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Im 16 years old and i never kiss girl
Russia FanOfTheRapperBladee 
Is this normal or not, and give me some advice please, im not ugly, but very shy and not well-groomed
2018-05-24 21:31
me 2 bro ;(
2018-05-24 21:32
Portugal jkcsg0 
2018-05-24 21:33
nat | 
Austria us_vincere 
2018-05-24 21:33
You havent kissed a girl or you dont shave as well?
2018-05-24 21:41
Denmark Xipingu 
I kissed my first girl when I was 13-14. So meh... Some start later than normal.
2018-05-24 21:32
thats kind of sad wtf did you do before you were 14 lmao
2018-05-24 21:56
2018-05-24 22:32
Denmark Xipingu 
I was not interested before that.
2018-05-25 00:46
same lol
2018-05-25 07:57
Denmark Xipingu 
2018-05-25 10:51
i was fucking about and building treehouses n shit when i was under 14
2018-05-25 11:57
I was playing football , have fun with friends and enjoyed my childhood , and you Johnny Sins?
2018-05-25 20:02
Italy marxie 
Fucking same, that guy is justa retard
2018-05-25 20:56
Turkey ao1 
2018-05-27 11:58
solution: go party like crazy bitch and u get dem chicks
2018-05-24 21:32
Russia sneakyboy 
yes normal
2018-05-24 21:32
2018-05-27 08:56
Russia sneakyboy 
? maybe u retard?
2018-05-27 11:55
just kiss some random girl on the streets lmao so easy
2018-05-24 21:33
D0cC | 
Netherlands duudiGOD 
2018-05-24 21:34
he is not from sweden
2018-05-24 21:34
2018-05-25 06:11
Sweden ConaN007 
+1 Only Swedish alpha males would be able to do that
2018-05-25 08:45
France mintzz 
In the name of Odin!
2018-05-25 09:58
in the name of Allah*
2018-05-25 22:21
2018-05-25 23:03
Austria RalfHitler 
maybe in your loli dreams
2018-05-24 21:34
2018-05-26 13:07
get yourself groomed and you will feel less shy, more confident
2018-05-24 21:33
North America wintur 
+1 the one good reply in this thread
2018-05-25 04:14
-russian -kiss girls choose one baibe
2018-05-24 21:33
hahah dude from portugal who loves only fox and ronaldo talking about this, so funny xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2018-05-24 21:34
Portugal SidneiGama4 
how the fuck do you know if he only likes fox or ronaldo ?
2018-05-24 21:48
Montenegro 1inchkuk 
it's obvious
2018-05-24 22:14
Spain G3CK0 
He likes mutiris too
2018-05-25 20:17
Korea dev1sta 
retarded comment but hilarious, lmao
2018-05-25 08:36
D0cC | 
Netherlands duudiGOD 
u are not alone :/
2018-05-24 21:34
kissing a girl is waste of time, pull your pee pee out and make her happy
2018-05-24 21:34
put inside and pee
2018-05-24 21:40
exactly, i see you are experienced in those things
2018-05-24 21:44
your comment sounded like you have no idea what to do so i had to post that shit from south park
2018-05-24 23:28
or maybe u are such a tragedy that you are taking yourself seriously on the internet(especially on hltv forum), that's probably because you lack of social interaction
2018-05-25 06:40
Korea dev1sta 
you seem to be the one who is taking this seriously LMAO fuck off socially inept faggot
2018-05-25 08:38
nt fake dev1ce
2018-05-25 11:53
Korea dev1sta 
nt cyka blyat
2018-05-25 12:14
lol dude your fucked in the head
2018-05-25 22:32
ok godzilla
2018-05-25 22:52
;( oh now i feel bad for u ;(((((((
2018-05-25 22:55
2018-05-25 22:57
no man its because youre such a sad human being ;(
2018-05-25 22:59
stfu fight me irl
2018-05-25 23:12
ok come visit
2018-05-26 00:07
Lol .. =D Is it worth ? There will be slap for sure , but is it worth..
