a loooooot of more
2018-05-31 16:18
Slovakia Reve_nant 
Why can´t I bet? I made one bet and then I can´t. It says incorrect request. And there is still problem with login. Every time I want to login, it says LOGIN DOES NOT EXIST. I need to change my password every time.
2018-06-01 11:24
Hello, Are you talking about ordinary bet or combo bet? As for the login issues, did you register via e-mail or due to social network from the very beginning?
2018-06-01 12:04
Slovakia Reve_nant 
Both is not working. I registered via e-mail.
2018-06-01 12:08
Slovakia Reve_nant 
Both is not working. I registered via e-mail. That should be reply.
2018-06-01 12:06
Try to place an ordinary bet, plz, and tell me if the error appears again. Do you use any VPN apps to use our site?
2018-06-01 12:10
Lets continue in PM, i need to ask you some details ok?
2018-06-01 12:12
Ok, so, as for your questions in thread #440 about bets replacement , we've checked all the details and looked through the system logs, your bets weren't replaced, everything is displayed correctly. As for the placement of the bet, you've got rejection, because you tried to link live and pre-match games in one combo bet.
2018-06-01 12:49
Slovakia Reve_nant 
It still doesn´t explain other bets on tennis matches which were rejected and there were no live matches or bet from 9:22 (GMT +0) on North vs Godsent match which is supposed to be played in 4 hours. But it seems to me there is a bug where after bet is rejected, all other bets are also rejected, even if they are fine
2018-06-01 13:10
Slovakia Reve_nant 
Or now, 7 tennis matches and 1 football match got rejected. First one to be played in 17 minutes.
2018-06-01 13:13
We will contact our external traders to find out the reason. As I can see,it happens from time to time, bet is rejected one minute and then next moment it is accepted. As for the login issues, I saw, that you've changed your password only once, try to log in now, plz.
2018-06-01 14:35
Slovakia Reve_nant 
Login is still not working
2018-06-01 14:49
You should indicate your e-mail, when you're trying to log in. Do it, plz, and tell me if it works.
2018-06-01 14:55
Slovakia Reve_nant 
It is working with e-mail. Thanks But I was skeptical because it shows this message above: Use the Login that you have specified during registration (not Email).
2018-06-01 15:00
Yeah, i got it. Look, let's try to do some simple steps, go into your profile, you'll see the field to specify the display name. Is that field is empty or your e-mail is specify there?
2018-06-01 15:09
Slovakia Reve_nant 
There is e-mail. But how? I didn´t change it.
2018-06-01 15:16
I think I can change it, give me a few sec and check your PM, plz
2018-06-01 15:19
since everything is ok with your authorization let's discuss the issue of sports betting. if your bet is rejected, you should place it again, we will return to this bug later, it's not a big deal. we decided to fix more serious mistakes firstly. so good luck and feel free to ask for help if you have any questions, errors and so on.
2018-06-01 16:55
France MIK120 
Is there any way to get any amount of $ for free just for registering? Like free bet, ref, coupon or smth?
2018-06-01 13:17
even if there is most sites will still require you to deposit to withdraw because they can't just give out free money
2018-06-01 15:11
thanks for help :)
2018-06-01 16:15
France MIK120 
ye i know, thats what i meant ;x
2018-06-01 18:31
If you are registered, then you can invite a friend to using your referral link if he performs a couple of simple steps, you'll receive $5 to your real balance for now we have no deposit bonus, and as mentioned misaB, to withdraw funds, you still need to replenish the account at least once
2018-06-01 16:15
Netherlands Darkrain 
Was betting on for months. received a bonus code yesterday for my deposit. Now I try to log in and it says: "Registration from your country is not allowed". Please explain me what regulation has changed in the past few days that I cannot bet there anymore? (country Netherlands). Also how come I don't receive an email stating something has changed.. Wow.. just wow.., I'm so dissapointed.
