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Lekr0 Free Agent
coldzera | 
Denmark shinex 
He was so underrated in FNATIC but now somebody like MOUZ will pick him up and he will be deadly like suNny FNATIC gon' get back to being a tier2 shit team for ages like Ripperoni in Pyjamas
2018-05-25 20:20
coldzera | 
Denmark shinex 
2018-05-25 20:23
Fnatic should have -golden +xizt .. keep lekr0
2018-05-28 14:17
yeah pretty much
2018-05-28 14:20
Oskar, ropz, sunny, chris j, lekr0. I don't see how anyone will be able to beat this team.
2018-05-25 20:23
Its still possible in finals, cuz they chokers, but its sure very good. Mb better than astralis
2018-05-25 20:27
United States ItsImpact 
NiKo>sunny Olofmeister>lekro GuardiaN>Oskar Rain>ropz Karrigan<chrisj Nt
2018-05-25 20:30
EliGE | 
Brazil LukFD 
2018-05-25 20:30
United States ItsImpact 
Lmao I’ve been a FaZe fan since 2012
2018-05-26 00:44
EliGE | 
Brazil LukFD 
Experient plastic fan
2018-05-26 00:49
faze didnt have a team in 2012 lel
2018-05-26 00:49
Norway AleXeiCS 
2018-05-26 01:05
United States ItsImpact 
2018-05-26 02:08
whats that got to do with CSGO FaZe?
2018-05-26 23:03
Norway AleXeiCS 
He never said he has been a FaZe fan of the CS:GO roster since 2012 now, did he?
2018-05-27 01:38
ffs u nerd
2018-05-27 01:53
Norway AleXeiCS 
How am I a nerd :I
2018-05-28 18:03
Europe NoKeTchup 
cuz u rekted him and he doesnt know what else write
2018-05-28 21:38
its not a CoD website is it?
2018-05-28 14:15
Norway AleXeiCS 
Last time I checked, betting in general is distanced from CS:GO by valve and thus off-topic, yet you made a thread about it here: So I say again, he never said he has been a FaZe fan of the CS:GO roster since 2012 now, did he?
2018-05-28 15:40
I think you should go visit nearest doctor. Just an advice. Have a nice life
2018-05-28 15:49
Norway AleXeiCS 
Insulting, because you know I am right :)
2018-05-28 18:03
thats not an insult, its called ADVICE. Take it
2018-05-28 23:08
Netherlands xdanny 
Soooo mad.
2018-05-28 23:10
They had a team since like last century. Stop spreading false information. Respectfully, Proud Faze Fan since 1999.
2018-05-27 01:51
skill-wise, faze is a better team, but even now, faze has a hard time beating mouz. Imagine what how much of an upgrade lekr0 is. don't get me wrong, i like faze better but this mouz lineup could do some serious damage.
2018-05-25 21:58
swag | 
Germany Cr9N 
Went from "Dont see how anyone can beat this" to "Do some damage" real quick there.
2018-05-26 00:48
2018-05-27 01:42
yeah just kick support so they will play with VG.Flash 3 maps xdd
2018-05-28 21:38
United Kingdom sam1cs 
NiKo>sunny Olofmeister<lekro GuardiaN=Oskar Rain<ropz Karrigan<chrisj nt
2018-05-28 18:06
United States ItsImpact 
2018-05-28 21:36
United Kingdom Hamshanks 
No way to tell if Olof is better or worse than Lekr0 right now
2018-05-28 21:36
Oskar overrated af
2018-05-26 00:45
who's going to play supportive roles? oskar plays aggro awp sunny aggro rifle ropz lurk lekr0? dont know much about him but seems like a star player type guy
2018-05-26 00:50
yeah but krimz was the star player in fnatic when he played. I think they could make it work.
2018-05-26 01:02
underrated LUL u should check his marseille stats he sucks nowadays
2018-05-25 20:23
1 tournament doesnt means he sucks
2018-05-25 20:25
coldzera | 
Denmark shinex 
stfu dickhead his rating were under 1.00 only at Marseille and ELEAGUE Premier other 15+ events he played with over than 1.00 rating
2018-05-25 20:25
He's benched.
2018-05-25 20:25
EliGE | 
Brazil LukFD 
2018-05-25 20:31
Israel ShadowMuffin 
fak it i'll sign him to my new team
2018-05-25 22:21
dennis retweet NiP lekr0 confirmed
2018-05-25 22:21
Hes not a free agent. Fnatic are giving golden a chance as their entry,.. Dont think he would last so I expect lekr0 to come back within a month or so
2018-05-26 00:47
Evil Genius: lekr0 fetish reasten swag am0
2018-05-26 00:51
Nip : -gtr + lekr0 ???
2018-05-26 02:21
lekro is a great talent. I guess he'll receive a lot of offers (NIP, c9, mouz, heroic, etc. )
2018-05-27 01:43
Australia Mr.Sinister 
Hope he moves to the U.S and takes over Fns role.
2018-05-27 01:45
replacing Lekr0 with Xizt is a serious downgrade in firepower, thats for sure. I used to think lekr0 was inconsistent but his stats have been pretty solid, and lets not forget that Fnatic isnt really considered a contender for titles anymore so putting up 1.1+ stats throughout tournaments with todays rough competition from teams like faze, astralis, sk, c9, navi etc is really good
2018-05-27 01:49
Europe p1peb0mb 
fnatic won more events and better placements in tournaments than any of of sk,c9,liquid,etc... they also won 2 events this year. only teams that were clearly better that them this year are faze and astralis. teams like mouz and navi are on par with them. they were a top team before this roster move. now we have to see how they perform. also lekro was inconstant even when he is putting good numbers on some events. in 1 event he plays well and on the next event he plays poorly.
2018-05-28 18:14
Malaysia byaIi 
Lekr0 s1mple oskar karrigan xyp9x
2018-05-27 01:52
How do I get him in master league?
2018-05-27 02:21
Other HeadRipper 
You are totally wrong.
2018-05-27 02:26
he is not free agent idiot
2018-05-28 14:16
Finland uzigod 
- hampus + lekro
2018-05-28 14:18
NiP should replace GTR with Lekr0. That's what my brain says... Heart says that NiP without this legend is not NiP.
2018-05-28 14:22
NIP SUCK DICK AND FNATIC HAS TUMOR IN BRAIN DOESNT KNOW HOW TO MAKE LINEUPS ex = godsent fnatic swaps were cancerous, this one might be just as bad with xizt
2018-05-28 14:25
I'd really prefer C9 went after Lekro rather then NBK or Apex. In fact he's pretty much the only EU player I'd want. I really like the guys play and have no idea why Fnatic benched him for Xizt of all people. I'm guessing however that they aren't done making moves and it will make more sense later.
2018-05-28 15:53
Norway TheRumart 
-styko +lekr0? Would be really good
2018-05-28 18:08
Norway duffz00r 
GOD lekro <3 Golden as entry lol'd
2018-05-28 21:36
Sweden KarlXII 
Options for Lekr0 in my opinion: Mouz: -Styko +Lekr0 Heroic: -Cromen +Lekr0 Hellraisers: -DEADFOX +Lekr0 Idk tho.
2018-05-28 21:40
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