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Sweden's Prime Minister Embarrasses Himself
Sweden changrai 
Please share this with everyone guys!!! This is so embarrasing. Change is needed
2018-05-23 18:05
You're spreading a great message my friend.
2018-05-23 18:07
I was called a racist at school for calling Swedens immigration policy irresponsible and made us lose money even though my dad is an immigrant ))))))
2018-05-23 18:12
nice then you and your family can move from sweden so we don't have you immigrants here
2018-05-23 18:20
same thing. Wrote a debate article about deporting criminal immigrants was called a racist and just like in your case my dad's an immigrant but I was told that "Du hetsar mot urikesfödda"
2018-05-23 18:34
i called every black guy the n word in my school and they called me racist even though my cat is black :thinking:
2018-05-24 09:00
you clearly can't be a racist if you have this kind of strong bond with something black
2018-05-24 10:34
2018-05-24 11:50
So there is a hope , congrats to your classmates , be happy cause with this attitude here in Greece you go to hospital .
2018-05-24 15:14
He is a wonderful man with great vision.
2018-05-23 18:07
2018-05-23 18:12
Germany Very_Nice_Guy 
irrevelant PM of an irrevelant country
2018-05-23 18:13
not really
2018-05-23 18:14
Germany Very_Nice_Guy 
truth hurts
2018-05-23 18:16
Xizt | 
Sweden smackeB 
xd norway
2018-05-23 18:28
tarik | 
United States Unluko 
xd sweden xD
2018-05-23 18:33
Germany Very_Nice_Guy 
I never said that Norway is more relevant than Sweden?
2018-05-24 05:54
flusha | 
Sweden Knaskydd 
You know its serious when even the ppl that are going to a serious debate to be audience are literally laughing at him
2018-05-23 18:17
Those people are invited by the parties themselves. Probably was other SD members who laughed.
2018-05-24 12:02
I should be in his possition in Sweden. This is what I can offer: - all refugees have to work or gtfo, - every single refugee thief gets deported, - rapist goes to jail for 20 years and his family gets deported, To be continued.
2018-05-23 18:24
Denmark Poopoohead123 
Agree with points 1 and 2, point 3 seems too harsh on the family
2018-05-23 18:30
If rapist cares about his family he won't rape, And if he will, his family will have to be deported if They doesnt work and pay taxes. Simple, They have to be good for economy or gtfo
2018-05-23 18:37
Denmark Poopoohead123 
Thats true. really savage though, sitting in jail knowing how much of a piece of shit you are while your family is suffering
2018-05-23 18:41
you do know that being a prime minister means more than immigration policy right?
2018-05-24 09:02
Thank You for this valuable piece of information. You are so smart. Prolly smartest guy in Russia.
2018-05-24 13:45
thanks you
2018-05-24 14:52
United States PapaObama 
JuliusCaesarGOD top1
2018-05-24 10:39
JuliusCaesar for PM of Sweden!
2018-05-24 15:16
sweden yes! so happy to see muslims and negrso rape sweden, they deserve it. We Poles fully support this swedish PM!
2018-05-23 18:28
Poland HyypN 
Well I mean... Like... I knew something is wrong in the Swedish government when they started doing weird stuff like... allowing immigrants with no checking or anything or Doing nothing when the immigrants burned the flags of their own country in Malmo. Now i know where is the problem, in the one of the highest ranks in the Country... FeelingBadForYouGuys :/
2018-05-23 18:26
Löfven is a clown. Jimmie is the king, the savoiur we need, he will save Sweden from islam.
2018-05-23 18:27
Angry Foreigner Nice youtube channel Its unbelievable that this guy with that face is racist and thinks he is superior than anyone lol
2018-05-24 10:41
Netherlands NL_CS_TOP_1 
Sweden has some of the most stupid politicians in the world. Were you guys fucking drunk when you elected him?
2018-05-24 11:54
United States Trump2020KAG 
its scary how far left libs are anymore and even scarier how many people support them
2018-05-24 15:00
Netherlands NL_CS_TOP_1 
Nice English fake flagger
2018-05-24 15:06
United States Trump2020KAG 
what was wrong with what i wrote?????? libs stands for liberals
2018-05-24 15:07
Netherlands NL_CS_TOP_1 
Kys fakeflagger
2018-05-24 15:10
Typical polticians, cant even answer a simple question.
2018-05-24 11:57
United States Trump2020KAG 
paying immigrants to come to ur country with no education and 3rd world living standards will pay off in the long run???? What planet was this dude born on because it wasn't on earth with logic like that....
2018-05-24 14:59
2018-06-11 17:11
Sweden crindz 
he's in office for only 3 more months, and Jimmie keeps owning every debate he's in
2018-05-24 15:12
The latest polls show hope
2018-06-11 17:12
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