2018-06-01 18:21
Unfortunately this was a bug of our blacklist. We can’t operate in Netherlands as there is not allowed from our gambling license. Once we spor some activity from this country we fix a bug. For now we are in process of manually money back.Did you deposit any amount using our site? If so, please PM us your email to withdraw it
2018-06-01 21:06
Still didnt back my funds, 3 times support answer that they solve the problem and nothing happend
2018-06-01 18:23
Hey! PM us your site email we will check
2018-06-01 21:02
2018-06-01 21:06
You sure? Nothing in our inbox here from you. Can you check pls?
2018-06-01 21:13
check it
2018-06-01 21:14
Yes, now it’s in. Will get back to you soon
2018-06-01 21:16
ok, waiting
2018-06-01 21:24
Ok, thank you for your help. WELL DONE
2018-06-01 21:54
Is it okay now?
2018-06-01 22:24
Poland mmsucks 
Aren't you afraid of the state csgo skins are in?
2018-06-01 21:05
We just real money betting, we not allowing to bet on skins
2018-06-01 21:06
Poland mmsucks 
ahh shit sorry xDD
2018-06-01 21:07
Finland Felesku 
Is GG.BET allowed in Finland?
2018-06-01 21:11
Finland is not in our restricted list, but probably there can be some problems to access due local regulatory block
2018-06-01 21:17
2018-06-01 21:47
Germany tapseN 
If I request to withdraw, what's the approx amount of time before I will get my money?
2018-06-01 22:19
Hello! This depends of amount, payment method and account verification. You can get more info on our site 24/7 support
2018-06-01 22:34
Asia CA1MAN 
Hey there. Any nice promos running or a code to be had :) ?
2018-06-01 22:44
Hello! We launch different promos from time to time, but right now there are no active bonuses or codes, unfortunately. If you have already registered and we do have something special in future, we will def notify you on your e-mail. Just make sure you confirmed it after signing up. :)
2018-06-02 06:50
Asia CA1MAN 
Did, thanks!
2018-06-02 11:24
what are your thoughts on underage gambling
2018-06-02 06:57
This should not be allowed. If you are 18- and we will verify this on our site - we will block your account and charge back your deposits
2018-06-02 10:20
ggbet in 2018 lmaooo
2018-06-02 07:08
The best choice, yeap!
2018-06-02 10:19
Australia kitchai88 
Are citizens of Malaysia allowed to bet on your site?
2018-06-02 08:37
Yeap! Malaysians are welcome!
2018-06-02 10:19
Nepal Animu 
Hello is scam?
2018-06-02 09:50
Hello. We would like to respect our competitors and do not want to discuss their business and rate them in any way. But basically they def not scam
2018-06-02 10:18
is dabbing cool
2018-06-02 18:16
Hm.. you know, since this is not causing any violence and makes fun for somebody - why not?
2018-06-03 08:39
Login does not exist?!?!?!
2018-06-04 18:42
Try recovering your password wit "Forgot password?" button, please.
2018-06-05 04:03
How is it going?
2018-06-05 09:45
your ad on twitch channel efragtv says refresh your inventory but you got the wrong image for a flip knife marble fade. you used a regular fade pic.
2018-06-06 12:05
Hi! Thanks for the information!
2018-06-06 17:48
Brazil PazFanBoy 
Why is GG.BET blocked in Egypt?
2018-06-06 17:50
Hello! Our rules have no restrictions towards Egypt. The block can be related only to the national legislation or to restrictions of internet providers as for the betting websites.
2018-06-06 20:01
JW | 
Finland happyFinn 
How can you withdraw your money if you win a bet?
2018-06-06 18:00
Hello! To withdraw your winnings you need simply to open the withdraw section in the cashbox, choose a desirable payment method, then enter the sum and your payment requisites. After creating withdrawal just wait until it is completed on our side. Withdrawal terms are indicated in our common rules, paragraph 8.14 and the following ones.
