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Sweden ericlindberg 
2018-05-25 18:20
Asia ZirkonX 
Rez is good but inconsistent but lekro can do lot of things so for sure tey shuld add him
2018-05-25 18:21
Sweden ericlindberg 
2018-05-25 18:30
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
-bot right +legro
2018-05-25 18:22
2018-05-25 18:37
+1 But Nip is not NIP without Bot_right + f0rest
2018-05-25 18:57
World Tenshi_R 
u right, they need to kick both
2018-05-27 21:24
New Zealand Eauor 
+1 people are just trying to cling onto their precious swedish legend too much, he’s not good enough anymore and is holding NiP back. -bot +lekr0 would make NiP a really good, consistent team.
2018-05-27 23:06
is this a joke ? rez is the best player in nip and is better than lekr0
2018-05-25 18:22
New Zealand Eauor 
Are you a joke? ReZ is no where near being the best player in NiP.
2018-05-27 23:07
Sweden Ch3eSy 
Heart says -REZ Brain says -GeT_RiGhT Imho they will make a change if they don't qualify to minor
2018-05-25 18:22
India RrOuTe_FoRcE 
+1 +1 +11 Well said
2018-05-25 18:35
Brazil j10malaquias 
+ 1 Could not agree more
2018-05-25 18:58
More like Brain: -GeT_RiGhT Hart: "Christopher I will never let you go"
2018-05-27 21:29
Bro I feel you
2018-05-27 22:25
Portugal Alex1s 
+1 :'(
2018-05-27 23:04
2018-05-27 23:05
Algeria SpaceFockuZ 
heart say -nothing brain say -gtr
2018-05-27 21:49
Europe Vallon 
2018-05-27 22:19
-rez instead of -get_trash LOOOOOL
2018-05-25 18:23
Sweden ericlindberg 
GeT_RiGhT is a legend he cant get replaced by some noname like lekr0
2018-05-25 18:34
Macau big_mama 
So is NEO, but he's still trash. Everybody loves Get_Right but he cant put up good numbers
2018-05-25 18:36
no1 lives in the past he trash nowadays useless player nt NiP fanboy
2018-05-25 18:39
Sweden ericlindberg 
2018-05-25 18:45
cry is free for you i guess fnatic still > NiP
2018-05-25 18:46
New Zealand Eauor 
+1 cry is free axaxaxaxaxa
2018-05-27 23:08
-get_right + lekr0 rez not bad he still upcoming talent
2018-05-25 18:36
REZ is the best player on NiP, nt
2018-05-25 18:38
he is just a good aimer, he is very young and dont have much expericene nip would win more with lekro teamplay is the most importan thing in cs.
2018-05-25 18:47
World RamziMeister 
Although I agree getting Lekr0 would be a good thing for NiP, It won't make them win anything apart from a couple of games. Plus it's not like Lekr0 has much more experience than Rez. Good aim can win you games for sure, so why not keep Rez and remove the actual players that under perform, sadly right now it's GeT_RiGhT and has been for quite a long time.
2018-05-27 22:57
I know that gtr is underperfoming it is not his age it is his motivation but, think like this rez is 19 yrs old has been a cs pro since 2016 and lekro is 24 and has been playing cs for over 20 yrs and have been pro since 2015. So i would say -gtr -rez +lekro +a very good lurker from sweden
2018-05-27 23:09
World RamziMeister 
But why -rez? How else is he going to gain experience on the pro stage if he just gets removed for literally no reason. For someone so unexperienced he makes a lot of impact plays and entry frags quite well which is more than you can expect from a 19 year old. Plus your comparing when rez became a pro to how long lekr0 has played cs? Lekr0 literally only has 1 more year of experience than rez and that some of that was when he played on Godsent which isn't anything notable at all. You're really over playing lekr0's "experience" when has hasn't really gotten any experience that is actually notable, when it comes to pro play it doesn't actually matter how long you've played cs before becoming a pro, in fact it's actually more impressive and shows more promise to Rez as he's became a pro in less time that lekr0 did and shows more room for improvement than lekr0.
2018-05-28 00:04
Sweden ericlindberg 
2018-05-25 18:56
Once every 10 games, yes
2018-05-25 18:57
Ughh not an kngv fan ughh
2018-05-27 19:48
I am strange a racist talk about pre concept, we all human wrong .. but being a jerk like you must be really bad.
2018-05-27 21:07
Australia Mr.Sinister 
Punctuation as a second language. Commas, save lives!
2018-05-27 22:31
Fuck my bad thought u wrote to me sorry for being a retard. Did not see that u responded to the other guy, sorry once again my bad.
2018-05-27 22:56
kick get right lol his time it's gone
2018-05-25 18:46
its time to Christopher to step down from playing, and maybe become a coach for NiP
2018-05-27 21:15
-gtr + lekr0 dennis - igl draken - awp rez - entry f0rest - all around lekr0 - second awp / all around
2018-05-27 21:18
-gtr + lekr0
2018-05-27 21:19
Sweden KarlXII 
REZ? AHAHHAHAH Expected from delusional NIP fan.... Its obv Get_Right that needs to GTFO from NIP lineup. -GTR +Lekr0, 100%
2018-05-27 21:25
Poland RainmaNeq 
2018-05-27 21:27
Russia Tarnish 
but rez is nutty
2018-05-27 21:30
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
2018-05-27 22:15
rez is way better than gtr of f0rest
2018-05-27 22:22
Finland MMAd 
wtf? rez is top-5 player in the world atm you have no clue about this game
2018-05-27 22:28
HHhahahhah nice bait but seriously think about if -GTR +LEKRO
2018-05-27 22:54
France ShadeZzcss 
-GTR +Lekr0 is better
2018-05-27 22:56
nah, rez is god
2018-05-27 23:01
United States autimaticTV 
2018-05-27 23:07
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