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NBK and Apex future
France Deadfish 
Retired. There's no team left for team except tier 3 LDLC. Envyus org may not take them back after they betrayed them. G2 roster already set.
2018-05-24 01:48
Happy | 
Turkey Neurosius 
Hope apex continues in some tier 1 team without NBK.
2018-05-24 01:49
apex is tier 2 NA nowadays sry
2018-05-24 02:01
1.13 rating for an entry fragger on a bad team and you call him tier 2. Don't be ridiciluous pls.
2018-05-24 02:03
bad team because he sucks
2018-05-24 02:04
Okay retardinho do your own thing.
2018-05-24 02:06
xantares on lan
2018-05-24 02:08
Germany Very_Nice_Guy 
you are trying too hard to bait not funny
2018-05-24 06:02
-olof +nbk would be an amazing upgrade
2018-05-24 01:49
suNny | 
Vietnam Oida 
I've heard this numerous times now. Please explain this in more depth cause I can't see how that would be good.
2018-05-24 02:02
yeah you wish not gonna happen though
2018-05-24 01:49
France Deadfish 
happen what?
2018-05-24 01:50
their retirement or ending up in ldlc-like team if smithzz and bodyy play in G2, NBK & apEX should play in Astralis (in terms of level)
2018-05-24 01:52
Not really, go to NA and make team with devo, amanek and AZK EZ 0 majors but 20 EPL wins
2018-05-24 01:50
Turkey headshotk1ng 
NBK apEX mixwell kioShiMa Happy RpK ScreaM ZywOo hadji xms ez
2018-05-24 01:52
France Deadfish 
mixwell will not stay in french scene.
2018-05-24 05:48
Turkey headshotk1ng 
They don't have that much awpers so he will probably.
2018-05-24 05:49
Cyprus Jardeet 
Out of those 2 teams RPK is the best player and you put him in the noob team Disrespect Hsk
2018-05-24 11:35
Netherlands Deji 
Nbk retire
2018-05-24 01:52
keev | 
Germany eXoNaTioN 
apex join mouz for styko
2018-05-24 01:56
hmmm interesting actually
2018-05-24 01:58
Sadokist | 
Poland tr1xx 
Cool idea
2018-05-24 11:28
NBK, APEX, KIO, SCREAM, +any french awper
2018-05-24 02:07
Korea AlexeS5386 
+ sixer
2018-05-24 11:30
g2 isnt going to sign shox team for sure because an org will do and they will buy kenny and boody since their contracts soon are about to end and it wont cost much so nbk and apex will probably build the team back again around the g2 org
2018-05-24 05:50
NBK might retire, but Apex is still amongst the best entry's in the game. He can easily find a new team if he is ok with speaking english.
2018-05-24 11:33
how is g2 roster already set? bodyy leaving, kenny too ...
2018-05-24 11:35
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