2018-06-06 20:04
Any bets for World cup?
2018-06-06 20:31
Hello! Yes, you can place bets on World Cup in our "Sports" section.
2018-06-07 05:33
Morocco blocked, why? Used to bet on your site with no problems before.
2018-06-08 02:29
Hi there! No restriction for Morocco on our side. Might be caused by the local legislation or your internet provider.
2018-06-08 07:48
The owner of this website ( has banned the country or region your IP address is in (MA) from accessing this website. This is what it says.
2018-06-08 13:59
Can I see the screenshot of the message, plz?
2018-06-08 14:01
2018-06-08 14:06
Thanks! Checkin'
2018-06-08 14:14
1. can u help me why the site always logging me out after some hour, its not good 2. what about my bets changes? for example i make 5 bet parlay and 2 finished. maybe change the winning line to green or to red the bad ones. now you dont even know how much game is left from the parlay. thats my and my friends biggest problem with site, which is workin every other betting site 3. handicap cap bets? you usin +6.5 , everywhere else is used to 8.5 4. more soccer livebet?
2018-06-08 08:29
Hi, First of all thank you for your questions. 1. As for the authorization session time, which browser do you use? and what is the device? Session can be interrupted due to low activity on one page for a long time. 2. If you're talking about combo bets, we're working on this option and it will be added a little bit later. 3. As for the handicap, it depends on the game. We can offer the same handicap in some games. 4. For now we're recruiting a team of traders to cover all the proposed disciplines on the site, including the soccer. Very soon you'll see live bets for traditional sport.
2018-06-08 12:30
1. Win10/chrome 2. Yes multibet, Im waitin for it thx . Maybe even with starting times it will be superb
2018-06-08 13:14
I'll forward this info to our developers, let them check this issue, I think they should know how to prevent de-logging. As for the multibet, nice idea, but you know sometimes game can be postponed and the info about date and time will differ from the previous one and this can cause a misunderstanding. :( We try to avoid such things :) But the idea about adding results in combo bets is pretty interesting, it's cool, that we are thinking in one direction! :)
2018-06-08 13:46
and one more there is a copy link at multibets, but it doesnt work atleast for me
2018-06-08 14:03 Which link? Let's continue in PM?
2018-06-08 14:15 that copy link at my bets page. or it isnt for to copy your multibet and show it to someone
2018-06-08 14:18
oooooh, I got it xD Nothing to worry about) This is a button, which helps you to copy the whole number of the bet, 'coz it's too long and you can provide this full ticket number to our support if you have any questions about the game, results, etc.
2018-06-08 14:21
Hey, 1 more thing is left PM me your email, plz, we need it to check the info about your authorization session
2018-06-08 14:22
Europe billthebot 
why dont you offer paypal?
2018-06-08 13:18
Because PayPal has an anti-gambling policy, it's made for purchases online not for gambling.
2018-06-08 14:00
2018-06-08 14:00
Europe billthebot 
well most sites offer paypal
2018-06-08 18:20
Only few betting sites have a PayPal as an option. We're really working on it and we will publish a big news when the PayPal appears on our website.
2018-06-08 14:00
Any promising long-term vacancies at GGBET (it doesn't matter in which country) for 2018? Maybe in the sense of A&R / P&R management..
2018-06-08 14:21
Send us your CV, plz, we will check if we have something interesting for you :)
2018-06-08 15:12
Any official email for the files? :)
2018-06-08 19:08
Sure, you can send it to our
2018-06-09 12:20
I have few questions 1,What are best esporst betting markets in Europe? 2.Which games are most betted games from your experience? 3.You mentioned that Malta License have some blacklisted countries while Curacao allow you to have more freedom (on which countries u mean? ) 4.Do you work on Balkan and is that intresting markets? Great work and you guys give free education for esports and betting ,ty for that :)
2018-06-08 14:23
I'm soooooo soooooo sorry, that your questions were left without our reply! Sometimes we don't get notifications and something important can be missed ;( So...: 1. Hard to say which one is the best one, but Scandinavia is 1 of the best markets. 2. CS:GO is the most popular 3. Poland, the Czech Republic, Egypt are not on the list of prohibited countries, for example. 4. Yeah, of course we do! :) But not with all the countries of the peninsula. Thanks a lot for your questions and feedback!