2018-05-25 20:04
better not to kiss at age od 16 than kiss before 12
2018-05-24 21:35
smooya | 
United Kingdom fal36 
not even ur mum fucking loser
2018-05-24 21:35
India grinchxd 
2018-05-25 06:15
dont worry bro, im 18 and havent kissed a girl yet lol FeelsBadMan
2018-05-24 21:35
Germany privatesx 
a girl is your greatest wish, but when you got 1 you realize its not that easy and you rather would have kept the relationship with your right hand :D
2018-05-24 21:43
yo, this is the realest thing ever said on hltv everybody thinks that having GF is fucking goal .....that shit is terrible lie :D , you will have enough of that GF shit basically after one month
2018-05-24 21:47
well not if u find the right one...
2018-05-24 22:52
> right one > right hand
2018-05-24 23:07
2018-05-24 23:39
2018-05-25 10:13
no wonder with your (hltv, not only you) imagination of a "perfect" woman, relationship, etc.
2018-05-25 12:29
+1 Legend.
2018-05-25 20:05
Spain lulaa 
dont worry , can can be a bitch and go with every girl or you can be a good guy xdd
2018-05-24 21:35
Good guy.
2018-05-25 20:14
Netherlands NL_CS_TOP_1 
Get rich ---> get laid
2018-05-24 21:36
Japan LiLeX 
got my first blowjob at 15 years old
2018-05-24 21:36
Putting your penis into a vacuum cleaner doesnt count.
2018-05-24 21:37
Japan LiLeX 
nah it was a girl, sorry i made you feel bad man
2018-05-24 21:39
:D Lmao
2018-05-25 20:06
Russia nicerok11 
2018-05-25 20:12
rekt xDD
2018-05-25 23:05
Lucky bitch
2018-05-24 21:46
Portugal martimmfpf 
expected from SA
2018-05-24 22:20
Why would you want to kiss a girl? You can kiss boys aswell. The only things girls are better at than man is having a vagina so either fuck them or dont do anything at all.
2018-05-24 21:36
Netherlands NL_CS_TOP_1 
0/8 bait
2018-05-24 21:37
2018-05-24 22:16
Netherlands Deji 
No time for bait now
2018-05-24 21:36
United States Will767 
LOL bro so I didn't kiss my first girlfriend when I was 15 because I was so nervous but I wanted to sex her and I didn't know how to ride the bus to do that so I failed but my attempts were of a scholar and gentleman
2018-05-24 21:38
girls is evil, bro. I know you want girls but do not do this. Girls in Russia its whores. Go study, work, sport. This is my advice. 22 yo from Msk
2018-05-24 21:39
Ty for advice, but now im interesting your job if you 22? :) No joke, just interesting.
2018-05-24 21:43
I dont have job. I finished my studies in MADI. In Russia hard to find a job..
2018-05-24 21:45
Blya, bratan, that was shit university, but good luck on your life.
2018-05-24 21:46
This is one of the best technical university in Russia. Why shit?
2018-05-24 21:49
Well, thats university broke their reputation after Irina Sycheva incident, and also i heard that they have a shit teachers, not sure, maybe it's not true.
2018-05-24 21:51
1. This situation does not speak about the level of education, bro 2. Irina Sycheva not from MADI
2018-05-24 21:52
Well, i heard that on MADI not the best education.
2018-05-24 21:53
on this topic, i have love relationship twice. first time - 2 years (14-16), second - 4 years (17-21). Girls have a large base of guys. In any case, one of them will be better than you. The girl will easily forget you. Because of the large base of fans. You will suffer, but she does not care. But I know you will not listen to me. With experience, you will understand me.
2018-05-24 21:58
Dude im 16 years old, i just wanna some love and fuck, and i know that sometimes girls can hurt your fellings, but it's life. I can't hide of them all my life.
2018-05-24 21:59
I understand you. If you want to fuck, then gather a company with alcohol, call the girls. Russians whores love this
2018-05-24 22:03
you from? (City)
2018-05-24 22:04
MOSKwa xddd
2018-05-25 04:01
Me too. Then its very ez
2018-05-25 13:50
Well after a long time this simple word "hurt" could make you wanna die :) Depends on how stupid inlove you are.
2018-05-25 20:09
2018-05-25 20:10
oskar | 
Czech Republic Danoo29 
Have you got any friends? Go drink some alcohol and invite girls. That's the easiest way probably. Just don't be shy. If you have no friends then stop playing. And if you don't want to go drink some alcohol then just go out or start chatting with some girls and you'll see.
2018-05-24 21:40
"Chat" - typical for 21 century , but one day you'll have to meet the girl.. =D
2018-05-25 20:15
United States Neroz44 
Do you even know what chat means?
