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* Just look at their achievements, the only player in the world that has more achievements than these guys are Xizt, I don't know why, but only Xizt, none of fnatic and NiP players has more than them. - Despite less 1 major than fnatic, SK/LG achieved more results than fnatic that was the best team in the world by more than half of the time fnatic was playing PS: In the start of CS:GO competitive when all teams were trash SK came from a third world country with absolutely no structure, so this is so incredible, alot of rich EU ppl with expensive PCs and fast internet can do what they did, this is insane. SK is the team with longest time in top #1 EVER! (and not even the team that started to play in tier 1 like fnatic, vp, nip, LDLC, etc...) 58 Weeks *Highest win core in a row *Coldzera 2 times in a row #1 spot *FalleN first IGL ever to reach #2 spot Despite having the best fans in the world: Have a Good Day and respect Brazilians!
2018-05-24 22:23
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their cheatcoder did lots of impressive stuff, not gonna lie
2018-05-24 22:25
it's hard to a kid recognize such a great think, I understand you =/
2018-05-24 22:25
nice london
2018-05-24 22:28
they won one trash tournament and you says they are best xD
2018-05-24 22:25
yes they only won 1 event, right?
2018-05-24 22:29
hes not talking about rn
2018-05-24 22:37
Brazil MultiNaffs 
Thats true PEACE!
2018-05-24 22:28
NiP and fnatic are laughing at this
2018-05-24 22:30
2018-05-24 22:34
but the haters will never recognize what is evident, they know this, but they are stubborn. The hatred blind their brains
2018-05-24 22:58
SK is GOAT thats a fact, period
2018-05-24 23:02
14:00AVANGAR vs mousesports
17:00HAVU vs Espada
00:30Imperial vs Redemption POA
Redemption POA
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