2018-06-18 17:07
and one more question why u dont have skin deposit option anymore and is it legal ? regards
2018-06-08 14:25
It is legal, but we decided to switch off this payment method
2018-06-18 17:08
Portugal SPLASH1020 
Hello guys, I am from Portugal, Is it safe and am I allowed to bet on your website?
2018-06-08 14:40
Of course you are allowed :)
2018-06-08 14:59
Portugal SPLASH1020 
I just asked because we have some laws on Website Betting, and we have only a few Regulated websites for regular sports, but thanks for the answer :D
2018-06-08 16:31
For now we can communicate only in English but very soon we can support our users in Portuguese. We recently completed the recruitment of operators with knowledge of the Portuguese language and the Brazilian dialect to the support service, so welcome to gg bet)))
2018-06-08 16:34
Portugal SPLASH1020 
well if I knew earlier I would have tried to be recruited xD maybe this weekend someone will start using GGBET :D
2018-06-08 16:51
xD we're looking forward to seeing you, ppl)
2018-06-08 17:26
Latvia ploxyS 
Gambling is bad and it is wasting your money. Prove me wrong.
2018-06-08 18:08
Hello! Well, while there are obviously a lot of other ways to use money more efficiently, everyone should understand that the main purpose of gambling is entertainment. Some people entertain themselves with interesting books, some with good music or computer games and each one of these require some money to be spent on. Gambling activity within reasonable limits can be exciting and what's important it can give you rewards for your betting skills and luck. At the same time, gambling addiction is obviously bad and since we devote ourselves to responsible gaming policy, we condemn uncontrollable or compulsive betting and recommend everyone to place bets responsibly.
2018-06-09 07:57
okey here goes, why did no one do anything about the kid with the boards showing A or B to ALTERNATE aTTaX from what i got to hear....he even sat next to a admin....
2018-06-08 18:23
Russia ez4u 
Why do u have a partnership with Navi? You know, they're biggest shitters in CSGO.
2018-06-08 19:37
Hello! We have a partnership with Na'Vi as organisation, with all their line-ups for CS:GO, Dota2 etc. Although their play indeed may sometimes be unpredictable, they remain tier 1 team and we continue to support them, as well as the other our partners. :)
2018-06-09 08:41
Which european country has the most bettors?
2018-06-09 01:02
Hello, sorry for waiting! you are wondering which country is the top 1 on our site or in general?
2018-06-12 15:36
on your site
2018-06-12 17:18
I think it's Russia and ... Norway
2018-06-12 18:17
Tbh never even heard of you, what is ggbet sounds like a scam
2018-06-09 12:29
Hello! Too bad you didn't hear about us, but we hope you will definitely like our website once you visit it! We consider ourselves as one of the most innovative and transparent licensed betting platforms nowadays specialized on esports. Our dedication to fairness, security, convenience and trust in our responsibility is proved internationally, not least by various partnership agreements with famous teams, like Na'Vi, Alliance and North. We think that all this together with lots of happy customers and our successful business activity for more than 2 years now leaves no doubt that we have nothing to do with scam or something like that. :)
2018-06-09 16:03
Hello! i have withdrawn 60 euro over 2 times, first 20 euro 2 days ago and second 40 euro yesterday, it says it is successful, and the money is gone from the site, but not on my bank account how long will it take.
2018-06-10 15:33
Hello! When you withdraw to bank card, after request is completed on our side, it may take up to five days, not more, for the processing system to finish that transaction. Within that term you should def get your winnings. Also FYI, if you withdraw to Skrill or other eWallets, funds almost instantly come to your account after withdrawal request is processed.