2018-05-26 00:14
oskar | 
Czech Republic Danoo29 
If you ever had chat with girl, you know that she gets interested and she wants to go out for sure.
2018-05-26 13:04
Thats my point. Once the girl ask to go out , many youngsters are getting "shy" because of the all bs they said during the "chat time" and then out of nowhere they act like an a**holes to avoid the meeting , because instead of just being themselves and have a real conversation , they're trying to look like knights on a white horse.
2018-05-26 13:21
oskar | 
Czech Republic Danoo29 
Yes, but if you are not a cunt then you will text only true, you have to be a real cunt to lie to look more cool or whatever like this. Just say right things and don't be shy, make fun of it and act like a real you.
2018-05-26 16:04
Well , still most acting like ballers , that was my point , mate. :)
2018-05-26 18:18
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
Don't worry, I'm 74 and I've never touched a girl. No, for real, why are you worrying about such thing? It'll happen naturally but surely. Just wait for it's time =]
2018-05-24 21:40
lol i'm 20 and never did
2018-05-24 21:40
Germany probrot 
i had my first kiss your age i got the kissing desease lmao
2018-05-24 21:41
United States koth 
How many boys?
2018-05-24 21:43
first step. get out of u house!
2018-05-24 21:45
Portugal SidneiGama4 
noted and then ?
2018-05-24 22:10
do things other than chase women because it's mostly just a waste of time and effort?
2018-05-25 04:56
my first kiss was at 9 yo
2018-05-24 21:46
kissing ur mom doesnt count
2018-05-25 21:01
lol my real gf when i was 9 i had like 10 gfs
2018-05-25 22:19
Ur sister's barbys dont count.
2018-05-25 23:07
Turkey Agir 
you are russian that is not normal. l fucked a girl when l was 13 years old. think about it::) .you should go escort girl:)
2018-05-24 21:47
nat | 
Austria us_vincere 
you do it with escort girl in 13 year old oha
2018-05-24 21:49
Turkey Agir 
l did not make with money . l had girlfriend and we did it
2018-05-25 03:11
flag checks out
2018-05-25 21:37
16, it's normal
2018-05-24 21:47
> im not ugly Yeah right
2018-05-24 21:48
2018-05-24 21:48
Noobster | 
Lithuania zilvA 
damn im 21 im missing out
2018-05-24 21:50
If you want GF just pick a nice girl have some talks with her get closer and "Magic" If that doesn't work follow next tips and you're okey Tip 1) Go to Sweden during midsummer and 9 months later you got 5 children Tip 2) Go to party City of Moskou and is easy Tip 3) Do something in her drink.
2018-05-24 21:54
Tip3 .. you mean cum or drugs? I'm kinda down for the first one
2018-05-25 20:12
i was always shy but good looking, people always asked if i have girlfriend but back then i have never kissed girl, then i turned 17 and all that party era came in and it just happened at one party so its pretty easy with alcohol/weed tbh even when ur shy
2018-05-24 21:55
Send your pic if you saying that you looking good :D
2018-05-24 22:00
sure i will send you but on private message tho
2018-05-24 22:45
u can send me yours too dawg
2018-05-24 22:47
Faroe Islands I_Oof_myself 
send me too
2018-05-25 12:07
Brazil JaspCardoso 
Are you sure you guys wanna kiss girls?
2018-05-26 05:58
It's fine dude, just be more confident and simply just do it at one point, go out and get a few drinks, it will be great trust me! Don't worry about not being great at it, practice makes perfect! And some girls will find it cute that you didn't yet, in the case you want to tell them. glhf
2018-05-24 22:00
2018-05-24 22:02
Problem with those kind of threads is that guy asks what to do im shy and virgin. Someone says go outside, talk, he says im too shy what to do anyways. Get over it or nothing will happen. Go outside with friends and within time something will happen.
2018-05-24 22:07
It's really fucking normal. People think that you are in such a need to lose your virginity or get a girlfriend at like 15 but I don't even know how that became a thing like "wtf you're 16 and you havn't lost your virginity xDDD"
2018-05-24 22:08
Sweden Yokern 
2018-05-25 10:08
Norway duffz00r 
Dont worry fried chicken
2018-05-24 22:10
Brazil GoldZera 
force a a girl threaten her
2018-05-24 22:11
rain | 
Norway 142beni 
Probably above the avarage, atleast in my country. But dont worry bro, just take things at your own pace. Dont rush it
2018-05-24 22:15
Friis | 
Denmark baitzera 
You should worry more about ranking, getting skins and cheer for Astralis.