2018-06-10 16:55
Hi! So despite your statement that limiting wining players is a bad practice ( ) you limited me after several withdrawals! My betting limits now are 3 times smaller than usual. Please explain. My username on your site is the same as here.
2018-06-12 11:36
And yes, today is my birthday - and such a "present" from you :(
2018-06-12 11:34
Hey there, your limit was reviewed. Don't try to bypass the limit placing the identical bets, pls.
2018-06-12 14:29
Nah. The limits are still 3 times lower than should be
2018-06-12 16:28
How do you know which limits should be? :) we set the maximum bet amount according to game activity, if you don't place identical bets within one game, the limit will be lower and you'll be able to place bets on higher amount. Please read the rule 7.14 in BETTING RULES.
2018-06-12 16:50
As far as you have the same betting platform with Vulkanbet where I am not limited, I can see that limits on your site are 3 times lower than I have with them. Can send you a screenshot if you want :)
2018-06-12 17:16
You know, it's a matter of time :) Since they use our platform, limit can be transferred to your account on Vulkanbet.
2018-06-12 17:28
I did not use them now, I like your site much more. So you confirm you do limit players? As for identical bets they never were identical. When I did bet on the same result it was with a big time gap, so your odds changed. And new bet was on different odds (so what is the differenece for you was it my bet or some other user?). I thought it is prohibited to make same bets in minutes while you did not react on odds changes, never thought I can not make bets after odds changed. It was not clear to be honest. So if you return the normal limits I will surely not do this again. If you prefer not to restore my limits, please make a clear statement to all the community here. And tell me how can I withdraw all my funds sooner than 200 Euro per day as you allow me now.
2018-06-12 17:56
We're glad to hear it. I meant the bets with the same odds in live and especially in pre-match. We will return the limits, but of course, will check your game activity from time to time. :) As for the withdrawal, according to the rules, amount up to $300 is processed during the day, that's why it takes some time to transfer the funds, but ntl, you can always ask our support to speed up the withdrawal.
2018-06-12 18:07
Thank you. To avoid misunderstanding I will not bet on the same result at all. Only 1 bet prematch and next and only Live if need to. Waiting for limits to be restored to ordinary, in that case withdrawal pace of 200-250 Eur per day is not so bad.
2018-06-12 18:13
Deal :) Thanks for your cooperation!
2018-06-12 18:14
Thanks to you. How long will take to restore the limits?
2018-06-12 18:21
We'll deal with it within 24 hours. Thanks for your patience :)
2018-06-12 19:38
Yeh! It is OK now! Thank you very much!
2018-06-12 22:13
So normal limits lasted only 24 hours. I did not make identical bets, what is the problem now??? Too big wins??
2018-06-13 21:58
You have a normal limit.
2018-06-14 17:23
No, I do not. The limits are 4 times lower than on Vulkanbet :(
2018-06-14 17:54
Might be you faced common match limits. As you have no personal restrictions for the account. As for Vulkanbet, we have no idea about their rules and limits, so no clue here.
2018-06-15 10:37
Yes, now the limits are restored.
2018-06-15 10:46
And Happy Birthday! <3
2018-06-12 14:29
United States Grady8_ 
So in the United States certain states are approving legal sports betting. Does this mean your website will be legal in those states? Thank You
2018-06-12 14:33
Hello! We hope so, just waiting for the necessary license!
2018-06-12 15:34
2018-06-14 07:59
2018-06-14 17:25
New Zealand NewZealand 
If you are located in the Netherlands Antilles why don't hltv add a Netherlands Antilles flag?
2018-06-14 08:04
Hi! We didn't ask them about it.
2018-06-14 17:26
New Zealand NewZealand 
ask them
2018-06-14 21:47
It's not a big deal, but ok :)
2018-06-15 12:14
New Zealand NewZealand 
2018-06-15 12:51
Gambling is bad.
2018-06-14 08:04
why do you think so?
2018-06-14 17:28
got few questions 1. is code hltv50 available for existing users that deposited before? 2. what is the sites default currency that is used for withdrawals? if i have usd account do you send money back in usd, and if i have euro account do you send money back in euro?
2018-06-14 17:39
Hi! As for your questions, you can use HLTV50 even for an existing user but only once for a single account. The withdrawal currency depends on the payment service you use and can differ for different payment methods.
2018-06-15 06:57
can i bet from india?
2018-06-14 17:55
Hi there! There is no restictions from our side for users from India.
2018-06-15 06:57
Thorin | 
Egypt True_ 
Just wondering but will you ever sponsor a major or a top teir tournament? Also, will you ever host your own tournament like for example what hellcase does
2018-06-14 22:20
Hey there) we will use every opportunity to sponsor a major and, of course, we hold our own tournaments, there have already been several.
2018-06-15 12:18
Thorin | 
Egypt True_ 
Oh ok I thought GG.BET Majestic and those other tournaments were something like a joint venture and not hosted purely by you guys good to know :D have a great day :D.
2018-06-15 13:03
Thaaanks a lot)) U 2!
2018-06-15 13:46
Brazil NTbaitzera 
What do you think of Prokda
2018-06-15 07:00
He might be Lockerboy. Or he might be not.
2018-06-15 07:49
1) So, what about my limits? 2) Why don`t you pay me? I have 3 incomplete withdrawal requests now, 2 of them from yesterday.
2018-06-15 07:57
Hey! The reply about your limits is a bit above. As for the withdrawals, those are done within the terms stated in the user's agreement, you can always check those in paragparh 8 of our rules.
2018-06-15 10:39
Finland niske1 
2018-06-15 07:59
Thanks! We love them, too :)
2018-06-15 08:03
come on. stop ignoring my questions! They are very serious ones
2018-06-15 08:09
Needed some time to check. Replied to the comment earlier.
2018-06-15 10:37
ropz | 
Germany knoxy7 
ääääähm, you have no EU license why?
2018-06-15 08:00
ropz | 
Germany knoxy7 
i mean its bad for the betters from the Eu...
2018-06-15 08:00
hi! nice question, our license allows us to provide services to European countries
2018-06-18 17:12
Portugal moonxup 
It would be great if had games of World Cup 2018 Could be possible ?
2018-06-15 10:44
OF COURSE! :) You can find live betting in the "sports" section.
2018-06-18 17:14
Why hosting Q&A on this site with average IQ of 30?
2018-06-15 10:50
you missed 1 before 30 ;)
2018-06-15 11:18
Sri Lanka decibell 
Israel banned right?
2018-06-15 10:54
Israel is a country whose legislation is quite severe in relation to gambling. There are many reasons for this, among which an important role is played by the reaction of religious communities to the state of public affairs. Nevertheless, Israel is not in the list of prohibited countries on our website.
2018-06-15 15:23
Poland ScR1337 
Hi, are you planning to add PLN as currency?
2018-06-15 13:23
Hey! Yeah, a little bit later.
2018-06-15 15:10
Poland ScR1337 
2018-06-15 15:22
How are residents from Poland allowed to play at your site? I've heard that foreign bookies are banned there
2018-06-15 16:25
Hey there :) Poland is not in the list of prohibited countries and we have enough players from Poland.
2018-06-18 17:15
Albania insiderED 
Hi why not to be a partner of 5balls team, there is also 1mpala with 50k followers in the team, they need bootcamp etc.