2018-05-24 22:17
Np, I i kissed my first girl when I was 15, until then all I did was playing counter strike, now I am 27 have a girlfriend, and have had sex with a lot of girls, before my gf ofc.
2018-05-24 22:20
Portugal martimmfpf 
find girls street kidnap girl take girl apartment rape girl leave girl done ez4ence
2018-05-24 22:25
fellow bladee fan yesssssss
2018-05-24 22:29
i had a random kiss from a girl when i was like in fifth grade, next day girls in my class girls we're laughin at me but whatever... probably she lost a bet or smth that was... or if u count the kisses from before 10yo ar birthdays idk....
2018-05-24 22:32
its not bad bro, you just have to wait a little longer and maybe just maybe start trying to get a girl :) but i will come :) my first kiss was when i where 15 (5 months ago) so you just have to wait :)
2018-05-24 22:31
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
that's nothing bro i kissed only one girl (for real) at the age of 12 and then never had a relationship with a girl again and i'm 20 now, needless to say i'm still virgin LUL
2018-05-24 22:34
Brother? Is that you?
2018-05-25 08:30
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
2018-05-25 19:39
can you send me a pic of how u look? i dont think you look bad to still be a virgin
2018-05-25 20:00
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
bruh are you serious? you're trying to convert myself into a meme LUL
2018-05-25 20:47
BRUH I did not say post in here.... i said SEND to ME :))))))))
2018-05-25 20:54
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
did you receive it?
2018-05-25 21:31
2018-05-25 23:02
Brazil hltvsuckers5 
Ask for a girl to date twice a week, no matter who and how many no you received. It will resolve your problem (34yo here, already passed by this)
2018-05-24 22:34
I'm 17 and had my first girlfriend this year and gave her my first kiss. No worries brother
2018-05-24 22:45
Very normal, dont force it, the time will come :D
2018-05-24 22:46
fuck you? im 28 and never had sex or kissed a girl. i have social anxiety disorder.
2018-05-24 22:50
are u serious or b8??
2018-05-25 21:04
stfu. without my 2 cats i would be dead long time ago.
2018-05-25 21:35
CIS MrEuroBlue 
2018-05-24 22:48
What do u want? You're an Astralis fan. Have a nice day
2018-05-24 22:50
gotta be more alpha
2018-05-24 22:51
Poland Funio 
u are not alone
2018-05-24 23:14
Macedonia trashbait 
ez fix kiss a girl done
2018-05-25 00:47
Netherlands Syliaca 
You need to lean against the wall of the old KGB-building in your city while smoking a cigarette and slightly close your eyes pretending you're covering them from the sun. You'll get laid no doubt.
2018-05-25 01:11
Switzerland codplayer 
2018-05-25 10:07
Brazil cabocl0 
kiss your sister... ggwp
2018-05-25 01:14
Cmon. its ok. i get my firts kiss in 17 old. and after some days get sex with 23 old girl when i was very drinked and smoke weed. and next day i just dont speaking with her. she was 6/10, but im was very drinked and its was doesntmatter , i just wont fuck smth.and now i have very cuty girl 15 old , me 18, i have very nice sex with her, shes doing perfect blowjob, not the first time ofc, but now i liked blowjobs from her.
2018-05-25 01:46
Bad english i know
2018-05-25 01:46
The rule is half your age plus 7. 9 + 7 = 16 You like kiddy porn to? Fuck me. You are an adult what the hell are you doing with a 15 year old.
2018-05-25 08:07
Ahahahaba i love her!!
2018-05-25 12:58
Btw what is rule is half your age plus 7? I dont know about it. Its age girl when i can fuck her? Xd
2018-05-25 13:00
2018-05-25 08:45
Good read
2018-05-25 09:55
i fucked your mom (sorry for bad english)
2018-05-25 11:59
2018-05-25 12:59
United States Cherryyy 
Mine was at 16 and my first time having sex (this year) was 17
2018-05-25 06:06
did she cringe at you?