2018-06-15 15:12
so if i withdraw 300 euro/usd it will just get declined? thats what i read on comments
2018-06-15 16:24
2018-06-15 16:41
well im trying to withdraw, will comment here what happens here if it gets accepted or nah
2018-06-15 17:17
2018-06-18 10:29
I recieved the money guys GGbet is legit :)
2018-06-18 12:10
Great :)
2018-06-18 15:11
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
wtf back to reddit booooi
2018-06-15 16:27
I'm on my way
2018-06-15 16:42
Portugal moonxup 
Can u answer mine
2018-06-15 18:59
done, srry, my bad :( too many threads and chats at the same time
2018-06-18 17:16
And again my limits are lowered! Why is it happening almost every day?
2018-06-16 13:27
I hope it was a joke, your limit is fine
2018-06-18 17:23
No jokes. The limits dropped for some time and restored later. It is very strange, may be somehow depends on the previous bet or sum of the bets for the day or few hours. Will observe
2018-06-19 09:35
Hi :) Ok, let's make such an observation. Keep us informed please we, for our part, will also conduct some observations and tests
2018-06-19 09:53
United States EmeraldCSGO 
Are random Asian games rigged? I heard that some weird Asian leagues were fixed?
2018-06-17 06:21
hello! happens ( in such cases we roll back the bets
2018-06-18 17:30
Portugal moonxup 
It would be great if had games of World Cup 2018 to bet Could be possible ?
2018-06-17 14:16
It is possible, man! I am betting on World Cup with them :)
2018-06-18 12:53
answered a little bit higher :)
2018-06-18 17:27
the slowest web page I've seen in my life
2018-06-18 13:58
tell me more about it :)
2018-06-18 17:27
Are the winnings tax-free in the EU?
2018-06-18 15:36
yeap, we don't charge a commission
2018-06-18 17:28
that wasn't my question, do you have EU gambling license?
2018-06-18 18:08
we have Curacao gambling license
2018-06-19 10:19
nex | 
Germany LighT1337 
Will you add support for Germany and an option to pay and withdraw with PayPal?
2018-06-18 18:13
Hi, yes, we have it in our plans :)
2018-06-19 10:22
I have my account already verified and you keep blocking my money,and i can't withdrawal... why?
2018-06-18 22:25
provide your e-mail in PM, plz
2018-06-19 10:23
Ur site is shit, i tried to withdraw, you don`t withdraw to polish banks, nice site hahahah
2018-06-19 09:58
Hm, to withdraw money on Polish card, you need to choose payment method "VISA / MasterCard WW" OR you can use an alternative payment system if your bank doesn't accept payments from the gambling site, for example, webmoney, bitcoin etc
2018-06-19 10:39
friend of mine who have been betting alot on your site, everything went smooth, but when it comes to withdrawal, either it takes too long or it only let you request 150$ withdrawal at once, he says you can request many times 150$ and still get it, but every process takes way longer, unlike other bet sites that doesn't have to wait more than 2-3 days.
2018-06-19 14:49
A withdrawal amount up to USD 300 is paid to the customer’s account for the next day from the date of request, except for weekends and holidays. So, if your friend creates 2 withdrawal requests for $ 150, the amount will be summed up and the withdrawal will be made in one day.
2018-06-19 15:58
As for now I have 4.5K eur on my account and your support told me I cannot withdraw more than 200 Eur at once. You are saying the max sum per day is 300 dollars. OK, so I withdraw 200 eur per day -- how long will it take me to withdraw the whole sum on my account? It is more than 22 days. And I am keeping wining, so it will be much longer :) I wish I could withdraw larger ammounts. Even with commision. Just to be sure my money are safe. I understand low withdrawal limits for Esportts only betting site, but with the World Cup going on the winnings are huge
2018-06-19 23:07
thats incorrect. I even talked with your support named "Tom" and he said you cannot withdraw up to USD 300. So either one of you are lying. He told me there is max 150 USD withdraw the highest amount in one request.
2018-06-19 17:48
In my previous message I told you, that 2 withdrawal requests for $150 will be summed up and processed in 1 day, I didn't tell that 1 withdrawal = $300. Tom provided the correct info, 1 request = $150.
2018-06-19 18:23
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