2018-05-25 11:58
United States Cherryyy 
Nope. Just went on to make out and stuff
2018-05-26 14:33
steel | 
Canada MozzHoo 
its okay im 18 and never kissed a girl while sober
2018-05-25 06:11
I fucked my 1st animal at 16, is this weird, need advice
2018-05-25 07:59
Denmark muggge 
2018-05-25 08:13
Czech Republic potruss 
Go to a party - lots of girls to kiss Get drunk - you wont be aby Get them drunk - they will be ez
2018-05-25 08:19
expected from hltv
2018-05-25 10:00
Switzerland codplayer 
don‘t worry about it too much mate. Also took me while to get there ;-)
2018-05-25 10:06
no this means you are gay, im sorry friendo
2018-05-25 10:17
bro eto vse huyna zabei hui, est' mnogo vewey better chem telki. Tebe only 16 prosto plivi po techeniyu i ne zadumivaysya o takoy huyne. Hf
2018-05-25 10:26
skazal 21letniy devstvennik
2018-05-25 11:56
ya hui znaet kyda ti lezhew dalbaeb, ya ne tebe pisal
2018-05-25 12:22
rot ebal tvoi gnil pozornaya
2018-05-25 12:55
pizda ti typoi vnature
2018-05-25 13:21
Pretty normal for some people,
2018-05-25 11:55
yes you are too old now. I kissed my first Girl at the Age of 4. Kissed a Hot Teen Girl at Age 8 and licked the pussy of my Sister at Age 9 Game over man
2018-05-25 12:00
Nice job brother! KKona Clap
2018-05-25 13:04
2018-05-27 12:03
Just kiss some guy
2018-05-25 12:17
22 and i don't think i will '-'
2018-05-25 12:20
go to a party, get drunk go with girls and will happen doesnt matter if u are shy/ugly it will happen
2018-05-25 21:07
Latvia Frip! 
Its normal, dont worry
2018-05-25 13:01
dude you gotta go for it and start interacting to girls... I got my first kiss at 11 years old. By 13 / 14 years old a girl gave me a blow job. Right now I don't have girls at my class and that sucks a litle bit because its way easier to interact directly with a girl when you are in her class.. I now look forward to loose my vcard xD I'm 17 btw. Groom yourself and be confident!
2018-05-25 13:08
Switzerland Schwandi 
Nothing special
2018-05-25 13:08
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
oh god
2018-05-25 13:09
North America machemm 
It takes time dude. It will happen you just gotta wait.
2018-05-25 20:03
Germany Constikdw 
It’s ok, I had my first kiss with 17 so don’t worry
2018-05-25 20:03
same shit here it's ok mate don't worry bro, one day you will kiss a pussy lol :D
2018-05-25 20:08
Just be casual and treat a girl same as you would to any guy. Exclude anything that's immature. Try combing your hair or you could cut it (bald or buzz cut is a sign of dominance). If you have acne I recommend washing your face every morning with cold water (works great I'm 15 and no pimples in my life). Overall, man up make yourself presentable, try making small talk like compliments. When complimenting, be sure to be kind but not touchy. When you think a girl is interested in you, take it slow but slowly real her in to be sure. Best wishes and good luck my friend!
2018-05-25 20:09
CIS FaZeUper 
You are not alone bro XD
2018-05-25 20:13
19,5 and same! No problem the time will come one day! :)
2018-05-25 20:16
I kissed the first girl when I was 14 lol, pretty old too, dont worry my friend! things will get easier and easier with time =) just enjoy your life <3
2018-05-25 21:02
stop baiting real br never kiss a girl they can only fuck up
2018-05-25 23:00
We kiss and then fuck up thank
2018-05-26 05:48
Brazil FaelEz 
If you's beautiful, no have problem with girls Girls like boys with money ou boys beautiful
2018-05-25 21:36
Goofy | 
Poland xpatryk 
russian boy not ugly pick one xddd
2018-05-25 21:37
Maybe Do My Alternative when you go to the next party
2018-05-25 22:23
2018-05-25 23:06
first girl i was kiss is my baby cousin 3 year old first boy i kiss was 8th grade we r agree go toilet and :D
2018-05-26 18:25
ny esli hochesh zavesti devushku tak zavedi. chto meshaet. a tak v 16 yze dolzen bit opit
2018-05-27 10:10
Me 18 and too fuck this life
2018-05-27 10:16
just go for it put your balls together and go for a kiss with some girl on a party..You gonna realize that its not a big deal :D
2018-05-27 12:00
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